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South Asia Social Forum 2011

Organization: Democratic Budget Movement (DBM)

Topic: “The prospect of democratizing the budgetary process in South Asia: Bangladesh perspective”

Link to Video: video 1h

dbm Extension: Now an well known  leader named Mr.  Monowar is giving his speech. He is talking about Democratic Budget Movement. He says there are two major problems in our budget: 1.Centralize Budget.  Two People nonpowerment in Budget. He also said we should solve these problems as soon as possible. 

Monower:  Then we could say yes for democratic budget.

Now Mr. Ajijul Haque Moni giving his introducing speech.

Now someone is giving his opinion about budget.

One of the participant said if we can able to mange local govt. it could be an effective.

Now another participant Named Mr. Bulbul giving his opinion.

Bulbul: Why the budget is not effective in our country? Why our minister can't take proper steps?

dbm.extension says: Govt. said always that our budget is Agriculture friendly, farmer friendly & Peoples friendly. But usually it is not. Now Mr. Sodor Aliahmed came from Khulna saying Another south asia is possible. Our budget will be effective if it will be district wise But not centralized. Our trade union also is not active. I hope our problems will solve as soon as possible. Now Mrs. Monira Sultana wants a board for describing her opinions. Monira says Our budget is as like a story of 7 brothers. Govt. just shows their budget will effective. Our parliament members also can't participate in budget, so how can peoples participate in here? Now another participant Mr. Seikh Abdur Rahman giving his opinion. Seikh says, The people of AILA affected, they needs more effective budget.

Now Mr. Robindronath is giving his important speech about our budget. Soren says, Budget should be peoples friendly and it will. Our peoples don’t know about their importance in budget. If our peoples will aware about budget then budget will be more effective. We are dependent on foreign help. I’m a Sawtal. We need separate budget. We should be properly educated. We need social empowerment.

Now another participant says his opinion about Democratic budget. His name is Abdul Bokul. Bokul says, I hope our south asian forum will be successful. Now another participant who is a teacher says, "We need the balance of Income".

Now Mr. Mostofa Monowar is again giving his speech. Mostofa says, Our leader don't doing anything for effective budget. Our political leader comes after 5 years. We have 17856400 tk. budgets. World bank suddenly stopped their help. NBR also are not people's friendly. Richman reduce their tax in many ways but Poor are giving their tax properly. We can't do our budget democratically until it will friendly with peoples. Every district needs separate budget.

Mostofa is now handover the microphone to Mr. Abul Kalam Ajad. Ajad giving thanks to Dhaka University. Ajad says, In Egypt peoples are gained by Social network. In USA also have Unemployment problem. We starts our social forum lately. We want a different budget. Our parliament members don’t think about peoples demand. We make our budget for emergency. We don’t think about our peoples demand. Indian Minister Pronob Mukhargy is a perfect leader. We hope our budget will be democratic. Now we want to stop our program, Good evening everyone.

sasf bd extension says: which country is Ajad from?

dbm.extension says: Ajad is from Bangladesh.

sasf bd extension says thanks to everyone.