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 extended-logo-composite-english.jpg Actual sasf extended program in table below  :   284-opening.JPG285-opening.JPG286-opening.JPG287-opening.JPG

19 activities from 13 organizations were enlarged, including 3 distance encounters with japan and mexico

original version of sasf extended program, published in sasf website on november 15th  , with 60 activities and 45 organisations, was not respected, due to last moment logistical mishaps : the  real rooms corresponding to the T1 and S1 rooms indicated in this  on line program  in the left column where not identified timely, and final paper sasf program was made on 17th evening, without consideration of enlargement rooms , so most unfortunately, the 60 tentatively enlarged activities were scattered into to rooms without internet  -  

5 rooms were finally identified on november 18th in Mokarram building  and installed with broadband internet -BUT... they were unanounced in the sasf paper program,,  which caused  most of the enlarger organizations contacted by the  extension team  on 18th at night , to give up enlargement of their activity:  because that meant moving to a room unanounced in the sasf paper program. We extend our apologies for this situation 

Some others organisations that had not anounced enlargement were also invited to move to Mokarram rooms on november 18th and did enjoy it The support team managed successfully to support 4 activities in parallel, as was initially planned

Newness of the concept for many participants and lack of time for  preliminary contacts due to Eid holiday unanavailability, plus  the scheduling in non internet rooms of organisation willing to explore remote participation in anj improvised mode, accounted for the limited asian based remote participation on line : mainly  a group in Australia  that participated in several activity chatrooms and enjoyed it very much and distance encounter with Japan 


 We thus invite organisations that showed interest to enlarge to follow on at their own pace their exploration of enlargement  sasf 50 chatrooms and video channels are created  and can be used by organisations after sasf for their own purposes
 Sasf extended team is available to give dry run extension training by skype : contact   "sasfbd.extension at gmail.com"

Herebelow  is the list of the 19 activities enlarged with  access to a page containing the summary that was made on skype in the chatroom and the link to the recorded video -   edition is in progress

 this-way-extension.JPG  sasfteam22.JPG  addasasfteam24.JPG  schedule.JPG
19th november notes and  link to video skype contact chatroom video only  - recorded
 ratin.JPG Towards Right to Life with Dignity: Dalit issues and challenges in Nepal ( 19-1)


contact in skype aaidnepal.extension or sasfbd.extension

video1 1h35
video 2 18mn
dhakaosaka.JPG Trade Union Leaders of Bangladesh: Online Conference between OSAKA social forum & Bangladesh Garments Trade Unions. ( 19-2)


contact in skype osakasf.extension or sasfbd.extension


part 1 h10

part 2 40mn

 dhakamexico.JPG exchange mexico dhaka on indigenous rights 19-3

contact in skype ceecumen.extension or sasfbd.extension


20th november
notes and  link to video


 in process 20-4

contact in skype rupayan.extension or sasfbd.extension

 video 1h25

Challenges of Responsive Governance in South Asia.


contact in skype aaidbd.extension or sasfbd.extension

 video1 22m

video2 2h

 aaidnepal.JPG  in process  20 - 3 water rights

contact in skype aaidnepal.extension or sasfbd.extension

 video 2h20


 Transboundary Rivers and Common Ecological concern in South Asia. 20 2

contact in skype bapa.extension or sasfbd.extension

 video 1h30m


 afb.JPG  in process 20 5

contact in skype afbank.extension or sasfbd.extension

 video 1h10m
  Minority within a Minority: A situation of Pakistani Scheduled Caste (Dalits) 20 6

contact in skype aaidpakistan.extension or sasfbd.extension

 video 2h

20 7 

contact in skype aaidbd.extension or sasfbd.extension

 video 1h30m

   in process 20 8

21st november

notes and  link to video

 aaidnepal.JPG  ??  aaidnepal3 video 2h
   21-2  equitybd  
   in process  21 3
 ifsn  video 3h10m
 sue.JPG  ??  21 4

 video1 1m

video2 14m

video3 40m

 aaidnepal.JPG  Building Rural Women's Agency to Claim Their Rights  aaidnepal4  
 pakistan.JPG  Peace Situation in West Asia 21 6
 sappak  activity was shortened
  The prospect of democratizing the budgetary process in South Asia: Bangladesh perspective 21 7
 video 1h

in process 21 8
 ceecumen2 video 1mn
22nd november

 documentation22.JPG documenting the notes on 22 morning




Extension is a global concept that requires communication effort  about extension and an appropriate website welcoming registration of remote participants and local activities ( sasf website has been friendly to extension and it is hoped it will be used again in 2012)
Here participants of SASF extended , web, and communication team have met on 25th november after SASF to talk about next steps in relation with larger social forum extended initiative
contact   "sasfbd.extension at gmail.com"


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