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how it will be done


­   The enlarged activities in SASF will be broadcasted live with ustream or livestream

The "broadcasting  computer" is on the right, and its connected external  webcam is  fixed on top of the water bottle,  standing between the two computers, which makes it easy to rotate to focus on the person speaking - also its external microphone input is preferably  connected to the public adress system or interpreter cabin  outputs for optimal sound quality - notes can be taken  during the broadcasting

The left side computer is on the left  for checking the quality of image and sound received on internet,  and for liaising  with the remote participants, who are viewing the stream , and can  ask questions and make writen inputs in the skype chatroom associated to that activity 



 Indications  on how to use the three enlargement accounts received in step 3  during step 4


NOTE :  In this message, replace “yourorg” by the name that has been sent in your step 3 mail from extension team



1 - gmail contact address  yourorg.extension@gmail.com.. 1

2 - skype account yourorg.extension. 1

a/ Using your enlargement chat room and bringing in relevant contacts. 2

b/copying the skype name in your draft invitation. 2

3 - ustream account yourorgextension. 2

a/Train yourself to stream without recording. 2

b/( optional but quite useful ) make self interview(s) explaining what the activity(es) in dhaka will be   3

The goal of step 4 is to send the remote participation invitation. 3

see the suggested invitation base draft, that you are welcome to copy paste. 3

Circulate the message to your contact and networks as soon as possible , 4

Copy us sasfbd.extension at gmail.com of the message !. 4

Info on  enlargement STEPS 5 and 6. 4



1 - gmail contact address  yourorg.extension at gmail.com


It has been used to create the other two accounts skype and ustream below , and it can be circulated as a public contact address for enlargement /extension issues - you can circulate it or not in your invitation message

note : a filter allowing incoming mails to yourorg.extension to be copied to the enlarger person personal mail can be made by you easily see indications here http://openfsm.net/projects/tecnointercomfsm/tecno-gmail-transfer-protocol


2 - skype account yourorg.extension

Suggestion for step 4

a/ Using your enlargement chat room and bringing in relevant contacts

you can make contact with skype users of your network, and once they accept you as contact, you can include them in a chat room which is already created "enlargement of yourorg activities in sasf nov 19-22 " -

This chat room is registered as one of the contact of yourorg.extension , but unfortunately this registration of chat room names in skype is "computer dependent", so when you see conversation coming from this chat room you need to register this chat room again in the computer used by enlarger person for your organization ( upper right tiny buttons "i" to define the name of the chat room

It is recommended that the enlarger person make contact with her personal skype user with yourorg.extension and with sasfbd.extension skype users

Also note that anyone who is inside the chat room can bring in it his/her relevant contacts (click on the + button add to this conversation ) this will make it easy to staff your remote participation chat room

b/copying the skype name in your draft invitation

you NEED to mention the supro.extension name in the invitation email that you will circulate to your networks as this is the ENTRANCE TO REMOTE PARTICIPATION


3 - ustream account yourorgextension

A channel yourorg-extension has been created, the channel link is http://www.ustream.tv/channel/ yourorg -extension

When you log in as yourorgextension, you can click on the "go live ! " button on the upper right and select channel yourorg-extension ( with hyphen)


Suggestion for step 4 training on ustream

a/Train yourself to stream without recording

Make sure your “broadcasting computer” has a webcam (inside or connected ) and a microphone - also stay close to another “receiving computer” that will be accessing the url http://www.ustream.tv/channel/ yourorg-extension to see directly the result of what you stream as seen by your remote participants

Log in as yourorgextension

Click on "go live" and select the channel yourorg-extention ( note you can create other “training” channels for test if you prefer)

Answer the question “what are you broadcasting” on top of page and click “update”

Then see the "adobe flash parameter " little white window appearing in the center of the page below

Click on the various webcam and microphone options ( if you have a laptop with embedded webcam and microphone these will be selected in priority , but you may want to change to external webcam and microphone later on )

When you "authorize" the webcam, it starts filming Then you see the image on your “broadcaster page”, ( this link is not accessible by the viewers , they see and then you press on the green button " broadcast" (DO NOT PRESS RECORD button  AT THIS STAGE  - check the result on the receiving computer

When your are ready, prepare below your self-interview that you will broadcast and RECORD


b/( optional but quite useful ) make self interview(s) explaining what the activity(es) in dhaka will be

You can make one 2/3mn interview invitation by activity -

You click on "broadcast now", you type the content " presentation of activity  xxxx “, you start broadcast AND RECORD , when you have finished your self interview, click again on “stop broadcast” and “stop record”. Do that for each activity . This will create one short video presenting each activity

After some time, ( one hour ..) you will see the various videos accessible from the page http://www.ustream.tv/channel/ yourorg-extension

Each of them has a specific recorded number. As an example, http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/17969331, is the link to the general council sasf meeting held October 19th , Your video will be a few min long, and the link can be copied in your invitation message

The goal of step 4 is to send the remote participation invitation


see the suggested invitation base draft, that you are welcome to copy paste

Copy paste it  in a text document and adapt to your convenience and then copy paste as message body in /

http://openfsm.net/projects/sasf-bangladesh-extended/sasfbd-extended-enlargement-invitation-to-networks  ( updated version)


http://www.wsfsouthasiabd.org/enlargement-invitation  ( earlier version)

Put in the text your contact skype name and your ustream channel name ,

If you have created invitation short videos include their url ( eg http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/17969331)

“remote participation” is starting with conversations in the chat room before SASF event, and commenting the invitation videos,  or streams of preparatory activities that you may do before sasf ,  

“remote participation”  is culminating with the video stream live of your activity with live written conversation in the chat room ( supported by one of the enlarger person of your organization)

 Circulate the message to your contact and networks as soon as possible ,

so they are made aware of SASF and your activity in SASF .You will be circulating another version of this message when you know the exact day and hour of your activity  

Copy us sasfbd.extension at gmail.com of the message !



Info on  enlargement STEPS 5 and 6


info on STEP 5

  • We will be giving you confirmation of the day and hour of the broadcast of your first activity
  • We will support you fully for the enlargement for your first activity, come one  or two enlarger person and one laptop 
  • this first activity  will normally be held in a room with good internet access, and will be  a training for the self enlargement of next ones (if any )  ,
  • We  will tell you ( with  SASF  program group ) about the availability of other connected rooms where your other enlarged activities (if any) will be scheduled so that you can self organize their enlargement ( two persons and two laptops , one with webcam and microphones ) 
  • We will be completing step 5 when we give you a final picture of the rooms with the final sasf program publication

Info on STEP 6 -

  • in parallel of step 5, you will be communicating with your remote participants  on skype in the chat room ,
  • and you will be confirming them the date an hour of your activities through mail message and in the chat rom