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Enlargement steps in sasf website

dhaka enlarged list

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­   The enlarged activities in SASF will be broadcasted live with ustream or livestream and  an associated skype  chat room  will allow remote participation

The SASF extension team will give full support for the enlargement of a first activity of your organisation and this will train your "enlarger person"

You will then self organize the enlargement of your other activities , providing accessibility of connected rooms , with your two enlarger persons and your two laptops



  step 3 message to activity organizers , after receiving confirmation of decision to enlarge



Assuming your  decision of enlarging /broadcasting your activity(ies) in SASF to your networks, and beyond, to a larger public

We are considering now that the enlarger person from your organisation is "Nandita" 
she need s to be taking care of the tasks described below and particularly drafting and circulating  the invitation  - and be active useing the skype account below

As you intend to broascast more than one activity,  you need to think in an second dedicated enlarger person  and in two laptops computers (read step 5 information below) 

WE HAVE PASSED STEP 1 AND 2 OF ENLARGEMENT, and now proceeding to step 3 and 4

( see the various steps 1 to 6  here in sasf site  http://www.wsfsouthasiabd.org/enlargement-steps  or  in openfsm .net site  enlargement-steps  )

AS OUR  TASK IN STEP 3 , We are pleased to send you the THREE enlargement related internet accounts, that can be used from now to prepare your enlargement of your activity in dhaka SASF 

1 - gmail contact address yourorg.extension@gmail.com (dot) password xxxxx

2 - skype account  yourorg.extension  (dot)   password xxxxx

3 - ustream account yourorg-extension (hyphen)  password xxxxx


now for you, the goal of  step 4 is to

  • TRAIN a bit on the streaming ( very useful,  but not indispensable) ,
  • START USING THE SKYPE ACCOUNT ( indispensable ! ) and above all
  • DRAFT AND CIRCULATE THE INVITATION MESSAGE TO YOUR PARTNERS, CONTACTS, NETWORKS  to propose them remote participation in your activity(ies)  ,


You are welcome to:

  • copy paste the draft message text from web  into a text document or directly as message body
  • Adapt it  to your convenience ( eg mention the links to the various activiites you have registered)  
  • Put in the text your public contact skype name yourorg.extension  and your ustream channel names http://www.ustream.tv/channel/yourorg-extension
  • If you have created invitation short videos for your activities,  include their url ( eg http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/17969331)
  • place the resulting  text  as message body in  your mailbox 

and ….circulate the first  invitation  message to your contacts and networks, as soon as possible by november 7th at latest  
  • so they are made aware EARLY ENOUGH  of SASF and your enlarged activity in SASF

  • Even if you cannot tell them for sure yet the day , they will have an idea and  ,  they can come in the chat room, see the description of your activities in he sasf website , learn to use skype chat etc..

  • remote participation for them can mean 
    •  early conversations in the chat room before nvember 18th  ( the room is already working  log in with you skype account and check
    •  culminating with the video stream live of your activity(ies) with live written conversation in the chat room ( supported by one of the two   "enlarger person" of your organization.  
    •  with folllow ups and publication of pages with videos and notes ( see august sasf meeting page  as an example of memory ready to be reused )

  • in step 6,  a few days before sasf , You will be circulating a second version of this message,  when you will know from us  the exact day and hour and room  of your activity 


Copy us sasfbd.extension at gmail.com of the first invitation message !

and allow us to proceed to step 5 & 6

the first to complete step 4 will be confirmed  their room in dhaka  first .....

We stay in contact by email  sasfbd.extension at gmail.com , and on skype sasfbd.extension ( it is recommended that the" enlarger person" make contact with her personal skype user with your public skype  account . and with sasfbd.extension users)

Any question or comment welcome by email or in the skype room

Greetings from SASF Extension team


note : see here two views  of  the list of around 40 activities that are intended to be enlarged from  Dhaka SASF  , including your(s)

  • one view focusing on the accounts for remote participation


  • one view focusing on the room allocation in dhaka , the  morning or afternoon slot , the size of room


note that organizers and enlarger persons of these  various activities are together in the mailing list  at followin adress : sasf-enlarged-activities at lists.openfsm.net