• sasfbd extended enlargement preparation steps 2

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invitation to your networks

wip list of enlarged activities

simulaiton for room allocation

tecnical info about websites used for extension

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STEPS for preparating enlargement /broadcast of events/activities

The list of event/activities in Dhaka is visible here When an event /activity is registered an event/activity in Dhaka during sasf  visible here http://www.wsfsouthasiabd.org/register/index.php/event_list 

The  right column "enlarged" -  show what has been answered  ( NO YES MAYBE ) to the question:
Do you intend to ENLARGE YOUR EVENT/ACTIVITY ON INTERNET in order to allow REMOTE PARTICIPATION of your networks or the general public in it ( video conference & chat )

For those who answer yes or maybe here are the steps taken with sasf extension team

  • 1- SASF extension team makes contact with you by email
  •  2 - YOU confirm willingness to enlarge by responding to sasfbd.extension at gmail.com  and giving us name, telephone, and if possible a skype  ( www.skype.com) account, of one  "enlarger person" in charge of enlarging your activity, with our support, coming to Dhaka with one laptop computer  
  •  3 - WE create the enlargement video channels and chat accounts for your organization – they will have a common format and  at the same time will be specific to your organisation and you can use them as you wish after sasf to enlarge other   
  •  4 - YOU start  using those accounts for 
    • a/ Training on video streaming (you can make a short video invitation, and circulate it in the email invitation  see item c) (on line training is possible with us )
    • b/ Training on chat room Bringing your first skype contacts in the your enlargement chat room  
    • c/  Drafting and circulating YOUR INVITATION   TO REMOTE PARTICIPATION IN YOUR EVENT, sent to your contacts, so they can attend your activity on line : please copy us !
    •  d/ Securing (if you intend to  enlarge more  than one activity) the availability of a second person and a second laptops present in dhaka 
    •  SEND US STATUS ON  a b c d THIS  BY NOVEMBER 3TH by mail to sasfbd.extension at gmail.com and inasmuch possible through a skype conversation with the enlarger person of your organization - our skype is sasfbf.extension  ( see step 3) 
  •   5 as you complete step 4, WE will confirm allotment of one room for your first event activity -  TARGET NOVEMBER 10TH
    • we have secured three rooms in TSCC building of Dhaka university served by a powerful wifi system 
    • We will try our best to give you access to more connected rooms ,if you want to enlarge more activities after this first one,  although we cannot commit to a definite result 
    • we put your enlarged activities in the final enlarged program page on sasf website
    • we take care of relation with sasf program group, so that your activities are scheduled in the connected rooms
  •  6  -YOU operate your  "enlargement chat room" on skype , you include there those that have responded to your remote participation invitation  (step 4) by contacting your public contact skype name (given in step 3)  HAVE AN EARLY START !
  • 7 - DURING SASF- WE  help you with our volunteers and equipment on enlarging  YOUR FIRST ACTIVITY  both streaming and chatting (if you do not want help tell us! ) During this activity the two "enlarger persons"  of your organization train with us
  • 8 - DURING SASF the two "enlarger persons", and two laptops brought to Dhaka, take care of the enlargement of your other enlarged activities ( if any) in other rooms ( this  provided  we can allot  you  connected rooms see point 5)  
  • 9 - AFTER SASF  we stay in contact with you about editing of the video and text memory of your enlarged activities – that is for common good!  - see an example of memory of meeting here : http://openfsm.net/projects/sasf-bangladesh-extended/sasfbd-august-videos - it is mixing video and written notes for easier reference