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Dear participants in World Social Forum /South Asia Social Forum process 


Some delegates of your organizations may be planning to come to Dhaka in november 18th 22nd  and we will heartily welcome them!  SASF Dhaka is expected to be a 20000 people and 500 events/activities  event

However, we know that cost and time availability  can be a great obstacle to participation to many of you.

So, we are pleased to announce that SASF intends to be, inasmuch possible, an “extended” event, open and friendly to extended participation outside Dhaka venue.

      This means that you can regsiter yourself as a participant to sasf even if your are NOT  coming to Dhaka  , and that you can register activities/events even if you are not coming to dhaka     HERE IS HOW !      

This can be done via collective use of internet , with the internet support and connectivity of the university venue in Dhaka , and the facilitation of an “extension working group”.  and ..... your local self organizing.  Only simple computers are needed .

Your organization or network might be interested by one of the three possibilities of extended participation here :

- organize your local SASF activities/events outside Dhaka during SASF days,  (i-e a local meeting  in your town not connected to internet ) and/ or

- organize enlargement on internet of  activities/events  held  in SASF Dhaka venue,  (i-e live video stream and text chat ) in order to allow remote participation from outside, and / or

- organize “distance encounters” activities/event (i-e videolink/video conferenece on skype ) between your delegates in SASF Dhaka event, and your local groups elsewhere ,

  You can register the local activities , the distance encounter activities , and the dhaka enlarged activities in the sasf website  http://www.wsfsouthasiabd.org/ 

 Also Please contact us  , the earlier the better : "sasfbd.extension on gmail.com"   

  Visit our sasf extended  internet space for more information   http://openfsm.net/projects/sasf-bangladesh-extended   


 We will build up SASF so,  that, through "extended participation",  you can self-organize to be part of the greater SASF community in November 18th-22nd

 SASF Secretariat  / organizing committee / extension working group / mobiliization group/ program goup