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SASF Extension in short 

SASF  Extension means that " centric activities"  held in Dhaka during SASF event  will be complemented by

  • 1/ "local activities" outside of Dhaka in all SASF region  - (that can also be "enlarged" on internet) -
  • 2/ "distance encounters/connected activities" between a local place and Dhaka  (using videolink)- and
  • 3/ "collective or individual distance participation"  from outside Dhaka to centric activities in Dhaka  which are bieng enlarged on internet by their organizers.


The aims behind extension is  inclusion of  social forum participants away from dhaka  in dialogic process regardless their possiblity to travel  to Dhaka

This can be done  in three main ways :

  • inclusion of more relevant participants that cannot come to Dhaka in the dialogue dynamics of  activities in Dhaka, through their "enlargement on internet" allowing remote participation in them 
  • self organisation at low cost of local activities in all SASF region,  with renewed feeling of ownership of social forum 
  • collective distance dialogue sessions on shared interest themes ( distance encounters) between local groups and their delegates in Dhaka event

 see here more practical information on how to participate 

In the vision of Organizing Comittee, SASF  extension is a communication/ organization/mobilzation initiative  that is intimately part of of build up process of SASF event in  November 18th 22nd   2011 in Dhaka Bangladesh

  • Use of internet for remote intercommunication is based on collective learning and facilitated self organisation.
  • Collective learning come from using "remote intercommunicaiton via internet with a participatory goal"  at all stages of build up process ( see our calendar) 
  • Facilitation and stimulation comes from an extension team and committee  with contribution from a facilitating group of sfex intiatiive.


First occasion for this learning processus has been  August 5th meeting which was enlarged. ( see invitation)   and see resulting video

  Enlargement can be done simply with two laptop computers and means:  

  • live video  on internet of what  is happening and is being said in the meeting room
  • and a chat room where those who view the video can interact by written with someone standing in the meeting room  and liaising with its participants