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Public calendar for practising and preparing extended participation to sasf bd

 contact us at  sasfbd.extension  gmail.com  and  sasfbd.extension in skype
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june 14th 5pm -9pm
june 15th
UTC +9hrs

enlargement of democratic budget campaign final event  proposed by a group of entities particpating in sasfd  search and contact skype user sasfbd.extension and indicate your interest  >  you will be included in a chat room for democratic budget convention was given in the skype chatroom

see the resulting videos  (4 hours of video)

see last year documentation


2011 agenda and a text

july august

august 5th
enlargement of sasf oc meeting - see invitation
same as above

to be given in the skype chatroom


see invitation
opportunity to be assessed in the team an activity enlarged from dhaka proposed by a group of entities participating in sasf pros  and cons of microfinances -/ web2.0 practices and social activism search and contact skype user sasfbd.extension and indicate your interest  > same as above, another chat room can be formed to be given in the skype chatroom

suggesting organization active in sasf comittee to enlarge some activities they have already scheduled untill november in order to spread info and practice about remote participation

opening of registration on website ?

mobilization activities before sasf register preparation activities and enlarge them



october 19th

 enlarged oc meeting


18-21 nv

SASF extended Program page  with 19 activities

  • sasf event  xx venue activities wih x% 60 announced as enlarged  
  •  3 distance encounter activities 
  •  1 local activities

register extended activities in sasf website

original version of sasf extended program, published in sasf website on november 15th  , with 60 activities and 45 organisations, was not respected, due to last moment logistical mishaps

write to sasfbd.extension on gmail.com  to get in contact with the team
   see invitation
22-25 nov  ic meeting in dhaka - enlarged by extension committee
  • Dhaka 23 25 november 2011
  •  contact icextended    see icextended space


    sasf evaluation meetings

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