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comment on list of tasks seen from extension point of view


0- start committees operation

    • creation of an extension committee is a  very promising decision , extcom will liaise with other committees and extension is present in logisitics , program , media, mobilization  etc..; - extension committee is open to remote participation

1 -Email+ thanks letter to WSF IC- approaching them officially for Dhaka meeting
ithe email could contain a short paragraph telling them that

    •  if they can come in november they can prepare at home an extended participation from their constituencies to SASFbd, stimulate holding of local activities,  and animate  themselves from Dhaka distance encounters actiivites and enlarged acities  during SASFbd event 
    • if they cannot come in november, they can prepare at home an extended participation from their constituencies to SASFbd,hold  and animate themselves from home local activities distance encounter activities and remote participation to enlarged activities in SASFbd - also they can participate remotely in ic meeting that will be enlarged by sasf extension team
    • further information is available in the sasfbd extented space here and people from their constituency willing to join the team in order to develop extented participaiton  from their country constituencies   are welcome
    • a contact mail and a contact skype can be usefully included   sasfbd-extensionteam  gmail.com    sasbdextensionteam  skype
    • this was done in mexico : see here http://openfsm.net/projects/fsmmexx/fotos-comentadas-de-mexx  the dakar - mexico distance encounter and the invitation here http://openfsm.net/projects/fsmmexx/mexexp-en

2 -Email to all south asia actors- confirming date and other progress and required support from them

    • same as above !

3 -Email to all committee members of sasf oc

    • same as above ! ,

4 -Website update and call for ragistration

    • suggestion have been made and will be completed as the specification progresses. it may take time to develop a proper registartion system and meanwhile extension stimulation will be made through mail , information on website pages and from the internet space of extension team - we make effort to have venue activie registratio and extended activity registration ready at the same time .
    • besides suggestions on extension there are  other suggestion on methodolgy (structure and feature of sites )  and memory  ( using registariton form also for documentation and memory )

5 -MoU between SASF and Dhaka University authority.

6 - Detail planning and budget

    • extension budget will be proposed by extension committee it is small compared to overall budget ,and impact on sasf visibility and outcomes can be important

7 - Logistics arrangement/ short lisitng event management, travel and IT firms

    •  if quality internet coverage is not available throughout the venue ,it is good to allocate some room  for distance encounters  ( presence of extensio team)  and  for  enlarged activite ( self organisaiton with support of extension team) - the program of these rooms would be only with distance encounter actvities and enlarged activities - if internet coverage is everywhere only distance encounters would have allocated rooms operated by extension team in general ( also self organized

8 - Meeting with govt for smoothing Visa and security and utility

Call for extended event registration

    • this call   can be a mail invitaiton  for general circulation and can be drafted and sent in the wake of points above ... announcement of extension to ic members  sasf actors  is a first step ,  a contact adress and a contact skype would be necessary
    • -Asking process documentation from ISF/Amit

Preparation and date confirmation for July SASF south asia oc meeting

    • this meeting would be enlarged by extension team/committee as a way to practice and promote extended participaiton - see extension calendar

Fundraising drive- meeting with INGO forum in Bangladesh. Support from other sources.

    •  some possibilities around extension to be explored outside bd ....

In country and international mobilization.

    •  mobilization is both for venue participation and for extended participation - relations between extension com and mobilizaiton com ...