• sasfbd invitation to test forms

last modified August 29, 2011 by facilitfsm

As sfex facilitators,  you  can help other event extension and your contribution will be useful to sasf bangladesh team, and furtherto the whole sfex team
 you are welcome to contribute today to SASF bangladesh build up - here is how

1 - click on the following link

2- here on the right, in the red bordered area you find THREE LINKS  individual  organization activity

These give you access to THREE FORMS  visible on line - these have been made at request of Aaman /Prodip  inside sasf extension team

3 - please borwse them and  DOWNLOAD  them  see the download link in the title of page

4 - ou are KINDLY INVITED  to  IMAGINE  that you are going to PARTICIPATE IN SASF BANGLADESH  either in daka or out of dhaka following one of the various  5 CASES here - make it REALISTIC  ! IMAGINE YOU ARE PARTICIPATING FOR REAL  ( IT MAY COME TRUE!  )

FILL  ONE INDIVIDUAL ONE ORGANIZATION AND ONE ATIVITY FORM  with imaginary content following your experience

5 - SEND  the rsulting document  as an attached document on  the sfex facilitation list   along with your COMMENTS   about

  • how you find the form  user frendly or not, imprivement suggestions
  • things that are mssing
  • things that are useless
  • what questions were more unexpected or challenging when filling their answers
  • etc...

that will be a help to sasf bangladesh extension team and to the whole sfex community
thanks in advance for your concrete testing help

Best regards