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Update from Secretariat
Dateline:16 August,2011

1. SASF South Asia Preparatory Meeting

On 05 August, 2011, the SASF South Asia Preparatory Meeting was held in WVA Auditorium, Dhanmondi, Dhaka with the participation of 120 delegates representing four countries of South Asia like Nepal, Pakistan, India and Bangladesh.

The meeting unanimously adopted SASF Concept Note (attached herewith) submitted by the Program Working Group. Different working groups including finance, budget, venue & logistics, mobilization, foreign delegate facilitation, media and culture apprised the meeting about the latest status and progress of work.

Representative from the University of Dhaka , the co-host of the first SASF, disseminated about the premise facilitation of the 5 days' SASF  to be held from 18-22 November, 2011.

The meeting was attended by different mass organizations including trade union,youth, student, health, peasant, landless and  cultural movements, NGOs and INGOs working with multipronged peoples issues, individual activists and personalities. The meeting also discussed about the hosting of WSF-IC meeting in Dhaka from 23-25 November,2011.

The meeting was informed that the SASF website www.wsfsouthasiabd.org will become effective within 31 August, 2011 for the registration of events.

2. Program Working Group Meeting

The program working group of SASF will meet at WAVE office, Lalmatia, Dhaka at 10 AM on 20 August, 2011.

3. SASF Bangladesh General Council Meeting notice

Esteemed Fellows of SASF,

Warm greetings and wishes.The Secretariat of South Asia Social Forum takes pleasure in informing you all that the Bangladesh General Council Meeting will be held on 21 August ,2011 at 03 PM , the venue being Dhaka University Senate House Seminar Room (ground floor).

We are aware that the South Asia Social Forum SASF will be held from 18-22 November , 2011 at the University of Dhaka premises. the participants are estimated to be more than 20,000 from across South Asia.. The inaugural and concluding congregation,  a number of plenary sessions and conferences, more than 500 seminars, workshop, self organized events, cultural and film festival------ all will lead us to a meaningful forum in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

We all would advance to realise Another South Asia, meant for the liberation of people from the yolk of oppression, discrimination and deprivation . The General Council meeting on the day will boost up and bolster the process of SASF process.

All individuals and organizations working in Bangladesh subscribing to the charter and guiding principles of World Social Forum-WSF could be part of SASF Bangladesh General Council and contribute to the SASF process with their idea, skill and resources.

Please attend SASF Bangladesh General Council Meeting in due time.

4. First Official Press Conference of SASF

On 28 August,2011,10.30 AM, the first official press conference of SASF will be held in CIRDAP Auditorium to be attended by a host of national personalities including the Vice Chancellor of the University of Dhaka.

SASF Secretariat