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 some suggestion for updates of forms and interactivy around form display lists


here some general  questions /suggestions  directed to Polash, about the registration system  -  these questions are inspired by the set of considerations http://openfsm.net/projects/sfexintercom/on-objectives-of-registration-system

1-      When I register as participant  /organization ,  will I be given by return (manually or automatically  an access to editing some lmited  part of the website ?


2-       When  i register an  activity/event, the  form includes registering organization data -  will I be given by return (manually or automatically  an access to editing some part of the website ?  also   there is no relation between activity form  and participant /organization form   -


3-      I understand the  activity forms are “send and forget”, i-e if I do not fill a field which is not compulsory (e-g  the exact day and date of a distance encounter ) , the form is emitted  towards the website  - Now  how can I come back later when I know more, and edit the missing field ?   


4-      will the sent forms be instantaneously visible in some “ browse current list of announced activity” menu ? that would be great …. – of course program group could  filter some annoucment that would be incompatible with WSF charter It need to have internally a “ hide activity xx” admin command -this  "instant  bottom up program menu" could allow to access some various views

  • -"dhaka local b/up program" ( activities that are not enlarged, nor distance encounters)  -that is probably not so interesting
  • a-"dhaka enlarged  b/up program" ( all activitites that announce they will or may be enlarged )  this will be useful for remote participants, adn to extension /program working group to assess the need /capacity for internet equipped room in the dhaka venue
  • b-"dhaka global b/up program"
  • ( all dhaka activities and distance encounter activities ) this wil be useful for dhaka participants - it will be the reference paper program circulted in dhaka  ( with a summarized presentation of sasf local program for political communication
  • c-"sasf distance encounter  b/up program" ( all distance encounter activities )  ( with some of them enlarged) this will be useful for dhaka participant ( specific part of the dhaka global paper program )   that want to experiene videoconferencing with other parts of the world,  and for the extension team that will have to organize the detailed schedule of the distance encounter  rooms   need/ capacity  mixing with the enlarged need.capacity but with the extra requirement of having videoprojector and loudspeaker in the room , and accomodating precisely hours taking into account time differences and local constraints of distance encounter counterparts (who will privilege evenings and week end days)
  • d-"sasf local   b/up program" ( all local activities + distance encounter activiites  )   (with some of them enlarged) this allow to see the sasf dynamics in all sa region it is politically meaningful about which organizations are  both participating in dhaka and outside dhaka  , about
  • e-"sasf enlarged   b/up program" ( all enlarged activities whether dhaka - local  -distance encounter) this will be useful for remote participants
  • -sasf global   b/up program ( all activities registered in the site )
  • list of dhaka participants ,
  • list of dhaka participating organizations -
  • list of extended participants not coming to dhaka   
  • list of extended participating organizations (an organisation can be both in dhaka and in extended activities   - see the questions  here  
  • ( need a review between the participant case and the organisaiton case since the same form is used for both )


5-      If 4 is yes , the one possibility for 3  is to have in the form an item saying this form yyy  is a next  update of activity xxxx  ( xxx  and yyy being the automatic number visible in the display list )  - this way people indicate what is the earlier form that they are updating  - and the automatic list of 4  may  override the earlier version  - in order to avoir mistakes there could be some automatic check that form A will override form B  only if the emitter private non displayed mail address is the same  ..

6-      During the meeting  polash said that the wish to have “tables” created with the incoming form field data could be met , so  comes a following questions can these activities table by displayed , sorted on some colums  , searched by field etc….. I remember that the Mumbai social forum 2004 had a very simple and effective search module allowing to combine  three selectable  columns of the table wth selectable criteria  ( contains the string xxx )  which allowed precision search among the 1200 activities there   


7-      For the sake of good divers communication before the event  and after it  I suggest to add in all form and email 2 and  email 3 fields and this not have only email 1 , this would allow to have systematically several  people notified of any message sent to their organization,  or activity organizers group


8-      If there is no identifiation log in the site , it would be anyway  tremendously useful  for the inter comunicaton betwenn participants ,  to have a simple  “ site messaging system”  - whereby  people could say  in  a specific website form called  ("send a message to others")  am among the holder of one of  the 3 contact emails of org/activity ( select) number (234 ) -   here is my email (box)   and I want to write this message (textbox with capacity to edit links to url adresses)  to activity/org (select) number (45) and to  activy/org(select) number 453 –send -  ( it is important to be able to direct oneself at least to two entities simultaneously )

When receiving this form  the website system would check if the email  is in the list of  emails of org234 and then send the meesage,
the sender  to check it is really him/her sending the message,asking him her to click on a validation link contained in it , and on reception of this validation the system would be   sending to the target emails a45 and 453  the message associated with a contextualizing header  ( "this message come from activity/org 234, whose title is ( )  and is directed to  activty org, whose title is ( ) and  to  activty org whose title is ( )


9-      According to the type of form filled   1 participant in Dhaka   2 participant out of dhaka -  3 organization in Dhaka    4 organisations in Dhaka and out of Dhaka  5 orgnisaiton out of Dhaka   - 6 Dhaka activity not enlarged  -7 Dhaka activity with  enlargement  -  8 Local  -  9 local enlarged   - 10 distance encounter –11  distance encounter enlarged , it would be good to feed automatically those 11 mailing list with the email associated to the recently registerered  forms  this would create constantly updated  11 “ participant group” list with  each their common characteristics regarding extension, adn would allow to send them specific communication


10 - it would be good to add in the description box of the form capacity to activate links , ie- if y type the adress of a url page  this is recognized and the link is active when the ativity form is displayed, if this is not possible then at least add below each large text box a link fied " put here a link to documetns that are related to your activity "  -  this will turn the dislay of forms into a hub of links towards very focused pages anywhere in the web towanrds documents or on line spaces ( as openfsm.net) where people broswsing the "instant bottom up program of announced activities for sasf " will find very delelopped informatioj or a collaboartive space where they can interact with the activity organizers