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actual  SASF BD  final extended program 19 activities    Extension build up calendar  from june up to SASF event in november

WARNING   this page is a suggestion of layout  with links in order to make the event website friendly to extension is not the real sasf website- which is being built here - http://www.wsfsouthasiabd.org/




Sasf concept note


upcoming events in wsf process

Welcome to South Asia Social Forum Bangladesh

South Asia Social Forum Bangladesh is a process of World Social Forum. The event was initially planned by the WSF International Expansion Committee (IEC) in its Morocco meeting to focus on Democracy. The process of organizing the event in Bangladesh is carried out by the collective initiative of individuals and organizations
The initiators of the process have a common ground of opposing the neoclassical constructions of inequality, discrimination, violence and violations embodied in capitalism. The process of organizing the South Asia Social Forum in Bangladesh is taken ahead by an open body.
All the individuals and organizations participating in the process of preparation  are considered as members of this open body. The body involves members from Bangladesh and other South Asian nations and states. Anyone who participates in the on-going preparatory process, in meetings organized by Organisation committee or self organized prearation activities  and upholds the WSF Charter of Principles is automatically considered as an organizing member.



Centric and extended participation in SASF event

Venue participation in Dhaka

Organizations and individuals identifying with WSF and SASF process register for participation and organizations can register centric activities in the venue alone or with other partners co-organizing.
These centric activities can be also, at the will of their co-organizers, “enlarged on internet” , i-e  welcoming remote/extended interactive participation on internet from organization and individuals away from Dhakka

Extended participation Anywhere in Bangladesh in South Asia and in the world :

Organizations identifying with WSF and SASF process can register local activities held anywhere, alone or with other partners co-organizing.
They can also register distance encounter activities held through interactive video link with groups participating in SASF venue. Organisations and individuals can also participate remotely in the “enlarged “centric activities held in Dhaka   ( see the 5 participation cases )

Register / Participate! 

In Dhaka and out of Dhaka


Themes for South Asia Social Forum Bangladesh

A meeting on South Asia Social Forum Bangladesh was held on 17 July 2010 at INCIDIN Bangladesh. The main theme for the South Asia Social Forum Bangladesh was set "Democracy for Social Transformation in South Asia Participation, Equity, Justice and Peace". Moreover some sub-theme was chosen as well. :

Cluster - 1  Participatory Democracy and Peoples Movement  / Responsive Governance
Cluster - 2   Gender and Sexuality / Human Rights and Dignity
Cluster - 3  Food Sovereignty and Livelihood Security / Public Service, Privatization and Entitlement 
Cluster - 4  Globalization, Justice and Development / Regional and Trans-boundary Concerns
Cluster - 5 Fundamentalism, Conflict and Societal Peace / Media and Cultural Hegemony


earlier V1 registraiton proposal

WSF events /Process...

What the World Social Forum is?

The World Social Forum is an open meeting place where social movements, networks, NGOs and other civil society organizations opposed to neo-liberalism and a world dominated by capital or by any form of imperialism come together to pursue their thinking, to debate ideas democratically, for formulate proposals, share their experiences freely and network for effective action. Since the first world encounter in 2001, it has taken the form of a permanent world process seeking and building alternatives to neo-liberal policies. This definition is in its WSF Charter of Principles , the WSF’s guiding document.

The World Social Forum is also characterized by plurality and diversity, is non-confessional, non-governmental and non-party. It proposes to facilitate decentralized coordination and networking among organizations engaged in concrete action towards building another world, at any level from the local to the international, but it does not intend to be a body representing world civil society. The World Social Forum is not a group nor an organization
See here the Guiding principes for organizing a wsf event - the other guiding document of WSF.

WSF process on line :