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 "extension friendly " individual and organisation registration  form

  see website page

 only three  items  have been added, below in the form that is  here http://www.wsfsouthasiabd.org/registration/individualregistration

and these additions ( in red ) allows to include all people who intend to participate in sasf bd extended in the case 3 4 5  explained here

see the announcement ( read the final part of it )

let us be consistent with the announcement made on augsut 5th that SASF will be extended
adding those idems is a little change for a great inclusion forward step !


Individual Participant Registration Form:

[ The asteric (*) fields are compulsory and the form will not be accepted if any of these is not provided.]





city - region ( in order to map those remote participants more than just country



will you be participating in SASF  from outside dhaka  

( - )  yes   

( - ) no i will come to participate in SASF in dhaka ( default option)

if you participate from outside dhaka,  what is the form of remote participation that you envision ( can be multiple answers) :  

( - ) participation in a local event/activities in my city/region 

( - ) participation in a distance encounter event/activity between my city and counterparts in  dhaka SASF venue  

( - ) remote participation to dhaka activitie enlarged on internet (live video from dhaka  and text chat feedback   

( - ) none of these  i will come to dhaka ( default option)

If you are representing any organization, please fill the following information


 you can give here a url address where to find more information about your organisation ( note that you can create freely an on line space around your organisation in a wsf provided website  "www.openfsm.net" ) : 

Email1 E mail 2 Email 3  


In case of emergency whom to contact