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Thank you for this initiative of meeting of team members in the extension working group


As a remote participant in the team, and feeling honoured to be with you in this build up of SASF Bangladesh Extended, I will gladly participate tonight 17h UTC


Please find below Some elements contributing to the agenda set by Prodip


Meeting Time: 11 PM - 12AM (1 Hour).

Meeting Agenda:

- Briefing on SASF Bangladesh Extended Forum


>>Here in the text below,  a generic  input  about extension , 

- SASF Bangladesh Extended Activities Registration Process.


>> See below in the text the links for some proposal for modification of participant registration to include remote participants

See the variants of activity/event registration for  local activities outside Dhaka and distance encounter activities between Dhaka and another place

- Open call for Member inclusion to SASF Bangladesh Extended Working Group


>>  people willing to relay extension mobilization do not need to be located in Dhaka to be efficient,  so  people in all SA region and beyond are quite relevant in the working group

- Online Meeting Schedule for Facilitation of SASF Bangladesh Extended Forum.


>> Having regular meetings will certainly help especially for those who are not located in Dhaka  -   a SASFbd extension working group chat room is set up


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Here is an input  about SASF extension , through experience accumulated in Social forum extended facilitation Initiative by Communication commission of IC WSF


1 - Extending a social forum  event as SASF Bd is a decision of the organizing committee  (announced on August 5th meeting ) consisting of measures of communication and logistics, which have little impact on costs, and  make the whole event (comprising hundres of activities ) potentially inclusive for many Organisations, located outside the venue city Dhaka, and willing to participate locally in several ways

See the 5 cases of participation in SASF extended here  - 2 seen from Dhaka and 3 seen from outside Dhaka



2 - We are talking here of


“local SASF activities , in the SA region or beyond ,  self organized locally, responding  to an invitation from the organizing committee ( august 5th invitation may have to be reiterated) –local face to face meetings/events  that may be including also remote participation to dhaka enlarged activities ,

See a suggestion for  “local SASF actiivity” form http://openfsm.net/projects/sasf-bangladesh-extended/sasfbd-website-activity-form-suggestions-local-v2


“distance encounter” activities via live internet" between local groups and groups present in the Dhaka venue,

See a suggestion for distance encounter with Dhaka form http://openfsm.net/projects/sasf-bangladesh-extended/sasfbd-website-activity-form-suggestions-distance-encounter-v2


“'Dhaka venue activities enlarged on the Internet " to allow remote participation

See a suggestion Dhaka activity form with enlargement possibilities : http://openfsm.net/projects/sasf-bangladesh-extended/sasfbd-website-activity-form-suggestions-enlarged-v2



Please find here an announcement from Osaka group about a distance encounter activity with Dhaka  on time of SASF


and the local invitation circulated in Japan

http://openfsm.net/projects/sasf-bangladesh-extended/sasfbd-osaka-distance-encounter-acitvity-local-invitation  for 19th of November

3 -Extension has an impact on  various aspects,of organizing  mainly


- mobilization and communication, website (directing to all of those who want to participate, not just to those who will come to Dhaka the central location of the SASF extended event),

See a suggestion for SASF home page with a salmon colored paragraph explaining the participation in dhakar and out of dhaka  next to registration menu on red squared rectangle


this includes also the individual /organizations form – those we are remote participants need also to register as participants in SASF


- programming (including local activities and distance encounter activities  in the SASF program),


-venue logistics (providing  a sufficient number of rooms and spaces with internet connection to accommodate :

a/  Dhaka activities whose organizers want to enlarge on internet and

b/ distance encounters proposed by remote local groups to speak with their delegates and/or counterparts present in Dhaka)