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Inviting and agenda. 2

Agenda. 2

Chat rooms issues. 3

Agenda 1 – brief on SASF extended and type of extended activities. 3

Input about extension. 4

Different types of extended activities. 4

Extension as global concept with three type of extended activities. 5

Intermediate forms of connections with Dhaka. 5

Dakar figures. 6

enlarged activity. 6

Different words to name different situations. 6

desire to participate, and how it can express itself. 7

Trying to finalize about the activity types. 7

Status of discussion on extended activities. 8

Example of a local activity. 8

Example 2 - Visualizing Maldive extended participation. 9

SASF: a regional process. 10

Reframing the dialogue. 10

Agenda 1 summary. 11

Agenda 1 approval 11

Agenda 2 Working on the forms. 12

Agenda 2 Forms  on line of possible by next Saturday -. 12

Agenda 3 : Open Call for Member inclusion in extended working group!. 13

Give time to facilitate the process. 13

Asking program group to give Names of “extending” organizations. 13

More members in the extension group. 14

Agenda 4 -meeting schedule : Meeting every Thursday 23pm Dhaka. 14

Agenda 5 - Mobilization communication for extension and other emerging issues. 15

How will the extension team mobilize out of Bangladesh. 15

Facebook option. 15

Draft the invitation letter. 15

Compile emails. 15

Participation of sfex facilitating group. 16

Giving public contact of sasf extension team.. 16

Creating dynamic list of contactand the form data In general 16

Skype chat rooms ( to be commented). 16

Presence of extension team in sfex meeting. 16

Inclusion in extension team list. 16

Agenda 6 – During the event. 17

About number of rooms for extended activities in Dhaka venue?. 17

About Enlargement of plenary sessions. 17

Relation with program group. 17

Cultural activities. 17

Enlarging IC meeting. 17

Agenda 7 Conclusion. 17

For next week agenda. 18

Make report. 18

Final byes and cheers. 18


Inviting and agenda

[18:40:16] *** Prodip added Pierre manoranjanpegu rezaul.c mahbub.bd Mosfequr Rahman taufiq_kha *** MD SHATIL *ykitahata **Zarel **aaman *maldivesngofederation Atikul Musfik : ***

[19:06:41] *** Pierre has changed the conversation topic to "SASF bd Extension chat room 2" ***


 [18:47:25] Prodip :Dear Friends,Please find the meeting agenda here:

1- Briefing on SASF Bangladesh Extended Forum

2- SASF Bangladesh Extended Activities Registration Process.

3- Open call for Member inclusion to SASF Bangladesh Extended Working Group

4- Online Meeting Schedule for Facilitation of SASF Bangladesh Extended Forum.

- AOB.

If you have any important agenda, please add it in discussion first. Also Please keep in mind that meeting time is 1 hour and within an hour, we will conclude the discussion!

[19:09:31] Pierre: hello shatil musfik

[19:10:01] SHATIL :hi Pierre & all

[19:10:23] Prodip :Welcome Pierre, Polash, shatil! Musfiq and Aman is coming at the chatroom

[19:10:40] Pierre: thanks

 [19:11:23] Atikul: Hellow this is polash

[19:11:34] Pierre: hello polash

[19:11:57] Musfik :: Hello, everybody, this is musfik

[19:57:48] Araafhi prodip we are also here..form Afaaf

[19:58:10] Prodip :Hello arraf (Afaaf Maldives)!

[19:58:17] Araafhi, its afaaf

[19:58:33] Prodip :Welcome affaf!


Chat rooms issues

[19:13:02] Musfik :: Prodip, I can`t see Aaman to this chat room

[19:13:19] Prodip :Musfiq, here is 3 chatroom for SASF Bangladesh. First, we need to decide which will be continued in future discussion

[19:13:32] Pierre: there are 2 : one that has been created a month ago.. and one that has been created now

[19:14:32] Atikul: we can continue this one, what you say

[19:14:39] Musfik :: ya, Pierre

[19:14:48] Pierre: no big deal to move everyone in one of them, or shall we reserve one for the team and one for the committee, plus all the people that want to participate such as yoshidie from japan and hopfeully many more to give info

 [19:16:35] Musfik :: I think we should fixed 1 chat room immediately

[19:16:56] Prodip :I think so! We can continue the previous chatroom

[19:18:28] Musfik :: Is the previous chat room cover the much member we should use that

[19:18:30] Prodip :If everybody agreed, then I will delete this chatroom

[19:19:27] Musfik :: chat room 2 has some new member, but 1 has much member, Prodip da I dont get u online here, as a result i cant call u now

[19:26:19] Musfik :: Prodip da u pls add me at chat room 2, as i can see u online & make call

Agenda 1 – brief on SASF extended and type of extended activities

[19:12:12] Prodip :First, agenda 1: Briefing on SASF Bangladesh Extended Forum. Anybody can share the idea now

Input about extension

[19:13:03] Atikul: where will be the location?

[19:16:30] Prodip :Polash, what do you mean by location, please brief!

 [19:20:52] Pierre: @polash you may read the input i sent about extension


[19:21:50] Atikul: thanks Pierre

Different types of extended activities

[19:24:06] Prodip :Helo Pierre, please provide us an brief about enlarged activities and distance encounter actvites

[19:24:16] Pierre: ok,

1/ enlarged activity - is an activity which is organized in Dhaka not counting on internet but mainly on face to face dynamics, and that is enlarging on internet to allow remote participation ( hence my questions above about the plenary sessions ) remote participation in enlarged activity is” non intrusive” : silent chat feedback and silent camera filming the meeting - Organizers are in Dhaka venue

2/ distance encounter is quite different : the organizers are usually organizations out of Dhaka -the activity is totally focused on live video chat on internet between two groups on in Dhaka the other in the local place, hence the name distance encounter using skype video

the time of the activity is chosen primarily by the remote people, because they will mobilize locally people after work time; and we need to account for the time difference, so the final timetable for distance encounters sessions in Dhaka might not fit exactly the time slots of the Dhaka activities (morning slot – afternoon slot – evening slot. The time need to be accommodated  between extension team and the distance encounter organizers

Also distance encounter organizers need a counterpart in Dhaka, to come in a room equipped for the video session talk with them and bring people in the room in Dhaka - This counterpat can be a delegate that they know, if they have no counterpart but are proactive with exntesion team we might help them find counterparts

[19:28:45] Prodip :Hello, Pierre, we only thinking about these organizations who have shown their interest to enlarge it through internet. If we take decision to enlarge all the activities which would be held during SASF, it will not permit the resource, i think

 [19:30:01] Pierre: @prodip, am not saying that all Dhaka activity should enlarge... 5 rooms 60 slots is already a good number, what i am saying is that program group hast to allot space also for distance encounter activities

[19:31:02] Prodip :ok

[19:31:39] Pierre: one solution is to dedicate some rooms to distance encounter and put Dhaka activities in those room only in the remaining slots

[19:32:15] Prodip :We are discussing about SASF Brief. So, please take part in this agenda and conclude it

Extension as global concept with three type of extended activities

[19:31:56] Pierre: extension is a global concept, there are three main extended activities

 Activities enlarged from Dhaka

Distance encounter activities with Dhaka

Local SASF activities outside Dhaka at time of SASF

People/groups outside Dhaka may combine those three types, see the 5 cases of participations here: http://openfsm.net/projects/SASF-bangladesh-extended/SASFbd-extension-participation

Case 1+5 is enlarged activities seen from Dhaka and from outside Dhaka

 Case 2+4 is distance encounter seen from Dhaka and from outside Dhaka

 Case 3 is local activities

The invitation circulated on august 5th is mentioning those three types, so the website would need to accommodate registration of those three types, hence the various forms in discussion ( next point )

[19:35:10] Prodip : Enlarged activities means: Activities in Dhaka, but the remote guests will be participated. Distance encounter means, activities outside of Dhaka, only guest will participated to thier activities from Dhaka. Is it?

[19:35:34] Pierre: rewording it, distance encounter activity is a live video session of two hours between a group in Dhaka and a group outside Dhaka

Local activity is when there is no connection with Dhaka : e-g a local activity in Mumbai - face to face meeting on peace with Pakistan (local activity ) that can be followed by a tow hours discussion through Skype video with a group of people in Dhaka from some peace building coalition ( distance encounter)

Also if there is an enlarged activity program from Dhaka, some groups may organize collective remote participation sessions into some of these enlarged activities

These are the three types of extended activities

Intermediate forms of connections with Dhaka

of course some intermediate forms of connection can exist.. but they will be more like “short addresses” of 10mn through skype video inserted inside a 2h face to face meeting in Dhaka.. that may be symbolic but is not very significant, because the idea is to bring possibility of real distance dialogue - and dialog needs time.

So to have distance dialogue situation either you are discussing two hours on skype with another group - that is a symmetrical communication situation ( distance encounter), or you are following a two hour long face to face activity remotely, so you have less capacity to dialogue than the people who are in the room ( although you can communicate easily in the chant room with other remote participants !), but you can still participate anyhow during the whole session ( remote participation in enlarged activity)

i have been trying to describe all this in the input


Dakar figures

 in Dakar we had 77 distance encounter (although in precarious logistical situation, and only 5/10 enlarged activities, and many groups around the world had local activities besides the distance encounter

so SASF could be also a global scheme with the three components

enlarged activity

[19:43:44] Prodip :Please brief type 1 activities: Enlarged activities

[19:43:48] Pierre: of course this time because of better communication and preparation the number of enlarged activities could be higher -in Dakar the number was kept down because of no information on the website

[19:44:59] Pierre: having an enlarged activity option is stimulating activity organizers in Dhaka to live stream and have a chatrom to welcome feedbacks

[19:45:10] Pierre: the idea is to foster remote participation, that means for the activity organizers inviting in advance people from their networks to participate, ( and for extension team to publicize the enlarged activities to general remote community of SASF process )

[19:45:21] Pierre: sending them invitation containing a public skype name ( e g SASF.act45.participation) which they can contact - this acts as "registration"as remote participant to this activity, then they are ushered in a chatroom, well before the activity take place, and then they will receive the video channel link

Different words to name different situations

 [19:46:06] Prodip :Aman Bhai, you are in line. So, we need your input to conclude the discussion. Please join now

[19:46:11] Prodip :Polash, have you any say about these activities?:It means: activities in Dhaka + Remote Participation

[19:48:23] Pierre: enlarged acitivites is case 1 and 5 of the 5 cases yes enlarging an activity in Dhaka allows remote participation in this same activity (watching the video and giving feedback or question on the chat room

 [19:48:22] Atikul: I am trying to understand the terms, which are new to me, but everything depend on the logistic support and expertise of the participants.

 [19:48:51] Pierre: yes polash.the terms have been forged through practice ! we need different words to name different situations, hence the vocabulary

three cases  (local) - (distance encounter)  (enlarged + remote participation)

Practice shows that also the decision process is different : it is the people outside Dhaka that decide on making local activities or distance encounter activities, while it is the people in Dhaka that decide to enlarge their activity in order to allow remote participation of their networks or the public

hence the need for different registration forms for these different cases

desire to participate, and how it can express itself

[19:51:37] Prodip :Hello Pierre, we will give focus the people who could not able to participate directly to SASF. In this case.

[19:53:01] Pierre: the desire to participate can express itself through three channels  remote participation to enlarged activities, through distance encounter, and through local activities in SA region

Remote participation possibilities depend on how much enlargement of activities there will be, and how many Dhaka activity organizers the extension team can motivate into enlarging their activities

Distance encounters possibilities is less dependent on Dhaka - but extension team has to welcome the proponents and distance encounter activities need to be announced in the program as any other activities so Dhaka public in SASF event can go to the rooms and encounter the far away group

 ( in Belem 2009, I remember how we outreached In the forum “street” “ who want to talk with Africa and found 10 interested people to speak with a province town in Senegal who had never had any contact with brazil )

[19:54:56] Prodip :1. If anybody participate in SASF, he could register his activities as extended activities. In this case, he must organise his activities at his local places. We will provide them logistic facilities to connect the activities which he will ensure. This is type 1, Is it distance encounter activities?

[19:55:41] Pierre: local activities are under total responsibility of far away participants

Distance encounters need some coordination with Dhaka, since extension team need to provide a room equipped with a video projector and internet at an agreed time, and the far away people need to contact a delegate and /or a counterpart present in Dhaka so he/she be in that room at an agreed time, this is the general case and delegates are very timely, because they do not want to disappoint their friends that stayed home

 Trying to finalize about the activity types

 [19:57:21] Prodip :we need to finalise activities types! Please first finalise the type 1 activity!

[19:57:32] Pierre:Type 1 local activity : here is the form porposed

[19:58:32] Pierre: hello ! prodip and people take a look here http://openfsm.net/projects/SASF-bangladesh-extended/SASFbd-website-home-page-suggestions

on the right side there is a fake mock up registration pad, surrounded by red, and you see the lines

Individual/organisation V2

Dhaka activity V2

Distance encounter V2

Local SASF activity V2

Preliminar SASF

 [19:59:19] Araafyes

 [19:59:37] Pierre: the changes suggested in relation to the existing participant form, is to ask also whether a participant will be in Dhaka or not :for the time being the form assumes that the participant is coming to Dhaka !

Status of discussion on extended activities

[20:00:04] Prodip :We could not finalise the agenda 1 discussion till now! So, I request you all, please stay focus in discussion!

[20:00:29] Pierre: sorry prodip. i thought i was on focus, if not, please explain why and how : the agenda 1 is defining the 3 types of extended activity?

[20:01:32] Prodip :First, we need to finalise the activities type! 1, 2, 3.....etc It is not only for me. We need to understand clearly. It is important for all!

[20:03:20] Araafare you finaling activities focusing on the theme

[20:01:49] Pierre: i have tried to explain the three activity cases 1 local -2 distance encounter - 3 enlarged in Dhaka please, ask questions on what is not clear for you

Example of a local activity

[20:02:35] Prodip :1. Local Activities: ????

[20:02:50] Pierre: local activity example :a meeting in Mumbai on November 20 between 5 organization active on peace between Pakistan and India, no connection with Dhaka by internet, local mobilization

[20:03:35] Pierre: i agree prodip, that is why i give a concrete example

[20:03:55] Musfik :: @ prodip> I think so

[20:04:06] Pierre: above example in Mumbai - is it clearer?, this local activity is registered in SASF website, and appears in a local activity program of SASF, with the city ( Mumbai ) the theme (peace) the conveners ( the 5 organizations ) the place in Mumbai, the time in Mumbai

[20:05:15] Prodip :If there is no need to connect with SASF, so why we discuss about such type of activities? Please clear it now?

[20:05:45] Pierre: because these people in Mumbai are also part of SASF process

[20:05:54] Prodip :Only for putting their names in website?

[20:06:02] Pierre: They may belong to the same organization that have sent 5 delegate to Dhaka, and they may make a 300 people meeting in Mumbai, at the end of the face to face local meeting they may propose a distance encounter for those who are interested

Example 2 - Visualizing Maldive extended participation

[21:01:32] Araafextension activities are held in our own countries

 [21:03:23] Pierre: @Afaaf  local activities and half of distance encounters and remote participation in the enlarged activities are held in your country

 [21:04:25] Aaman: @ arraf...i think you could be the front liner

 [21:08:57] Araafi think we can but is these activities in our country going to take plave in nov in the same days as SASF meeting in Dhaka

 [21:09:59] Pierre: @Afaaf : yes  the remote participation ad the distance encounter need to be on the same date since you are talking with people inn Dhaka - the local can be "around" the date

[21:11:27] Araaffederation will also join in the meetings in Dhaka in Nov

[21:11:52] Pierre: in your Afaaf how many people will travel to Dhaka and how many people will stay u maldives ?

 [21:12:28] Araafi think at least 4 will be travelling

[21:12:41] Pierre: so how many will stay :) ? from the local activist dedicate people interested by SASF process

[21:13:26] Araaf5 will be in Male

[21:14:05] Pierre: do i understand that Afaaf is a group of 9 ?

[21:14:28] Araafits a group of 9 + me

 [21:15:41] Pierre: ok.. then these 5 people may organize a local activity, and also a distance encounter wher they will meet you 4 + all the people you can bring to talk with them about Maldives issues or other common SA campaigns  +° they can book their time to do remote participation, may be they can mobilize 20 people around them or more i hav no idea of the context

[21:19:07] Araaffor the activity i will discuss with the governing council and giv you the final anw abot local activity

[21:19:33] Araaf@prodip i will forward you the email list

[21:43:13] Aaman: @ afaaf pls check out the forms we uploaded so far. and register some activities and mobilize your network members..

[21:43:43] Araafok


SASF: a regional process

SASF process is a regional process

[20:07:16] Prodip :Yes, if any delegate attend to SASF, we will provide them extended facilities to connect the activities with SASF.

[20:08:05] Pierre: are you meaning that you will accept local activity only if the organizers tell that they are sending some delegate to Dhaka ? that is a little restrictive.. but...seeing local activities organizers in various part of SA region is a sign of strength of SF process

[20:10:08] Aaman: hallo fellows...this is Aaman from Dhaka

[20:10:11] Prodip :No, it is not restriction! Everyday, a lot of activities has been held in different cities. But when we will discuss about SASF, then we need to relate it with SASF. This is my understanding!

[20:10:27] Pierre: but what is SASF prodip? just an event ? or a process? which is a regional proess

[20:11:38] Prodip :We are discussing it, Pierre!

Reframing the dialogue

[20:11:13] Aaman: dear prodip and Pierre can I intervene, dear comrades pls gimme a chance to speak, halo

[20:12:09] Prodip :Yes, you are invited to join.

[20:12:13] Pierre: (bow)

[20:12:38] Atikul: (y)

[20:12:39] Aaman: (bow)

[20:12:59] Musfik :: hello guys give us a space to talk (Pierre & Prodip)

[20:13:02] Aaman: halo polash, musfik, arraf

[20:13:24] Araafyes..am not able to follow well in the conversation

[20:13:32] Atikul: Hi aman bhai

[20:13:55] Musfik :: (d)for Pierre & prodip

[20:15:01] Musfik :: ya Aaman, (handshake)

[20:15:49] Pierre: (dear friends it took two years of practice since Belem 2009 to get to these vision of those three type of activities..so i can understand it is not self evident to discuss this by written chat in limited time )

[20:16:45] Musfik :: @Pierre> ya

[20:16:54] Aaman: i have followed the whole chat while taking my dinner...i am very glad that peoples from Paris, Dhaka, Male are very enthusiastic about the extension

[20:17:43] Araafyes..aaman we are

[20:17:44] Aaman: if all comrades allow me then i can suggest on agenda !

[20:17:53] Araafyes

Agenda 1 summary

 [20:17:47] Aaman: agenda 1 - prodip...i am fully agreed with Pierre, following your first agenda we can decide that..three types of extension could take place...considering SASF as an event and process

so, 1) Dhaka enlarged is clear to all of us, i guess

2) distance is also welcome

3) local activity is also welcome, but this need to facilitate by the Program Working Group. As this will be the mandate of program group. I suggest that Prodip and others can convey this message to that group and will follow up

[20:20:00] Araafam not clear about enlarged extension

 [20:21:34] Pierre: @Afaaf i think Aaman is talking about enlarged activity from Dhaka in point 1

[20:21:52] Atikul: it will be easy to understand with some example for us with the terms

Agenda 1 approval

[20:25:16] Aaman: so, these are the facts we can agree on...following agenda one and agenda two

[20:25:40] Aaman: On agenda one...prodip do you have any further suggestion? prodip? pls speak

[20:26:12] Prodip :yes, I am following! But not only me, we need to make it understand to all!

[20:26:53] Aaman: yes..i am coming to others

[20:27:18] Aaman: Pierre...are you okay with agenda decisions?

[20:27:24] Aaman: agenda one? @ Pierre..

[20:28:20] Pierre: yes...let me repeat the agenda

[20:28:33] Aaman: pls do

[20:29:57] Pierre: (copying aaman above)

[20:19:23] Aaman: 1) Dhaka ENLARGED activities are clear to all of us, i guess

[20:19:35] Aaman: 2) distance ENCOUNTERS activities are also welcome

[20:21:00] Aaman: 3) LOCAL activities are also welcome, but this need to facilitate by the Programme Working Group. As this will be the mandate of program group. I suggest that, Prodip and others can convey this massage to that group and will follow up

 [20:30:53] Aaman: yes Pierre..you got my point

[20:31:23] Aaman: arraf did you get understand what we discussed on agenda one...that means the way of SASF extension

[20:32:07] Araafya..

[20:32:19] Aaman: thanks arraf

[20:34:14] Pierre: note : about he local activities it is a very good metrological change of perspective and it can influence the mobilization process - instead of saying "come to Dhaka"  SASF committee can say "come an also organize locally" and this can be very inclusive

[20:35:13] Aaman: thnx Pierre about the note. i am fully agreed with you

Agenda 2 Working on the forms

[20:22:25] Aaman: @ Pierre and others in the chat room/ extension working group...pls go the link send by Pierre to look at the registration forms...to me these are okay..there are few section that could be revisited, but that's not a big deal, I hope Polash/Atikul will help us to put that form...

[20:23:06] Atikul: i will

[20:23:17] Aaman: @ prodip and all...following these forms we can register the three types of activities which is our agenda no. 2

Agenda 2 Forms  on line of possible by next Saturday -

[20:34:27] Aaman: now we will repeat the agenda two decisions...i.e. how to register the extension activities. following Pierre's format...Atikul/Polash will help us to ut/develop the three types of registration forms for extension activities. these forms will be posted on the home page of SASF website. Hope atikul/ polash could make it done by next Saturday?

 [20:35:30] Aaman: @ atikul...can you make it done by saturday

 [20:36:57] Atikul: If the forms fields and inner content are ready then i could.........

[20:37:18] Aaman: @atikul...thnx...i hope you can..: @ @ prodip...are you happy with the registration forms and three types of it? and its placement to the home page of SASF website?..pls tell something on the registration forms and process that Pierre suggested

[20:38:14] Prodip :Yes, you can proceed!

[20:38:40] Aaman: @musfik..have you seen the forms? do you have any suggestion on the forms or registration process

[20:38:58] Pierre: @atikul the froms are accessible on the right side http://openfsm.net/projects/SASF-bangladesh-extended/SASFbd-website-home-page-suggestions

[20:40:03] Atikul: i have seen those............... and have to read it with times

[20:40:39] Aaman: @ atikul/ prodip/arraf/musfik...the forms are very simple and you will get many similar field as like the individual registration and event registration forms which are already posted on the SASF website

[20:41:32] Aaman: so i think all of us are okay with the form developing process and skype invitation process...are we? if you have some other suggestion pls tell

[20:41:56] Pierre: @atikul am available on the mailing list for commenting further any point in the forms, SASFbd-extension-team@lists.openfsm.net

[20:42:42] Atikul: ok

[20:44:56] Araafso the forms will be forwarded with the needed amendments

Agenda 3 : Open Call for Member inclusion in extended working group!

 [20:44:07] Prodip :Now the agenda 3: Open Call for Member inclusion in extended working group!

Give time to facilitate the process

[20:53:28] Prodip :Aman Bhai, I am about people who will facilitate the process? Now here we are few persons. Are we agree to give time to facilitate the process?

 [20:55:11] Aaman: @prodip...yes i agreed..we need more people...but it is our duty to find more people on board for extension support it is our duty to find the people

 [21:00:05] Prodip :I know, Pierre will give time! But Aman, Afaaf, Musfiq and Polash - Are you have time to facilitate the process of extension activities?

[21:02:03] Aaman: @ prodip...you know atikul is dedicated to web management group...besides he can contribute tot he web based functions for extension work and internet support...but i am afraid you can't get him for on spot or chat room facilitation

besides you know my occupation with various working groups...so I am afraid you have to keep me out of the list, i think musfik, masha, shatil, taufik can help you, from abroad..Pierre,zarel, ykihata is there

[21:03:47] Prodip :Aman Bhai, you can not get me! I am not asking about people for spot facilitation! I am asking about process facilitation from tomorrow!

[21:04:30] Pierre: @musfik masha shatil taufik, we are in a tam building process :) and we need to/ can find more people in Dhaka and in other palce of SA and the world

 [21:04:51] Aaman: I can help you partly, i can send you email or can invite people over email and phone to register for three types of extension activities

[21:06:59] Aaman: @musfik...can you mobilize your friends for extension the speed seems very low

[21:19:39] Aaman: @ prodip and all...pls suggest some prospective names for the extension working group

Asking program group to give Names of “extending” organizations

[21:20:15] Pierre: @aaman it is important to liaise with the program group /mobiliation group so they can give contact of people /organizations /places who could be interested to combine sending delegates to Dhaka and developing remote participation along some of the three forms we discusses

[21:20:25] Aaman: besides we need to find our own way to invite some organizations for the extension work

 [21:20:52] Aaman: @yes...we would

More members in the extension group

[21:23:55] Aaman: the last one...pls suggest some names from each of you...to invite to join in our group...(agenda three) pls propose one or two name(s)

 [21:28:03] Prodip :We need a person from programme working group to facilitate the process. So, we need you (AMAN).

 [21:27:38] Pierre: @aaman why a name  "SASFbd extension " is not right?

 [21:28:29] Aaman: @Pierre...the skype group name is fine...i was talking about name of people to join in the group

[21:29:11] Pierre: ah :)

[21:29:52] Aaman: @prodip..i am on board..but part timer

[21:30:57] Aaman: anyway..pls come up with few names of volunteers who are capable of doing skype and eager to facilitate the process...so before next Thursday Pierre and prodip...you will get some names

[21:31:26] Prodip :ok

[21:31:49] Pierre: yes eager to facilitate the process.. that is a main criteria

[21:32:34] Prodip :Agreed with Pierre

Agenda 4 -meeting schedule : Meeting every Thursday 23pm Dhaka

[21:09:46] Prodip :If you are agreed, now we can go in the last agenda about skype meeting schedule? date of next meeting?

[21:17:33] Prodip :Dear All, it is over about two hour from meeting schedule. So, we need to fix another date for discuss the remaining issue

[21:19:39] Aaman: suggest a fix date in each week for further meeting, suggest a fixed day..may be Thursday, thursday 11 am sorry each Thursday 11 pm from now on

 [21:21:16] Araafnext Thursday is Democracy day..we might be busy

[21:21:17] Prodip :Agreed, each Thursday on 11 pm for an hour

[21:21:20] Pierre: each Thursday dates 11 pm are good for me

[21:21:25] Aaman: @musfik...r u there @affaf and atikul...are u with us?

 [21:22:24] Polash: ok for me also

[21:22:54] Araafi dnt hink this Thursday we can make it

[21:22:58] Aaman: @musfik..r u ok with the schedule?

 [21:23:06] Aaman: thnx...

Agenda 5 - Mobilization communication for extension and other emerging issues

How will the extension team mobilize out of Bangladesh

[20:44:42] Aaman: @prodip, Pierre and all...to conclude the agenda two...we need to decide another factor..how we..the extension team will mobilize people out of Bangladesh to do distance encounter or registering a local activity

apart from web base open call, do you suggest to invite people within our reach to email an invitation for distance encounter or local activity, do we have the email lists? on behalf of SASF secretariat who will invite them? SASF extension team?

[20:47:12] Prodip :We are limited people in the extension working group. So, we need to include more persons who are interested to facilitate the process!

Facebook option

[20:48:20] Aaman: @prodip pls suggest on the email or any other option to invite people living outside Dhaka/bangladesh

[20:48:42] Atikul: why not we are using facebook group

[20:48:46] Aaman: @musfik, arraf pls suggest

[20:49:42] Aaman: @atikul...do we have enough friends on facebook list...who will be the prospective organizer for distance encounter or local activity

[20:51:38] Aaman: @musfik...what do you think of facebook prospect?

Draft the invitation letter

[20:49:18] Prodip :If you please (anybody) draft the letter, it will be great!

[20:49:30] Araafi think the extension group can invite the ppl through email

[21:00:01] Pierre: also in the extended invitation ( see the one circulated on augsut 5th


Compile emails

[20:50:26] Aaman: @arraf can you facilitate to compile some email of Maldives organization for this invitation?

[20:50:48] Araafyes sure

[20:51:29] Araafshould i de focusing more on organisations / individuals

 [20:51:24] Atikul: i have 800 freind in by list but everyone has to participate in invitation

 [20:52:17] Aaman: @arraf I think you should focus on organization

[20:52:54] Araafyes, i need to forward the email list to prodip..is it ?

[20:54:10] Prodip :thanks Afaaf!

[20:54:28] Aaman: @arraf..yes forward that to prodip

Participation of sfex facilitating group

[20:56:55] Aaman: @Pierre...do you think zarel, kitahata and others will able to dedicate their time to find organizers outside Bangladesh to hold the distance encounters or local activities, @Pierre who could be others to join?@prodip, Pierre please tell something

[21:00:01] Pierre: @aaman i guess that some sfex facilitators could help when they see the level of interest and implementation that SASF OC is giving to extension

Giving public contact of sasf extension team

[21:00:01] Pierre: we can circulate the sasbd.extension mail, and a skype adress SASFbd;extension  so people can get in touch with the team, and also we can create mailing list with all those that register extended activities ( local, distance encounter Dhaka enlarged activities )

Creating dynamic list of contactand the form data In general

[21:01:00] Pierre: @atikul  it would be great to have excel sheets gathering the data sent in the from when registering, so we can build mailing lists easily and exploit the data gathered through the forms this could feed lists of registered participants organizations activity organizers of 4 categories of activities, and so we can use those list for extension information preparation stimulation,

 [21:04:35] Polash: @Pierre with the current system it is not but i is possible

 [21:05:10] Pierre: @atilkul we need dynamic visibility on the data, even if semi manual with your help, not a black box site - as a counter example in Dakar the content of the 1000 registered activity was released for the first time 10 days befor the forum, making impossible the preparation and connections before the event

[21:08:52] Polash: @Pierre the list will be visible and store is database

Skype chat rooms ( to be commented)

[20:24:47] Aaman: besides as Pierre said...after getting the contacts from any type of activities the extension working group will create skype chat room for those activities and invite them to the chat rooms and this will confirm their registration and participation as well

Presence of extension team in sfex meeting

[21:45:05] Pierre: by the way it would be god that some of you come regularly in the sfex meeting to pormote SASFe xtended

Inclusion in extension team list

[21:47:41] Pierre: atikul afaaf pls send your mails to include you in the extension team list: http://openfsm.net/projects/SASF-bangladesh-extended/lists/SASFbd-extension-team/membership

 [21:53:56] Pierre: ok thanks atikul and afaaf you will be starting receiving messages on the team list and working group list

[21:54:06] Araafok

Agenda 6 – During the event

About number of rooms for extended activities in Dhaka venue?

[19:21:25] Prodip :Brief on SASF Extended: We will arrange 4/5 rooms in a building for extended activities. The registered organisation will conduct the extended activities, Extended Working Group will provide them only facilities

 [19:21:57] Pierre: well, let us give figures, 5 rooms for 4 days 3 slots per day that is 60 slots, but we have to make out two very different things

1/ enlarged activities

2/ distance encounter activities

About Enlargement of plenary sessions

[19:22:54] Prodip :The extended working group will only broadcast the plenary session. there will not any facility to ensure remote participation

Relation with program group

[19:23:38] Pierre: prodip are those statement decision announced ? or is it possible to discuss them?

[19:24:56] Prodip :I have given these brief as per discussion with the program working group held earlier

Cultural activities

[19:26:02] Atikul: can we broadcast the cultural activities

Enlarging IC meeting

[21:41:50] Aaman: (beer)cheers, Pierre when r u joining in person in Dhaka

[21:44:41] Pierre: i come on my holiday days credit so i will stay only during the event and IC meeting (that we will enlarge! )



Agenda 7 Conclusion

[21:23:12] Prodip :So, aman Bhai, please conclude today;s discussion in a bullet point

 [21:25:13] Aaman: halo

 [21:32:20] Aaman: So afaaf, prodip, Pierre, atikul, musfik and other absent members...we have had a good meeting today i guess, pordip you can conclude the meeting now

 [21:33:15] Prodip :Conclusion:

1 - 3 types of activities will be registered

2.- Registration form suggested by Pierre will be uploaded

3.- name of facilitator of extension activities will be given by aman

4 - extension working group will meet each thursday 11 pm (BD Time)

[21:36:16] Prodip :If anything is missing, please add here

[21:36:38] Aaman: this could be added 3.name of new members will be be proposed by all of us -

[21:36:38] Aaman: besides prodip and Pierre will inform the absent members about today’s progress

 [21:37:54] Araafcan you forward the progress email to all


For next week agenda

[21:37:58] Pierre: Note : one next task it to propose an invitation to be circulated widely in the name of OC and in combination with mobilization group - that could be on the agenda of next meeting, and before next meeting ideas :draft are welcome on our team/committee mailing list

ah.. that is a good point - what list do we use ? team list or working group list - what is the criteria for one or the other, that we can clarify soon

[21:39:58] Prodip :ok, thanks everybody for sharing ideas and experience! Hope together we will able to make an successful extension activities during SASF.

Make report

[21:40:49] Prodip :Hello, Pierre, can you write a brief about today's discussion which we will forward all the members?

[21:44:06] Aaman: @ Pierre pls...inform zarel, ykihata and others about today’s meeting brief

 [21:45:05] Pierre: yes sure what i can do is a transcript of the meeting chat is done in sfex meeting and forward that..

Final byes and cheers

[21:41:13] Polash: yes we can.

[21:41:27] Pierre: (*) honored to be on board with you in that promising dynamics

 [21:44:55] Aaman: lets close the chat now...i need a hot cappuccino... Aaman: see u friends, gd nt (wave)

[21:46:42] Pierre: (wave)

[21:47:16] Polash: see you all on next day, bye (wave)

 [21:47:44] Araafbye..gnyte... nice meeting you all...

 [21:54:14] Prodip :it is not loaded my data So, I was absent Anyway, thanks all for a good meeting