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"SASF Lusaka extended" is a work in progress wiki / pages set  about the extension of SASF Lusaka event due October 2011- it has a wiki a blog some mailing lists and a coeditors team ( see buttons above in the black banner).

Extension in short

SASF  Extension means that " centric activities"  held in Lusaka will be complemented by

  • 1/ "local activities" outside of Lusaka in all SASF region  - that can be "enlarged" -
  • 2/ "distance encounters/connected activities" between a local place and Lusaka - and
  • 3/ "collective or individual distance participation" to centric activities in Lusaka enlarged on internet by their organizers. 
  • see the cases of participation here

In the vision of ROC, SASF  extension is a communication/ organization/mobilzation initiative  that is intimately part of of build up process of SASF event in  October 13-15th, 2011 in Lusaka (Zambia).

Use of internet for remote intercommunication is based on collective learning and facilitated self organisation.

Facilitation and stimulation comes from an extension team that has members in media commission and methodology commisison with contribution from a facilitating group of sfex intiatiive.

Collective learning come from using "remote intercommunicaiton via internet with a participatory goal"  at all stages of build up process. 

First occasion for this are  ROC meeting which are going to be enlarged.

Extension of roc meetings  before the  sasf event

Roc /Oc meetings  enlargement


Extension during the Zambia social forum event  August 26th 27th

  • on this occasion,  some activities held in Lusaka can be enlarged towards national constituency of participating organisations and regional networks, it is an opportunity for non zambian to  test remote participation in view of sasf in october

Extension during the sasf event  October 13-15th

  • this means  local activities outside lusaka ( organisers, announce them in advance!)

  • this means enlarged cluster discussions ( cluster facilitators , annouce them and invite your networks in advance !)

  • this means distance encounter between your delegates in lusaka and your local group ( local organizers,  announce them in advance!) 

  • ask us info !  write to us



How can extension of sasf be included  in the following documents

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