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  Lusaka May14th 2011 -  SASF ROC meeting
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INVITATION to participate remotely 

 SASFROC (Southern Africa Regional Organsing Committee) meets on May14th, 2011 in Lusaka under the auspices of the Zambia Social Forum organising Committee (ZAMSOF Committee).

About twenty people are expected in Lusaka and it is also possible for you to participate remotely via the internet - by contacting the skype sasf.rocmeeting.

This invitation is sent to the lists of SASF and you can forward it to others active in the World Social Forum process or interested in knowing it better.

We invite you to join SASFROC meeting on the spot in Lusaka with the following [tentative] programme:

Duration: From 09.00 to 1600 Hours (Zambian Time)

1. Welcome Remarks and Logistics of the Meeting;

2. Introductions of members (present and online);

3. Brief Reports (as background): Lesotho SASF; SASFROC meetings (pre-WSF & in Dakar);

4. Dates for 6th edition of SASF in 2011;

5. Content & Methodology Commission: Overall Theme, Thematic Clusters, Social March; Extended Participation, Opening/Closing, etc;

7. Media & Publicity Commission: Performing Arts, Extended Participation, General publicity, Website, SASF Daily News, Exhibition,etc

8. Mobilisation Commission: Outreach, Identifying various groups/organizations interested in participating (in Lusaka or in an extended way : local activities outside Lusaka, and/or distance encounters, and/or remote participation in Lusaka based activities)

9. Resource Mobilisation Commission: Fundraising including Solidarity Fund, Human Resource Expertise, In-Kind Support, etc;

9. Logistics Commission: Venue & Facilities, SASFROC administration & Solidarity Fund Ddisbursment, Visa, Security, Police notice for Social March, Lodging, Food & Refreshments, Local Transport ,etc;

10. Next Steps;

11. Any Other Business.

( for remote participants: Continuous broadcast of discussion and chat room continuously active and we will in as much as possible be  conveying orally your written contributions in the meeting room in Lusaka).

    * How can I / we can participate remotely?

If you are interested, please contact on Skype (www.skype.com) the Skype name "sasf.rocmeeting" as soon as possible, to concretely register for the meeting.

"SASF Lusaka extended" team, responsible for facilitating remote participation will welcome you in a chat room before the meeting and will share information about the coverage during May 14th and the final detailed programme.

    * In what language will the video from / and chat with Lusaka be?

Minimally in the language of each speaker is basically English - if possible translations will be set up - we'll keep you posted.

    * What will be my / our ability to participate?

Working alone or in group, live video from Lusaka ('plenary or workshop) you can comment directly with your partners in the chat room, and  you may request that the "contact person" in Lusaka ( from our SASF extended team) to speak and say what you wrote in the chat room.

The contact persons will have a talking time and opportunities to convey your words in order to allow equitable participation by remote participants in conjunction with those who have been able to travel to Lusaka.

    * Expecting you to be supportive /tolerant!

ZAMSOF Committe is doing its best to make available to you this remote participation with technical and human resources which can be able to mobilize itself through the newly formed team of "SASF Lusaka Extended" - We know you'll be tolerant on the technical quality of picture and sound  and that you will remember that people who welcome you by chat or translate are activists and volunteers just like you.

  • You will find practical information here : 

You are advised to register on Skype as soon as possible by contacting the Skype user "sasf.rocmeeting": This will allow us to get in touch with you before the meeting and usher you into the chat room.

Looking forward to sharing with you these discussions for preparing SASF Lusaka,

We mean to extend the SASF event, and this enlarged meeting is one way to show our committement to developing our collective ability to develop remote intercommunition through internet in our SASF process.


ZAMSOF Committee (Lusaka. Zambia).                          

May 7, 2011