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Suppose we write as sfex team to an unknown OC ......

 of course the usual way is to approach people in IC or by earmouth ....

Dear Organizers of the [write here name and location of the social forum involved]

We write to you as members of a facilitating team of the social forum extended initiative1). We have been working and helping on the extension of social forum events worldwide through Internet connections in accordance with the Principles of the Social Forum Charter and we deeply wish and hope to collaborate with you for the [name of the event] as well as in future distant participations with your country, your people and organized groups.

As far as the Social Forum Principles are involved, we wish to point at the advantages of such a participation that reveal concrete immediate objectives like the inclusion of a worldwide number of participants, the ecological aspect, and the fruitful exchange of shared problems and their possible solutions between world citizens.

You may consult on the openfsm platform (2) the results that have been achieved up to now.

As for indirect long-term objectives, it enables us to build a connected worldwide social forums web on our shared citizenship that will be available at anytime and anywhere to contribute on the framework for the construction of a better world.

As far as the requirements to collaborate are involved it is quite easy and of small investment.  For the perfect functioning of extended activities, there are two main points that are of extreme importance: human and technological.

On the human part, we would like to help an extension group in your team that  would be interested to prepare and support  the connection wiht local groups outside of event venue and  the enlargement on internet of  activities held in the event, We can form a  team that will help spread the invitation to participate send to local groups ,  and  cooperate  in the welcoming and support in the preparation of extended activities, local or distance encounters or distance participation

As far as technological aspects are involved, it is relatively simple, local rooms equipped with computers, data show, screen/white wall, sound columns and internet connection are needed, this equipement can be gathered if the extension group is able to mutualize means between several organiations.


Wishing to affirm our Shared Citizenship for a Better World, we would like to know if you are interested to extend the event you re about to organize and consider our experience and suport to assist you
Your early response will allow to use the time to exhcange views about extension

Very best regards

sfex initiaitive  -  Facilitator’s team.



(1) http://openfsm.net/

(2) [links to some examples of the expanded activities]