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Which option  to take about "where" to locate the core extension team , among existing commissions

With an extension ratio of 30%,  extension is not a marginal issue and can be taken account in all aspects of event  organization

The choice of "where" in the organisation  to locate the driving extension  team  ( where some sfex facilit people could cooperatefrom distance and on the sport  with local  team) is then  a significant choice

Option 1 (spontaneous) : one idea  is to locate sasf extended team inside  "media" commission

"Media" is a much narrower scope than "communication" ( which includes OC to participants infomration and intercommunicaiton between participants whichis the main goal of the whole forum )  , so "core extension team"    would be much more at ease  as a subgroup inside a "communication" commisison , ( suggestion is :  rename the "media"  comission in "communication" commisison)

Option 2 :  this core extension  team  can also  be  built as a subgroup of "program" or "mobilization"  or "methdology" commission , and there the links with methodology and  mobilization process will be much stronger

This  may be a good option to test in view of problems encountered in Dakar, ( the logistical and methodological implications of a sginficant extension ( Dakar was potentially 30% extended according to announcements made in and out the event website)  were not enough taken into acount by program logistics and methdology commissions , and neither by the webteam who remained set on a "all presential" event format )

Option3 :  the core extension  team  can be a  stand alone "extension commission"- this give a very stimulating visibility to extension and clearly invites the team to have cooperative relationships with all other commissions and the secretariat  about extension

This leads to a concrete question : which is the commission in charge of website and of logistics of the venue ? or are those issues under direct responsibility of the secretariat ? ( in such case  2C could be a better option )

In any case extension is a decision by the overall organizing comittee and the level of OC ownership of extension as a poliitcal /methdological orientation  by the committee is a key success factor
This is a point which was elaborated upon in chat 3