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Understanding focus of sfex initiative and differences with shared coverage initiatives

Shared coverage initiative between media  - Foro of tvs

There is  collaboration with the group facilitator WSFTV, Ciranda and E-Jossour Maroc. That means doing a share job .

 In Comcom there is the project of Foros de TVs  evolving in wsftv cooperation space between video activists that is the place  for fostering cooperation between alternate media around a social forum event

Payment of a few add free streaming  channels is a good option  for shared coverage and maybe COA  streaming coverage

the management of a scarce ressources of One or two  add free channel  paid for in a forum event makes sense in the forum of tvs  and .... this is clearly adapted to a centraized media approach which is not  sfex approach

Understanding  differences  between TV forum initiative  and Social forum Extended initiative

There are significant differences in approach , goals, and means   between the TVforum /wsftv project  which is a shared coverage initiative between media /video activists ,  and the Social Forum EXtended initiative, which is basically focused on "self organized-distance-live-intercommunication-between-participants-groups", using simple internet tools  and integrated as full fledged activities

Integrating three new types of  activities in a sf event

Sfex is about integrating three new kinds of activity in wsf  - local    distance encounters and distance participation   - and dealing with all aspects from communication to logistics, program,  to training and support , in close relation with communication and program group –giving priority to SOA activities

Shared coverage is about coverage , and will provide support to streaming activity as a secondary service

Interactivy and decentralization  self organizing are  a goal  in sfex

Social Forum EXtended is about making possible distance interactions and dialogue which imply possibility to interact, and that is why the "distance participation" formula includes and highlights the role of  the " connectant person" who is gathering the video viewer in a chat room in skype and interacting with them and speaking in their names in the room where the activity is being held

 It is  quite possible to have the streaming made as a service to the activity organizers by an independent media team, while the participatory feedback loop is taken in charge by the activity organizers

See the proposed  extended item in a proposed wsf2011  ( x)

Social forum extended/expanded  initiative proposes three main participation formulas  -

·         local activities outside a centric event ,

·         distance encounters  between (generally two points  with skype  -

distance participation to either  a local activity or centric activity ,  or a distance encounter activity  with ustream/livestream + skype –

sfex initiative has its own criteria regarding the software used


Possible Cooperation between shared coverage project and sfex iniaitive   - distinguish  case of COA and SOA .

Social forum extended initiative is not a Shared Coverage imitative among media. –

Social forum expanded approach  , whenever it is implemented ,  and regarding the part of it that resorts technically to streaming , is an invitation directed specifically to activity organizers about self-organizing to open their activity to distance participation  in their networks and the general on line wsf participants

Finally, having underlined those differences between a share media coverage approach and a participant intercommunication empowerment approach :  it can Of course  be stressed that  decentralized volunteer  cooperation between  any activity organizers and  any independent media  to get streaming coverage for some specific activities are most welcome

 Trusting  that the explanations and arguments  contained here will be kindly considered in our comcom community Pierre

Setting up of  respective  project groups in Dakar

For the moment the  Distance participation ( Dakar expanded)  working group is starting

 A similar  tv  shared coverage  forum working group can start

The cooperation between the two  will be mostly

-support to COA streaming  by webtvs  

-annnounce wall within community radio for supporting  SOA extension  beyond internet

Possible Cooperation with media  in Case of CO A co-organized  activities

Main COA can be streamed by media  as a service to OC and oC could take care of the participatory feedback loop

Media “support resources  might be solicited in priority for covering  co-organized events COA   ( see above )

Decentralized cooperation between Media and SOA  activity organizers about extending their activities in internet

If certain  SOA  activity organizers prefer to ask media to help them about streaming, they might get a better quality streaming then if they self organize it, but

1/ the media cannot cover all activities held simultaneously  in a forum,

2/ the media might be solicited in priority for covering  co-organized events COA   ( see above )

3/ activity organizers might simply prefer to learn to master these simple techniques to replicate them autonomously after the forum in their networks - eg this is currently the case in the migrants tribunal network in Mexico

reaching beyond internet access - cooperation between  radio  activists  and  SOA  COA  activity organzers- 

Another observation :  video streaming coverage by a web tv , is of higher quality than simple particpant streaming ,  but is not going any further than where internet goes, exactly as the streaming sites.

Those activity organizers who prefer their activity to reach "where internet does not reach" , can  ask community radios to cooperate with them for the live broadcast of their acitvit and the collection of feedbakcs and inputs through telephone, which does expand further than internet - this is a suggestion that will be brought to the Amarc radio forum held soon in Argentina

Add a few things on which I think is crucial is also closely linked to the charter of principles of the forum. The point is that the World Social Forum tools  can not have advertising, in particulary  during the streaming, as decided in Paris, then I suggest that you use a free software or if you use Us stream livestream we must pay for the service.

Annex  proposal  form sequence  about  expansion of activities where cooperation with media appears 

(for all cases)

Are you willing to organize "expansion" of your activity ( from in or out of Dakar)  to make possible distance “real time” viewing listing  and also  distance participation , through a return ( out or in dakar, or elsewere in the world)

 (has to be at least one in 1234 plus at least one one in 567 )

(  1 )  No

(  2 ) yes  we are providing  instantaneous video streaming

(  3 )  yes  we are providing  instantaneous audio streaming/

(  4 ) yes  we are providing  instantaneous radio  broadcasting 

·        indicate, the channel video or audio (eg in www.ustream.tv)

·        Indicate the name of the streaming media if your streaming is  not self organized

Self organized the streaming Needs a room with two computers for internet with a webcam and microphone, and the two dedicated people fimajem the local messenger and make contact - and possible to have Early Training information by the group expanded Dakar)

(.5. )we are not providing a  participation return

(.6 )we are providing participation return via instantaneous messaging( welcoming up to 100 people in a chat room)

(.7. ) Yes with participation  return via telephone (with a community radio

·          Indicate and the name of the “bridging  person” of the public "instantaneous local messenger contact or phone number (eg at www.skype.com)( can be several for different languages/groups)

·        Indicate the name of the community radio - 

·        Indicate the language that you will be outputting,  and what language the bridging persons will be  understanding in the return