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inter communication is  communication between participants in word social forum process

in an event , people talk and chat a lot with other participants, in a formal way in activities , and also in an informal way through interindividual encounters , that is a great component of the forum experience 

inter/com is about expanding this experience despite distance  (up to a certain pointof course , with help from some proportion of  face to face contacts )

Intercommunication  is about empowering people to speak together, beyond distance,  and beyond media,  about issues of common concern or just chat and discover directly  and strenghthen their informal relationships, about breaking cosy images of "others" through simple dialogue,

it is based on the assumption that participants in world social forum process have some values and experiences that can be close enough and be a basis for the desire for dialogue


 inter/com  initaitive is about  facilitating  remote contacts through collaborative sites (  tempered intercommunication )  and through video chat ( warm intercommunication )