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  • EN: Announcement of Detroit Expanded

    from Mallory Knodel on Mar 10, 2010 06:23 PM
    - - Deep apologies, English only (help with translation needed) - -
    Collaborators and Organizers -
    *Please forward this information to your networks and all those that you
    feel would be interested in participating in the US Social Forum via the
    Expanded format.*
    Detroit Expanded ("Dex") follows the new format introduced in WSF Belem
    ("Belex"), allocating physical space on the Social Forum campus and
    official schedule for broad participation from communities all over the
    world. It is the creation of Open Virtual Space between delegates,
    activists, network participants during the Second US Social Forum in
    Detroit, Michigan during 22 - 26 June 2010.
    Proposals for self-organized activities and workshops are now being
    accepted from registered organizations (http://www.ussf2010.org).
    Interested "Dex" participants will be asked to participate at the end of
    the submission form. This indication will allow USSF organizers to make
    contact in early April, encouraging local communities to plan their
    connected events. Guidance can be offered as to which medium to choose:
    chat, video conference, streaming video of Ceremonies and Plenaries,
    collaborative software, etc. These activities will be highlighted in the
    online and physical workshop schedule, as well as added to a special
    website and map (http://abc.ussf2010.org)
    All communities that do not plan to suggest a Detroit workshop may
    submit their activities via the online website for inclusion in our
    Expanded Territory map at http://abc.ussf2010.org. Please follow the
    instructions to posting your activity. Finding the full schedule of
    Detroit-based workshops and registered organizations can be found at
    http://organize.ussf2010.org. Collaboration and network-building is
    encouraged. There will be a streaming channel and schedule forthcoming,
    release is scheduled for May, available at http://video.ussf2010.org.
    If you would like to become an organizer of Dex, you may join our
    mailing list by sending a blank email to dex-subscribe@....
    Thank you and we'll "see" you in Detroit!
    Mallory Knodel
    National Technology Coordinator :: US Social Forum
    mallory@... :: +1.917.796.6884
    Another World is Possible :: Another Detroit is Happening