Hello Chris

actually, Eyup who is on this list, might be giving us an update about istanbul expanded  adn this would allow to progress on europe asia intercommunication

thanks for the  indication of erroneous  link,  it has been corrected ..

Too bad you could not connect on skype wiht the skype  "guest"  in osaka last sunday ,  who was indicated in the invitation circulated by our friends in osaka

Sho showed us into a chat room and we invited also other people and chatted while attending the plenary broadcast on ustream -
 for the moment the video resulting from the broadcast are not visible ..  Sho and Yoshihide may put them back on air some time

this concept of  participatory streaming is simple to set up, in a self organized mode,  for organizers of activity in a social forum event - funccionalities of skype  chat are doing better than those fo the sutream chat .. which helps also bring people in the skype room

(osaka invitaiton ) To see the live session on-line, just access:

Ustream URL

during the time period above.

You can also discuss with the on-site participance by connecting to:

Skype Name

The detail of the program of 21st march  is here  21st timeline


2010/3/24 chris williams <cwilliams@internode.on.net>

I have joined this group at OsakaSF, and hope that Asia can join to the Extended Istanbul event, 1-4 July. At the moment, I can't see details of the Extended event.  The 2010-event-list for Istanbul is pointing to Detroit.

I was in Istanbul in March 2009 at the venue (Bilgi University) and I think we can make something useful for the Europe-Asia extension. But I need to show others the link to Istanbul.

If you want, I can Skype on this issue, but I'll need to borrow someone else's Skype for the first connection. Pierre understands that I am a new Skype user.

Chris Williams
Adelaide, Australia

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