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Civil society meets Moscow, June 2013

from chris williams on Apr 30, 2013 12:21 PM
One activity that picks up on the messages from Tunis is Civil20 Summit to be held in Moscow 13-14 June 2013, here http://civil20.org/summit2013/. It is an initiative of Russian people, chairing the G20 activities this year. The Summit announcement indicates 300+ attendees from civil society around the world, but mainly by invitation.

I was also expecting announcement of media accreditation by now (for Ciranda, wsftv, etc) but release of details is slow. I will pass along to Communication Commission when they are released.

I understand that G20 is considered to be an 'unfriendly' gathering by some at the WSF2013, and this is unlikely to change for the St Petersburg gathering in September. Yet Civil20 Summit is an opportunity to influence the agenda of the final meetings, and I have joined in the Jobs and Employment dialogue to make this happen.


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