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> >    EXPERIENCE / TIMELINE  SINCE 2008  and experience of 2015 > Extension FSM2015WSF 

"THEORY" :  SITUATIONS of extensions AR EN ES FR

  • tableau de 4 formes et 8 situations d'extension-  sfex extension 9situations fr  - trouver celle qui correspond le mieux a vos intentions  et envoyez des quesitons eventuelles a la commission extension : extension at fsm2015.org 
  • table of 4 forms and 8 situation of exetnsion of social forum participation -sfex-extension-9situations-en Find the ones suiting your intentions send question to extension commisison : extension at fsm2015.org
  • tabla de 4 formas y 8 stuaciones de extension de la participacion en el foro social   sfex-extension-9situations-es  encuentre la que corresponde a tus intenciones - dirigir preguntas a la comision extension: extension at fsm2015.org
  • sfex-extension-9situations-ar  جدول 4 أشكال و 8 الوضع تمديد مشاركة منتدى الاجتماعية

DETAILS & recent inItiatives related to extension FR


  •  sfex overview en  vocabulary and general overview  with geographic, thematic, linguistic spaces spaces, wsf cafes, extended activities 
  • sfex overview es  lexico con espacios geograficos tematicos linguisticos
  •  sfex overview fr  lexique 

about IMPLEMENTATION  of extension EN ES FR

Extension Guide 2015 AR EN ES FR 

>>>>  Extension Guide -  >>>> Guia de extension  - >>>>  Guide d'extension ->>>> 4 possibilites   >>>>   دليل التمديد  

Extended Programs in an event - example for WSF 2015

  • Program1 Tunis  centric activities - program for those  coming to centric venue - including connected actifvities in tunis)
  • Program2 TelecentreTunis  connected activities = video conferences ( maybe or not be in one or several specific telecenter areas depending connectivity and logitistics) - program for those supporting connected activities in centric venue ( extension group)
  • Program3 Local/outof Tunis  local= out of centric venue  (including video conferences and cafés) - find an activity close to where you live and act for another possible world
  • Program4 Extended Tunis   enlarged from centric event ( tunis) - hopefully there is  access to valid connection for video stream in all the venue - program for those on internet - and the supporting team in centric venue ( extension group)
  • Program5 Extended  Global enlarged before during after centric event -local or centric - this can  also show activities with anticipated enlargemen ( skype rooms open before and after  the activity date  program for those on internet -