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>> if you are interested to contribute on the issue of  extension    write to :  aicha.efessem at gmail.com <<i

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>>>> The text below is a (simulated) 

Statement of an XSF event organizing committee, to declare the extension of  this event

Its purpose is helping to  convey the basic message of extension  that anyone interested can find ways to participate in XSF  in an extended way, and with support of organizing committee


Extension is a collective dynamic to provide access to the right to participate in the WSF process "from where we live and act for another possible world".  "extended"  participation modalities have developed since 2009, collective video-conference,  enlargement of activities on the internet, WSF cafés,  "local" activities, that is to say, far from the center of the SF event.

XSF organizing commitee is therefore announcing that "The Internet social forum  event,, with its main venue in (tbd) in (tbd date)   will have  an" extended "format to allow the widest possible participation of individuals and organizations who wish to participate in the World Social Forum process on occasion of XSF, wherever they are on the planet. " .

This has three implication that XSF organizing committee is  

  • The XSF participation website will  allow 1/ the registration of activities "out of XSFcentric venue( tbd)" and "video conferences with XSFcentric venue( tbd)" and 2/ the early announcement of the will of the organizers of activities in XSF  to enlarge those on the internet, whether local or in XSF centric venue( tbd) , to allow remote participation in those
  • The XSF center venue will have good quality internet connectivity
  • An "XSF  extension commission" will be created to facilitate the  extension dynamic in XSF build up and mobiliizing process  1 / It will inform the potential and declared XSF participant  about modalities and dynamics of extended participation, and will accompany months in advance, the "actors of extension " 
    Whether you are or not based in XSF centric venue (tbd) , if you are interested to contribute to the support for the XSF extension in different regions of the world, which implies spending time on the internet  in interpersonal communication for this in the coming months, contact us (tbd) 


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>>>> The text below is a (simulated)

Presentation of  an XSF extension commission,

It is adapted from  presentation of extension commission of WSF2015 . Its purpose is helping to  figure out what "extension commssion of XSF" can be doing 


Extension is a collective dynamics aiming at providing access to the "right to participate in the WSF process "from where we live and act for another possible world". "Extended" participation modalities have developed since 2009 : collective video-conference,  meeting on enlargement of activities on the internet , WSF internet café, "local" activities, that is to say, far from the XSF centric venue.

  "XSF, as a  social forum  has an" extended "format to allow the widest possible participation from people and organizations that wish to participate in the World Social Forum process, wherever they are on the planet. Website (tbd) will allow registration of XSF activities "outside XSF centric venue ( TBD)   'and' video conferences with XSF centric place"

An XSF  "extension" commission can be responsible for facilitating the extension dynamics for XSF first edition

  • 1 / It provides information on extended participation modalities in XSF  on XSF communicaiton and participation websites ( tbd)   and www.openfsm.net  websites 

  • 2 / , together with XSF mobilization commission, It accompanies, months in advance, the "XSF extension actors"  that is :
    •  -on the one hand, people who are not coming to XSF centric venue, and wish, with their organization, to set up in their city local XSF activities, and video-conferences with people in XSF centric venue,  XSF internet Café spots, etc ..
    • -on the other hand, people coming to XSF centric venue,  and wishing to contribute to local activities before leaving their home region, or to enlarge on the internet their activities in XSF centric venue, in order  to involve their networks, or to volunteer for remote interventions in other XSF local activities during or after their stay in XSFcentric venue

To make yourself visible from the XSF extension commission, as a potential participant in the XSF  process extension dynamics, you can answer some questions on the online participation form here : (tbd)   

  • 3 / the commission cares, in cooperation with other commissions (logistics and program) about preparing the greeting, in the website, then direct or via internet, of actors of extension on XSF centric venue. It ensures that a quality Internet connection is accessible as widely as possible  for enlargement on the internet of XSF centric program activities..  
    • It runs a "XSF tele-center ": a set of rooms dedicated to host collective video conference activities,  and host main room XSF internet café  

  • 4 / Within the XSF extension commission,  volunteers tasks are shared  to inform about the extension, to support the other XSF commissions in enlarging their XSF preparation  meetings on internet,  to accompany the actors of the extension in the preparation of their extended activities, to preparing schemes and  modalities for hosting  and supporting extension in XSF centric venue