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Titles of chat #10

Agenda. 1

two general calendars. 1

recent  enlarged meetings( see calendar). 1

future enlarged meetings. 1

status of extension process in events  ( see calendar). 1

general - sfex internet space. 2

Presenting two enlarged meetings to tidiane – johannesburgh and Dhaka. 2

Johannesburgh meeting. 2

Dhaka meeting. 3

What is the goal of those meetings ?. 3

What kind of remote participation is possible?. 3

Remote participant internal discussion and role of liaising persons. 4

Dates? Program?. 4

Flexibility of attendance in remote participation. 4

participation goals for an organization in this meeting. 5

Seen from America ?. 5

Is it sustainable?. 5

Program of each meeting?. 5

Finding partners. 6




We are Having a side meeting because of skype problems  and because there is not a third presence and we will post it

 [14:29:08] Pierre: so we comment the agenda items..

[14:29:52] Zarel: and then we paste it in the chat room here is the agenda


below elements for  sfex agenda  -  selected  according to people present ......

two general calendars

extended events


local activities outside of events


recent  enlarged meetings( see calendar)

contacts  porto palestine july trip ( ana ibrahim ? )

meeting in tunis july 29 30 ( romdhane jamila)

future enlarged meetings

next meeting sasf roc johannesburg enlarged august 4th-6th ( kiss gershom)


next meeting in dhakka enlarged august 5th ( aaman)


dunas sout of brasil extended event  ( august 8th to 11) ( florismar)


news from taipeh  ( shenjing)  perspective of enlarged training course mid september

status of extension process in events  ( see calendar)

status of msf extended sept 20 ( erdal)

http://openfsm.net/projects/msf-extended/project-home ( erdal)

FSSP extension - meeting  july 27th ? ( luciano)

status of sasf lusaka  octo ber 13

http://openfsm.net/projects/sasf-lusaka-extended (sara kiss gershom)

status of sasf bangladesh  extended november 18

http://openfsm.net/projects/sasf-bangladesh-extended  ( aaman)

contacts  dhaka osaka   perspective in september in november  ( aaman shenjing yohshide)

preparation of fsm extended ( tunis march 2012)

initiative to create a calendar of self organized enlarged activities in tunis , palestine  and more places( jamila romdhane yasser ibrahim zarel )

general - sfex internet space

situation in facebook working group page ( zarel luciano romdhane)

generic explanation  documents for activity organizers

situation in brasil - portuguese speaking facilitation list( ana florismar luciano )

sitution in arabic speaking faclitation list and space ( ibrahim - romdhane)

situation in spanish speaking faciltiaiton list  and space

translation of sfex space post dakar pages in spanish and arabic



[14:29:51] Zarel: the agenda

[14:30:13] Pierre: ok thanks

[14:30:41] Pierre: questions from you?

[14:31:24] Zarel: dunno

Presenting two enlarged meetings to tidiane – johannesburgh and Dhaka

 [14:31:40] Pierre: hello tidiane it s pierre again

[14:31:55] Tidiane  : Yesi pierre

Johannesburgh meeting

4:32:17] Pierre: just for your information  - there is a preparatory meeting for sasf lusaka next October, the meeting is  augsut 4 5 6 in johanesburhg and will be enlarged on internet, see invittion here


you might be interested to attend a few moments

[14:35:02] Tidiane  : i do not see the program in the agenda

[14:35:31] Pierre: it will be all day .. i have no further detail at the moment

[14:35:41] Tidiane  : ok

[14:35:49] Zarel: hi Tidiane

[14:36:26] Tidiane  : hi zarel


[14:35:56] Pierre: so this might interest pambazuka reporter, even might be an occasion to make an itnerview through skype with some of the people there

 [14:36:52] Tidiane  : Yes Good idea

[14:37:27] Pierre: (rita from ciranda nearly did this during the april extended meeting in tunis )

the sasf rocmeeting chat room gathers nearly 40  names, ..from southern africa

Dhaka meeting

also on friday there is an important meeting in dhaka   - regional mobilization meeting for next south asia social forum, an invitation to enlarged meeting has been circulated here


that might be also interesting to participate in ... time here is UTC+6

What is the goal of those meetings ?

[14:40:05] Zarel: what is / are the goals of this meetings?

[14:40:25] Pierre: these are event organizing meeting in both cases

 [14:41:19] Pierre: one directed to sasf lusaka


[14:41:29] Pierre:  one directed to sasf dhaka

[14:41:56] Pierre: these are general purpose organizing meetings reviewing all aspect of forum organizations: in the case of dhaka i guess this will be an oportunity from bangla organziers to show the rest of the region where they stand in term of organizing

 [14:43:18] Zarel: "reviewing all aspect of forum organizations" ... ¿? and people invited and participating from extended places... what kind of participation is expected from they?

What kind of remote participation is possible?

[14:44:17] Pierre: when you organize a forum event you need to review  logistics, program metodhology, website,commncation, volunteers , extenstion etc etc

[14:44:59] Zarel: yeah... i understand that... the question is people from distance who is invited...

 [14:45:03] Pierre: they can witness how the meeting goes , see who is prominent in the organizing and how people embrace the issues, and make inputs in the chatroom

[14:45:21] Zarel:  you say  witness....

[14:45:27] Pierre: and they can discuss issues between themselves whole the meeting is going on this is also a valuable way of participation

in the case of lusaka meeting , i was participating from afar and i could make several inputs  that were considered


in these meeting  there is a lot to learn  by simple presence, then more to exchange with the remote participatn and some valuable input /questions to make to the liaising person that is supposed to voice them in the meeting discussions

all this is a learning process : for those who are interested in socal forum process, there is a lot to learn at no cost, they can come as observers as if they would do if they live in johanesburgh or dhaka

[14:52:14] Zarel: but basically it is witnessing... and maybe (with the risk of make an endless meeting or a chaotic meeting in terms of methodology) make questions and maybe tips¿?

[14:52:39] Pierre: well we in sfex can consider that   there is potential in this remote  participation ..of course remote participant are given  no "space " at present in the meetings,  but if there is a good "liaising person" in the chat room - or several,  the meeting will be an occasion of good exchanges in the chat room

Remote participant internal discussion and role of liaising persons

 [14:53:58] Zarel: in the chat room you mean, between all enlarged participants?

 [14:54:04] Pierre: yes..the role of the liaising person that stay in joburg or dhaka,is also to stimulate discussions with and between remote participants and of course to liaise with the presencia room there is a lot that can be done in this role , that can be shared by several persons

[14:56:14] Zarel: and OC is supporting this form of participation

[14:57:04] Pierre: to a certain extent yes .. in the case of SASF luzaka you can see that the invitation to the kanya extended meeting is done by the secretariat of sasf  in the case of dhaka the invitatin has been circulated by the most well known person in the oc

[14:58:58] Zarel: ok

Dates? Program?

[14:59:23] Zarel: the date of meetings

[15:00:03] Pierre:  thursday friday saturday for johanesburgh  4 5 6  all day i have no more details than what is in the page, friday for dhaka 5 all day - same thing

Flexibility of attendance in remote participation

[15:02:01] Zarel: so... you're saying that we invest three complete days in witness and maybe interchange with other people in the chat room and that it can be a significant experience of knowledge

[15:03:24] Pierre: well remote participant have a great freedom , they appear and disappear at will in the chat room, and make side meeting without disturbing anyone, so they can adpat their participation to the quality of the meeting, to the qulity of relationships with other remote participants ,  and to their own constraints

of course unless they are veery motivated ( some meeting  contributors  that did not receive a plane ticket or a visa  ,  they could spend the whole days connected  here) , people  will participate partially but that is part of the concept .. and it is up to liaising person to  give infrmation so they catch up after their absence , so they have a gobal view of the program etc

participation goals for an organization in this meeting

[15:05:36] Zarel: and if you where an organization... what think it will be your objective and advantage from participate in this ???

 [15:06:10] Pierre: you can voice your suggestions and concerns in the meeting  very officially if you are an orgnaiations

Seen from America ?

[15:06:32] Zarel: and if you're not in southafrica.... neither in africa , but in America ?

[15:09:26] Pierre: well .... you can observe the cultural differences and the difference in themes etc.. and at the same time you feel what is common, and you can announce some remote participation in sasf lusaka of sasf dhaka events

what is great about social forum process, is that you do have someting in common with the people that are in the room and you have a common reference vocabulary etc..

Is it sustainable?

[15:10:52] Zarel: if you're an ong you will invest three days of one of your collaborators to observe cultural differences and maybe announce a remote participation? i think that isn't sustainable

[15:11:37] Pierre: pls referto what i have said above, you can choose when you participate , especially if you are given a program, so you are not obliged to stay all the time , that is part of the flexibility of the remote particiation scheme

: again... remote participation allow you to participate up to your time possiblity /motuvation it is qute different from a person that has been sent to a three day meeting , and may get bored , or be doing her email review during the meeting

Program of each meeting?

[15:12:38] Zarel: is there a program of activities for the three days?

[15:12:43] Pierre: not yet...there is an agenda  very simple in joburg and in dhaka there s none so far but is only one day

 [15:14:03] Zarel: one day in which people have a lot of things to discusse.... and agree inside oc... no?

 [15:14:53] Pierre: yes .. and intensive agenda.  with a lot of things to be heard and a lof ot questions and contact to be taken throuhg the liaising persons

Finding partners

the liaising persons can  during the meeting find definite person form organisation that are activeon certainthem of mutual interest with you and you can exchange contact

 [15:16:54] Pierre: this can be the beginning of a good relationship wth an organization that you would not have met otherwise, especially if you intent to organize something in sasf event from latin america (think that in case of Palestine,  none of the organizing meetings where enlarged , and tis did not help to find partners...remember)

( the discussion was finshed here because we had to leave, and we hope it is useful )


Next meeting will be on august 16th ,  17UTC

after the meeting in Joburg in Dhaka and the activities of Dunas ( brasil)