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Sfex meeting 12

SommaireReminder of meeting

. 1work in progress for  MSF extended – draft invitation to activity organizers. 1

News about taiwan

. 2Sfex group will receive invitation from  MSF extended. 2

Different messages for different cases

. 3Message from souleymanie. 3

Palestine site. 3

A bout Dakar

. 4How to use live streaming?

. 4Video invitation to an enlarged activity. 4

What about enlarging plenary sessions in  MSF

. 5Jules from Senegal

5Luciano from brazil 5

Side chat room created to include prodip. 6

Skype chat room lagging to convey messages from bangladesh. 6

Yasemin – prodip. 6

Lucinao from brazil

7Website of SASF

. 7SASF Committee meeting 21staugust

. 7Follow up from contacts made august 5th

. 8Let us Put ourselves in the shoes of the potential remote participants. 8

Hoping for contact in south asia to join in the extension committee. 8

Contacts coming from sfex network


. 9Extension promotion work through SASF network

. 9update openfsm page of SASF extended

. 9schedule an extension team meeting ?. 9

prepare a list of contacts. 9

Outreach lists in openfsm

.. 9list from Dhaka. 10

Include extension in the registration form

.. 10After meeting – see suggestions made for registration forms. 10

Invitation to be copied from extended team contact adress. 10




Reminder of meeting

 [08:35:16] Pierre: Hello

this is reminder for today meeting ( see info above in the skype log) everyone welcome !

agenda will be made by those participating TODAY TUESDAY 16TH august in skype at 17h UTC

17h UTC means

12h Mexico 14h Sao Paulo 17h morocco Dakar 18 h Tunis Porto 19h Lusaka Paris 20h Palestine , Amed, 23h Dhaka ( 1 am Taiwan 2 am Osaka, sorry- next time will be 12 UTC)


work in progress for  MSF extended – draft invitation to activity organizers

 [19:01:05] Pierre: hello

[19:03:17] Erdal : hi Pierre

[19:03:49] Pierre: hi!did you talk with yasmin? we had a conversation on friday , and she might be preparing for  MSF extended team review a draft invitation to  MSF activity organizers, explaining about enlarged activities

[19:19:59] Erdal : no

[19:20:00] Pierre: hello Yasemin! yasemin has arrived on line

 [19:20:31] Erdal : yasemin nasılsın?

[19:21:36] Yasemin: iyiyim, hello Pierre and everyone

[19:21:48] Pierre: hello !

[19:22:07] Yasemin: i read the messages, pierre said about the draft i couldnt prepare anything, actually this is the first time i connected to the net for 4 days erdal abi

[19:23:00] Erdal : efendim canım

[19:23:02] Yasemin: maybe we can prepare together

[19:23:05] Erdal : ok, sure

[19:23:16] Erdal : Pierre,tomorrow may be we can be in contact with yasemin and prepare the draft that we are talking about is it ok for you and on thursday we can share and have a debate together


[19:33:30] Yasemin: ok

[19:33:32] Erdal : yes

[19:33:44] Pierre: welcome yasemin in sfex facilit chat room ....may be erdal can introduce you ...

[19:34:26] Erdal : yes I will introduce her


[19:33:44] Pierre: yasmin :in this chat room are the people mentionned on this page :http://openfsm.net/projects/sfexintercom/sfexfacilitteam

[19:41:53] Yasemin: ok

News about taiwan

[19:41:59] Pierre: ok so waiting for news about  MSF i give news about taiwan

there is an international volunteer training program there mid September we already spoke about this in this chat room http://openfsm.net/projects/sfexintercom/sfex-facilit-meeting-9/#_Toc297113288 here...and it appears that there is wllingness from taiwan organizers to suggest to the volunteers to "nelarged" this session on internet so it could be an activity in amed to have a room connected to taiwan ..and also it might be interesting for other people in the group to participate remotely according to their availability .interest

[19:46:24] Pierre: it is a several day training program ..18 -22 September... so how long and how it will be enlarged depends on the motivation of the volunteers attending it .

[19:46:33] Yasemin: what kind of a training program is this?, wsf training programme?

[19:47:33] Pierre: it is a foundation based in taiwan and they have a program for taiwanese volnteers interested by alter globalization (which includes wsf) http://openfsm.net/projects/taiwan-sf-extended/project-home

 [19:50:55] Erdal : I will have a look so I have to get out my guests are in the door

[19:51:26] Pierre: ok.. in understand , may be you can give the ibrahim and romdhane ocntacts to yasemin also ...enjoy your evening !

[19:51:58] Erdal : thanx

Sfex group will receive invitation from  MSF extended

 [19:53:46] Pierre: yasemin maybe we can go on for a little while .as the august period does not bring a lot of participant in our biweekly meeting - do you have some questions about sfex ?

[19:55:45] Yasemin: nope...but as a get this the core group we will send  MSF invitation?

[19:56:32] Pierre: we may send invitation in the sfex facilit mailing list .. which is not very big

depending who we speak to we have a different message, see for instance here :


there are 5 different cases

[19:58:13] Yasemin: yep, i saw this page before, and i will prepare the draft depending on this

Different messages for different cases

[19:58:55] Pierre: so imagine you want to send an invitation in fact it is several different messages...activity organizers in Amed are the first target public

then if we know some actiities will be enlarged , we can send the information to people that have been already invied in enlarged activitis , or that have organized distance encounters

on occasion of Dakar wsf , or belem wsf, or maghreb mashrek or palestine wef ..)

also we can send to sfex facilit group a specific message//

[20:02:13] Yasemin: ok

[20:02:49] Pierre: btw you can edit the pages in  MSF extended space

[20:03:10] Yasemin: i know, but first of all i should have sth to say

[20:03:43] Pierre: sure ... :) it will come

Message from souleymanie

[20:03:55] Yasemin: today, someone sent me an e-mail from suleymaniye for participation: but i couldn’t get if its directed from  MSF secretariat because nothing was mentioned about distance participation, just a participation form

[20:04:58] Pierre: you might enquire about this ...

[20:05:08] Yasemin: yes, i will call diren

Palestine site

[20:05:39] Pierre: ... in Palestine we the site was inviting directly to distance participation see here


it seems they have taken out the program page, too bad . it was a good example

[20:07:33] Yasemin: hmmdo you have any copy?

[20:08:26] Pierre: no. i dont i have an excell sheet of the remote program which is also reflected here: http://openfsm.net/projects/wef-palestine-interlink-extend/memory-status  

this is focused on distance encounters, in wef –palestine event there was also interlink which was about enlarging activities but this was not publicised enough i guess, http://wef-palestine.org/wef-interlink

A bout Dakar

[20:13:34] Pierre: in dakar you have a page with the videos that were shot by volunteers with 3G keys and laptops: http://openfsm.net/projects/daketvideos/daket-stream-par-groupe

is mainly in french though, thre were 20 volunteers in more or less 10 groups

[20:15:39] Pierre: they were managing the distance encounters and when they were available they were streaming videos of activities

 How to use live streaming?

[20:16:42] Yasemin: pierre, cani ask sth, i saw the Dakar page on ustream..

[20:17:42] Yasemin: ok, we dont hava an invitation draft yet but i think we need a technical help, what kinf of mechanism is it?

[20:18:31] Pierre: here is a step by step help about ustream


specifically here :http://openfsm.net/projects/tecnointercomfsm/ustream-en

[20:22:07] Yasemin: thanks

[20:24:07] Pierre: you can create a channel an train with your laptop easily

[20:24:16] Yasemin: ok

[20:24:31] Pierre: if you have two pc it is better so you see the result on the other pc instantly

[20:24:41] Yasemin: hmm ne possible

[20:25:12] Pierre: in  MSF office there should be some computers?

[20:25:49] Yasemin: yes, we could try it on daytime

Video invitation to an enlarged activity

[20:28:52] Pierre: in dakar some people started to prepare a video invitation for their activity

[20:29:19] Yasemin: this is not a live stream, like a broadcast isnt it

[20:29:51] Pierre: i it is a live broadcast, 2mn long, and then it becomes a recorded video

[20:30:14] Yasemin: oh i see

[20:30:20] Pierre: here is a link to one http://openfsm.net/projects/daketvideos/fr63-caritas

see the top image that is the video invitation that was sent a sa link in the invitation message

[20:33:02] Yasemin: ok

[20:33:42] Pierre: you speak two mn in front of your embedded webcam and that is it ...

[20:34:00] Yasemin: ok

What about enlarging plenary sessions in  MSF

[20:34:08] Yasemin: what about the plenary sessions?

 [20:36:44] Pierre: well then here you can hav a team of volutneers that will enlarge the session

both live video and chat room liaising, you can start looking for them :)

[20:37:50] Yasemin: ah pierre i feel all alone

Jules from Senegal

[20:38:15] julesdiawara: hello

 [20:39:12] Pierre: hello Jules

[20:39:47] julesdiawara: hi pierre , Yacemin é Claude

[20:40:58] Yasemin: hi jules

[20:41:24] Pierre: jules is form senegal

[20:41:25] julesdiawara: may be

[20:41:29] Yasemin: ok pierre

[20:41:37] Pierre: we worked together in dakar

[20:41:39] Yasemin: i can introduce myself, im from turkey Kurdistan im in  MSF team but recently involved

[20:42:30] Pierre: http://openfsm.net/projects/ MSF-extended/project-home

 [20:43:13] Yasemin: ahoom

Luciano from brazil

[20:44:40] Luciano Frontelle: Hello!

[20:44:47] Pierre: :)

[20:44:53] Luciano Frontelle: 'afternoon from Brazil

[20:45:02] Pierre: hello luciano

[20:45:05] julesdiawara: hi luciano

[20:45:25] Luciano Frontelle: i'll read the conversation, just a moment

[20:49:03] Yasemin: i will keep texting

[20:49:12] Pierre: ok

[20:49:24] Yasemin: maybe i can close the mic then you will escape from texting i can hear you

[20:49:52] Pierre: the chat room is for texting definitely

[20:50:03] Yasemin: ok

[20:51:29] Yasemin: i will be battery off

[20:58:08] Pierre: prodip?

Side chat room created to include prodip

Skype chat room lagging to convey messages from bangladesh

[20:38:21] Pierre: prodip is trying to get in the room here but he does not see it, that is why i have created this side room, sometimes skype takes time to convey chat room message

 [20:10:54] Pierre: hello prodip,we are in the facilit sfex chat room at present, if you want to come for a while

[20:18:33] Prodip : Please invite me. I have installed new skype, so I have lost the earlier correspondence!

Yasemin – prodip

 [20:32:27] Pierre: hello prodip, hello yasemin, prodip is from Bangladesh and organized enlarged activity there see the activity there: http://openfsm.net/projects/bangladesh-wsf/daket-en8

[20:33:32] Yasemin: hi prodip

 [20:35:03] Prodip : Hi Yasemin! We have general committee meeting of SASF on 21 August 2011 with Dhaka University

[20:36:20] Pierre: (yasemin is from turkey she is in the organizing team of  MSF extended - )

[20:37:13] Yasemin: (put it in a correct way= "trying to organise...)

[20:37:48] Pierre: well willingness is a quite important start :)it brings you in practical situation

[20:39:10] Prodip : Sorry, what is the topics of discussion! Due to late joining, I could not understand! I did not find the sfex chat room now. So, not able to join there!

 [20:40:18] Pierre: prodip, yasemin is involved in  MSF http://openfsm.net/projects/ MSF-extended/project-home

 [20:42:10] Pierre: yasemin here is info about SASF you alredady know

[20:43:46] Yasemin: ok

 [20:48:13] Prodip : Yes, I am trying to search the chat room, but sorry I did not find yet the chatroom. may be some technical problem

[20:50:37] Yasemin: ok

[20:52:24] Pierre: may be it will come later ( during SASF meeting it took me 20mn)

[20:52:59] Prodip : ok!

[20:54:53] Yasemin: fellows: i have to leave soon

[20:55:32] Pierre: thanks for your participation and welcome to sfex facilit chat room

[20:55:45] Yasemin: it is my pleasure

[20:55:51] Prodip : Thanks yasemin!

[20:55:53] Yasemin: nice to meet you prodip

 [20:56:31] Pierre: luciano from brazil

Lucinao from brazil

[20:56:41] Yasemin: hi luciano

[21:15:07] Luciano Frontelle: #juventude

 [20:57:26] Prodip : Hello, piere I have find the facilit sfex! nice to meet u 2 yasemin!

[20:57:50] Pierre: so pls come and text into the big chat room

[21:00:36] Prodip : it takes more time to sending message at facilit sfex chat room. because it is downloading the all message of conversation, may be

 [21:02:08] Prodip : I have written message, but it shows that it is taking time to show the message.

Website of SASF

[21:08:07] Pierre: prodip are you in contact with the website team of SASF?

[21:13:50] Prodip : Sorry, pierre! Now we are working unitedly with programme committee of SASF

[21:14:23] Pierre: ok ...i have spoken with aaman and will send a suggestion for activity registration form, for the website ... so will send something soon ...

[21:15:44] Prodip : Yes, He said me.May be! we have some technical problem with website. After solving the problem, we hope it will work

[21:17:45] Pierre: have a good meeting ..:). keeping the extension idea alive inside the program committee... aaman told me about the "hubs" idea whenever we can identify some counterparts from remote cities to jointly think about this, india Pakistan srilanka Nepal

SASF Committee meeting 21st august

[21:19:04] Prodip : Yes, we have another extension committee, but till we all are working united. Hope after next meeting on 21 august, all committee will work actively

[21:19:27] Pierre: pls let me know aobut the extension committee session !:)so i can try to join on skype

Follow up from contacts made august 5th

[21:20:13] Prodip : Yes, in last meeting, we have circulated the news of extension events and asked the participants to join who will not physically participate in SASF

[21:20:31] Pierre: that is a real startif some people / organization interested to explore this from other SASF countries could join in the extension committee .....we have already an application from Osaka

[21:22:59] Prodip : Yes, hope people will join in extension events during SASF. we will circulate the news to more people ………….it is great the Osaka social forum will join

[21:24:10] Pierre: to have people participate in SASF "activities" , a good way is to have facilitators in the different countries cooperating in extension committee before the SASF event, so they can spread the word in the delegation going to SASF Dhaka, and also among those that wont make ti to Dhaka, see the cases here :http://openfsm.net/projects/SASF-bangladesh-extended/SASFbd-extension-participation

[21:26:09] Prodip : Yes! I think, we could arrange a unique extension event during SASF. don't worry

[21:26:33] Pierre: am not worried, am experienced :)

 [21:27:30] Prodip : thanks! your experience will help us to make a successful extension events at Dhaka

Let us Put ourselves in the shoes of the potential remote participants

 [21:28:06] Pierre: anticipation and explicit communication about extension are key

Prodip : yes!

[21:28:34] Pierre: see the 5 cases in the link above, and we put ourselves in the shoes of the 5 cases: our starting state is that we are unaware that a remote communication is possible. how in three month we can be informed,  and willing to participate and supported in our efforts, depending the 5 cases

[21:30:09] Prodip : Last meeting, the participants have seen the extension events is possible. Now, we need to communicate the remote participants and make them understand that how they can participate in the extension events

Hoping for contact in south asia to join in the extension committee

[21:31:08] Pierre: yes ...that was a good start now we can work on this initial momentum – yes, and if some contacts made on the occasion of this meeting can transform into information cooperation relationships inside the extension committee, that is better

[21:33:14] Prodip : yes. I just wait for momentum of programme committee. I know, we have very little time to ensure remote participation, but hope, we could able to ensure from other countries of South asia

[21:34:29] Pierre: yes - that is why contact for "information and maybe relaying in our country " will be helpful: people /org do not need to be in Dhaka to be in the extension committee

Contacts coming from sfex network

[21:35:10] Prodip : If anybody shows their interest to join in the extension events of SASF from your contacts, please send us the expression of interest form to me and aman. we will communicate them


Extension promotion work through SASF network

[21:36:50] Pierre: that has been the case with Osaka , but now the work is yours through SASF network from Calcutta delhi Karachi organizations that have some interest in the idea can interact in the extension committee list relay good information to the SASF participant , and maybe give shape to the hub idea

applying the 5 cases gridhttp://openfsm.net/projects/SASF-bangladesh-extended/SASFbd-extension-participation and seeing “which situation/case makes sense to who, where!” local activities - distance encounters - participation to enlarged activities - enlarging activities..

update openfsm page of SASF extended

[21:38:34] Prodip : Yes, we will update the openfsm page of SASF very soon inviting the participants without waiting for main webpage

schedule an extension team meeting ?

we might schedule an extension team meeting sometime soon

prepare a list of contacts

[21:39:36] Pierre: if you have lists of remote contacts from ok centre , we can make a list with them for sending regular information about SASF extended

people who have already shown interest in distance participation and now mixing the idea with activities in SASF event

 [21:41:15] Prodip : ok, I will prepare a contact list on for remote participation. then we will discuss about ensuring them participation

Outreach lists in openfsm

[21:41:26] Pierre: nice .in openfsm there are some lists , in pakistan and Bangladesh that can also be used but probably less relevant : http://openfsm.net/projects/pakistan/lists/pakistan-discussion/manage_membership

in paksitan we sometime send a message on that list


it is like sending a message in a bottle in the sea, now in SASF process you can be more relevant

list from Dhaka

 [21:43:15] Prodip : ok, we will prepare a update list for remote participation including the participants who have met us at SASF Preparatory meeting

[21:43:28] Pierre: yes pls, with this we can act usefully, i guess SASF process has access to some mailing lists of india process regional process

[21:45:20] Prodip : I have some personal contacts with India, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Afghanistan. I will invite them to join in the extension events.

[21:45:41] Prodip : yes, we have some mailing lists.

[21:46:06] Pierre: one task is to stimulate activity organizers in Dhaka to enlarged their activities( what you call events)

[21:46:32] Prodip : anyway, sorry pierre, I have a meeting tomorrow morning. So, I have to say now good night!

Include extension in the registration form

[21:46:36] Pierre: that can start from the start of activity registration by including this option in the activity registration from, otherwise people will not feel that SASF committee is meaning business when talking about extension :)if this is embedded in the registration form that gives credibility , and if we have a supporting extension team that is reactive when being written to , even more

[21:48:11] Prodip : yes, I understand! we will put the registration form for remote participation in main webpage when it would be updated!

After meeting – see suggestions made for SASF registration forms


Pierre : click on the right site in the red bordered box on individual organization activity and download forms and fill them with a fake activity individual organization and send them back on sfex list with comments

Invitation to be copied from extended team contact address

[21:48:51] Pierre: btw i am sending you an invitation to be copied from emails received in the receiving adress SASFbd.extension by gmail.com : this will arrive in your mail it is a gmail stuff written in French with a link

[21:49:26] Prodip : yes, thanks, anyway, pierre, thanks for nice conversation. I will come to you later again.

 [21:51:19] Pierre: ok thanks conversely

[21:51:32] Prodip : ok, good night!

[21:51:46] Pierre: yes 2am in bangladesh uff: (bow)

[21:52:53] Prodip : yes! just 2 hours later, people will take seheri (morning breakfast for fasting)

[21:53:26] Pierre: i see s