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Luciano brasi musfik Bangladesh. 1

Work in progress in dhaka about registration forms. 1

First comment on the form.. 1

sao Paulo forum.. 2

forms will be edited once or several times?. 2

Fic initiative in Senegal 2

Commenting Bangladesh forms. 2

Sending exploratory forms in the website. 3

Lusaka. 4


Sfex meeting 12

Luciano brasi musfik Bangladesh

 [14:12:32] Pierre: hello musfik luciano,making introduction :luciano is from brazil and musfik from bangladesh

[14:13:07] musfik: yes

[14:13:22] Luciano Frontelle: hello musfik!

[14:13:45] musfik: hai Luciano

Work in progress in dhaka about registration forms

[14:14:37] Pierre: musfik may be you can tell about the last saturday meeting in dhaka about website, could you share with the people there the forms ? as we spoke on the phone?

[14:15:09] Pierre:  luciano here are the forms http://openfsm.net/projects/sasf-bangladesh-extended/sasfbd-website-home-page-suggestions  if you go to this page you will see the three links :individual organization activity, please check the organization one: you can browse through the form and also download it

 [14:19:58] Luciano Frontelle: ok, I'm going to check it out!

[14:20:05] musfik: the form is uploaded here: http://www.wsfsouthasiabd.org/programme-structure/general-brief

 [14:20:53] musfik: we have take feedbeck from the people and make the form complete http://www.wsfsouthasiabd.org/registration/event-registration-form-test-

: this is a registration form: http://www.wsfsouthasiabd.org/registration/individualregistration

First comment on the form

[14:22:57] Pierre: i m in the event registration form now,and i look at the extension, i just see one element :“ Like to extend your program online ? ( video conference & chat )” which means that the two other forms of event/activities are not considered  local activities outside dhaka, and distance encounters between dhaka and some other place

[14:24:52] musfik: I am in Travel, so.. I may go offline suddenly

[14:24:58] Pierre: ok but it is great you are here! do you understand my observation ?

[14:26:00] musfik: ya, I already talk with prodip -I inform u detail, later

[14:27:26] Pierre: it is very good that enlargement of activities from dhaka is considered, but here also we do not ask people to give useful information such as the video channel and the public skype contact - the other point is  that people outside dhaka  cannot create an event/activity  locally  or by porposing distance encounter with their delegates in dhaka

i refer to the 5 cases : http://openfsm.net/projects/sasf-bangladesh-extended/sasfbd-extension-participation

with the current  event form/(i would better say activity form)  form we are covering case 1  but not giving any practical info for case 1 and for case 5 which is  from the remote participants point of view

sao Paulo forum

 [14:38:49] Luciano Frontelle: yes Pierre, I'm at work, that's why I'm taking that time to answer :)

[14:39:17] Pierre: ok luciano , thanks for being there!btw can you tell about the sao paulo process status ?: http://forumsocialsp.org.br/  29 et 30 october

forms will be edited once or several times?

 [14:38:07] Pierre: so musfik i suppose that the forms can be edited several times  by those who fill them - can this be confirmed ?

[14:38:26] Pierre: ( musfik is disconnected)

 [14:43:16] Pierre: well...going back to sasf Bangladesh :if the forms can be edited several times then it make sense to ask for more information that people can put after their first registration and that will be very useful for the other participatns and for the memory process of the forum

If not it is a different story

Fic initiative in Senegal

 [14:45:52] Pierre: hello zarel good morning

[14:46:11] Zarel: hi who are here? Luciano, Pierre?

[14:47:04] Pierre: and Musfik from Bangladesh he was there a moment ago but was traveling he gave us a link to the work in progress website

Commenting Bangladesh forms

 [14:47:57] Zarel: then... where are in... what?

[14:48:03] Pierre: passif is from senegal they are a group of volutners of Dakar trying to set up a group to support organizations from senegal .. not easy ! http://openfsm.net/projects/fic/project-home

[14:48:41] Zarel: so.... is there is an agenda?

 [14:49:07] Pierre: no as it is explained in the invitation the agenda is done by those who can attend the meeting

[14:49:34] Zarel: and today... ¿?

[14:49:56] Pierre: we are commenting the activity registartion form from Bangladesh http://www.wsfsouthasiabd.org/registration/event-registration-form-test-

[14:50:43] Pierre: luciano is here , working  in his organization ...

[14:52:01] Zarel: i see the form what do you think?

[14:53:04] Pierre: i have given opinions above  you can  compare with the suggested form here http://openfsm.net/projects/sasf-bangladesh-extended/sasfbd-website-home-page-suggestions

[14:53:22] Zarel: it will be a unique form? it don't refer a xtend activitys but i think maybe with description CO can contact people if necessary if there is the nessesary diffussion

[14:55:26] Pierre:(here is the suggested activity form )

[14:55:41] Zarel: so...yeah i see it, with 8 categories : so... what you'll do?

[14:56:17] Pierre: of course this is a maximal  form ..... trying to cover  the 5 cases of distance participation here: http://openfsm.net/projects/sasf-bangladesh-extended/sasfbd-extension-participation

[14:56:27] Zarel: yeah, i saw iti return in five minutes

Sending exploratory forms in the website

[14:56:57] Pierre: ok.Your application is received successfully. .All the event information will be sent to you by email. If you have specific requirements, please write to info@wsfsouthasiabd.org.

.i have send a form giving some indications,  i mean i have sent a form making some comments on the form

[15:11:19] Zarel: ha...it is yet public a form in the official page

[15:12:08] Pierre: no it is a test sofar

[15:12:13] Zarel: ah, ok

[15:12:29] Pierre: that is why it is important to give feedback

[15:12:59] Zarel: and in generalterms, what is the minimum  at this state of form, that and extended activity case give info CO needs?

[15:13:53] Pierre: ? did not understand it also depends if people can re edit the form several times or not,this depends on the concept of the website

[15:15:28] Pierre: anyway .. you are welcome to make comments on the forms  the suggested one the  current one etc. http://openfsm.net/projects/sasf-bangladesh-extended/sasfbd-invitation-to-test-formsthere is the invitation to test the forms

[15:22:06] Zarel: so, for terms of the safs...check ans test the form for and ex act exemple... right? and send comments  and there is news in CO functionality about ac ext?in safs?: and lusaka?


 [15:24:31] Pierre: lusaka is having a forum national this saturday and they say they are going to make some extension   http://openfsm.net/projects/sasf-lusaka-extended/sasfl-zsf-video