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Start – Zarel Yasmin – Mesopotamian Social forum extended. 1

Reviewing lines of action in MSF extended. 2

Suggestion Stream the last meetings of organizing committee. 2

Hello from ukraine. 3

Stimulate germany on point 2. 3

About the volunteer team in Amed. 3

Contact with Senegal 3

Support from Zarel 4

Time differences. 4

Taiwan enlarged conference  20  21 22. 4

News and invitation  from SASF south asia social forum.. 4

Enlargement of intercomisison meeting in Amed 26th 27th. 5

Invitation to extended participation in SASF. 5


Start – Zarel Yasmin – Mesopotamian Social forum extended

[19:13:23] Pierre: hello today is sfex meeting (*)(*)(*)(*)

[19:26:35] Pierre: hello zarel hello Yasemin

[19:53:40] Zarel: hi

 [19:58:05] Pierre: may be we can make introductions

zarel  organized mexico extended http://openfsm.net/projects/fsmmexx/project-home

[20:00:45] Pierre: yasemin  is from turkey http://openfsm.net/projects/msf-extended/project-home

 [20:03:02] Pierre: the event MSF is scheduled 21-25th september100 activities are scheduled

[20:03:15] Yasemin: it is a social forum, not just local activities: also MSF gives an international call to all the collectives//initiatives http://openfsm.net/projects/msf-extended/msfext-invitation-to-activity-organizers

[20:04:42] Zarel: but, i said, if the MSF is only an event for these days or if it is something more like a process for long away

[20:04:59] Yasemin: it is a process

[20:05:04] Zarel: how many organizations are involved in organizing?

 [20:05:20] Yasemin: ecological forum also took placed under MSF there are so many components of MSF

[20:05:58] Zarel: so, MSF is thinking in a extended option?

 [20:06:49] Yasemin: yes, MSf is thinking extension and an announce was made

[20:07:14] Zarel: who are the org or collectives organizing or calling?

[20:07:45] Yasemin: actually i dont know how i can answer this question because the call was made in the name of MSF  http://openfsm.net/projects/msf-extended/msfext-invitation-to-activity-organizers but MSF is composed of several local components, all of them are at the different levels

 [20:08:46] Zarel: and how does it take decisions? like make the call?

 [20:09:18] Yasemin: nope, there is a committee

[20:09:56] Pierre: ( zarel has been facilitating more than 10 extended activities at the time of world educaton forum in palestine  - see here http://openfsm.net/projects/wefpalestina-mexico/programa-completo-de-actividades-mexicanas/Mexican-WEF-Program.pdf )

[20:10:38] Yasemin: (i cant hear Zarel well)

[20:10:59] Pierre: Yasemin is in the extension team also with Erdal

[20:12:11] Zarel: when it will be the forum?21-25 september

Reviewing lines of action in MSF extended

[20:14:15] Pierre:  in MSF extension team we have three working lines

1/ send invitation to activity organizers in Amed MSF ( done but wo results )

2/ have some contact proposing  distance encounters with msf   (palestine )

3/ build up a little central team of volunteers to live stream the activity  during MSF

[20:15:33] Yasemin: i think, for the future point 1 it will be more plausible and familiar to the participants, but i think we are late for that  arent we, yes, i saw DDaqar's stream also

[20:19:02] Pierre:  zarel is proposing to make a little stream interview of  organizers inviting to enlarge activities

[20:19:26] Yasemin: zarel could you type if it is possible

Suggestion Stream the last meetings of organizing committee

[20:20:05] Pierre:  zarel suggest to  stream a meeting of the organizing committee of MSF  and circulate it   to show  what streaming can look lik

[20:20:06] Zarel: yeah, i 'm saying if there is a meeting of the committee you can make a streaming but prevously send the link or url by the list like some kind of invitation and example

[20:20:27] Yasemin: on friday we can arrange

 [20:21:01] Pierre: Yasmin  will be in Amed on friday onwards  so zarel suggestions can be made in the last week and wil be good communication

 [20:23:02] Pierre: 2/ distance encounters betwen amed and rest of world, palestine  - tunis  - germany

[20:24:00] Yasemin: we are just going on throuh snowball method for international invitation

[20:25:46] Zarel: 1/ inviting


-stream the meet in AMed and send the link like an invitation and like an example

[20:25:49] Zarel: yes?

[20:26:43] Yasemin: ok, im now calling erdal  to arrange the weekend meeting

[20:29:32] Yasemin: ok, i talked to erdal

[20:30:03] Yasemin: for the weekend we can arrange the meeting and could make a stream with zarel

Hello from ukraine

 [20:27:14] Chubatyj Vitalij: Hi, I'm here, but now I'm reading only.

[20:27:31] Zarel: hi

[20:27:33] Zarel: (F)

[20:27:48] Chubatyj Vitalij: (F)

Hi, Zarel. Buenos dias.

[20:28:26] Zarel: Buenas tardes

[20:29:07] Chubatyj Vitalij: I have a deep evening :) . 21:30.

Stimulate germany on point 2

 [20:30:46] Pierre:  on point  2/ not much to do except new  distance activities  ( stimulate germany ..)

About the volunteer team in Amed

3/ about little team of volunteers  - the  people are found by ear mouth this little team would 'enlarge" some of msf activities

[20:31:52] Yasemin: in amed we have 2 for now just for technical things Erdal is in charge for volunteers

 [20:33:05] Zarel: but but why a "little" team?? if the team is bigger you can offer help (extend help :)) to the organizer of activitiesthe volunteers can help and make their first test streaming the next meeting in Amad

[20:33:13] Pierre: and so MSF extended reality would be 2 + 3  for want of 1

[20:33:25] Yasemin: because ,  we dont have an intense return for enlargement

 [20:34:37] Pierre: (extension  is a new idea , introduced recently .. and it takes time to find people promoting it ... but zarel is relying on her experience in Mexico where she could find 10 people that were rather motivated a few days before the forum started

[20:35:07] Zarel: i think maybe communication students can be good prospects

[20:36:19] Zarel: in what country it will be the forum? Turkey Amed (Diyarbakır)

[20:37:09] Zarel: and if you want to make and open invitation for volunteers it's time to make it now and if people brings their own laptops it's good!the place will have internet?

[20:37:56] Yasemin: yes zarel , you are completely right

 [20:56:08] Pierre: there is judith from berlin, yasemin you can contact her

Contact with Senegal

[20:58:06] Zarel: FICs in senegal

[20:58:43] Pierre: http://openfsm.net/projects/fic/project-home  mail adres fic.assoc in gmail.com

Support from Zarel

[21:00:50] Zarel: you can count on me, whatever you need, you need make tests or something

[21:01:16] Yasemin: ok, i m sure i will need your experiences

[21:01:32] Zarel: i'n not so experienced, but i think the sooner you have the team of volunteers, the better and talk to them about the principles of social forum...i think there are some revolutionary youngs, still: ;)  hehhe

[21:03:28] Yasemin: yes , there are : )

Time differences

[21:03:41] Pierre: there is 8 hours time difference  wiht mexico  - so zarels evenings are your mornings

[21:04:05] Zarel: i'm -5 GMT /UTC right now

[21:04:20] Zarel: Pierre ¿+2?

[21:04:30] Pierre: yes  paris UTC  +2

[21:04:34] Zarel: YaseminUTC +3 ??

 [21:04:38] Yasemin: yes

[21:04:52] Pierre: and bangladesh UTC + 6

Taiwan enlarged conference  20  21 22

[21:05:15] Pierre: ah also something i wanted to announce on 20 21 22  some enalrged confreences from Taiwan UTC + 8 see invitation here


you can contact  ivp.extension   slype to register

2 rooms available in MSF for extended participation

[21:08:25] Pierre: in one of the 2 rooms  you need a video projector and loudspeakerto magnify the image  adn  the sound

 [21:12:04] *** Pierre added Dellheim ***

[21:12:10] Pierre: hello Judith

[21:12:59] Yasemin: ok, that was a deep exchange

News and invitation  from SASF south asia social forum

 [21:13:15] Zarel: SASF

[21:13:46] Pierre: here is the meeting transcription of last Thursday http://openfsm.net/projects/sasf-bangladesh-extended/sasfbd-wgmeeting-1-transcript

 [21:16:01] Yasemin: 18-22 november http://openfsm.net/projects/sasf-bangladesh-extended/project-home

Enlargement of intercomisison meeting in Amed 26th 27th

[21:16:26] Pierre: yes 18-22nd followed by an international council of WSF while in amed we will have an inter commission meeting ( that  wil enlarge with msf extension team :)

[21:17:57] Yasemin: pierre did we make an announcement for the ic intercommission meeting?

 [21:18:14] Pierre:  well Yasemin,  we have to !

Invitation to extended participation in SASF

 [21:16:36] Zarel: and SASGF already have and extended international invitation?

 [21:17:21] Pierre: yes  they circulated one early august

[21:17:46] Zarel: but... it was send by the sfex lists?

[21:17:59] Pierre: oh yess  http://openfsm.net/projects/sasf-bangladesh-extended/sasfbd-august-invitation now we will make another one more punchy  http://openfsm.net/projects/sasf-bangladesh-extended/sasfbd-extended-invitation

[21:19:04] Pierre: it was decided to have specific forms to register distance encounters and local activities

[21:19:20] Zarel: o yeah?

[21:19:40] Pierre: if you explore the links of sasf extended you will find them in work in progress stage

[21:19:45] Zarel: and there are both in the main inscription page?

[21:19:50] Pierre: here are the 5 cases of participation http://openfsm.net/projects/sasf-bangladesh-extended/sasfbd-extension-participation  with links to the respective forms hopefully these forms will be on line soon for real : here www.wsfsouthasiabd.org

next meeting 

maybe september 27th 17h UTC