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News from Ukraine. 1

Update from Bangladesh. 2

Welcome Claude. 3

Ana’s  questions and update. 3

Sfex on Facebook – mailing list?. 3

Forum in Portugal 2013?. 4

How can Sfex on Facebook group be transparent to the rest of Sfex facilit group?[. 4

about Portugal 2. 5

SASF Dacca  web global support team.. 5

Update on SASF Lusaka. 5

(conversation switches to portuguese - translation below ). 6

Welcome Florismar. 6

Dialogo na lista de facilitadores do petalo Sfex em portugues. 6

Traduccao de paginas para petalo Sfex pt. 7

Nearly Automatic translation of  discussion in Portuguese. 8

Translation of pages in Sfex pt  petal 9

Sfex facilitators can be observers in SASF roc meeting next may 14th. 10

SASF Dacca would be creating an extension commission. 10

Byes. 10

Arrival of Sara – update about SASF Lusaka. 10

Next meeting  May24th  17 GMT.. 11

4 News and Outcomes from meeting. 11


Sfex facility meeting 6 may 10th

News from Ukraine

[14:06:04]  Vitalij: Hi!
[14:06:43] Pierre: hello !
[14:10:02] Pierre: vitalij since we are only two now can you give your views and feedbacks from ukraine regarding Sfex?
[14:10:18] Pierre: welcome Ibrahim !
[14:11:54]  Vitalij: Welcome!Pierre, now our people has other problems, SFEX is not interesting. Unfortunately.
[14:12:36] Pierre: well whatever the problems , Sfex can help to relate to some other countries meeting organizations ...are nt there some organizations in inkraine interested in internaitonal contacts in connection with social forum ..even if it is a second priority .  may be there are
[14:14:13]  Vitalij: Unfortunately... Now fascism re-borns in Ukraine :( .
[14:15:09]  Vitalij: Read this about yesterday events:
http://for-ua.org/incidents/2011/05/09/120108.html - English;
http://translate.google.com/translate?hl=ru&sl=ru&tl=es&u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.segodnya.ua%2Fnews%2F14247872.html - translated from Russian.
[14:15:42]  Vitalij:
http://translate.google.com/translate?hl=ru&sl=ru&tl=en&u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.segodnya.ua%2Fnews%2F14247872.html - this is better.
[14:17:34]  Vitalij: Sorry, I must go away right now :( . I'll be online in 2-3 hours.
[14:17:44] Pierre: yes we know about these trends in all europe , yet  there are still many ciivl society organizations having an agenda of another kind , no?
[14:18:34] Pierre: it would be good to see how you can spread information about possible remote participations to a relevant list of organizations .... we may talk about this later on
[14:18:41] Pierre: (wave)hello Luc, Ibrahim ? Claude? Claude and Aaman have connection to skype problem they are typing text  and i will copy them here

Update from Bangladesh

 [14:36:27] Pierre: Aaman :  Dear friends in Sfex...sorry i cudnt connect u from skype as i am out of the office and my skype on the phone is not working.

However the update for dhaka is: a few people of SASF discussed the concern of moving ahead the forum. They decided to update the  website of SASF by sunday next. Plus other options to connect people around the globe will be explored through Facebook page and skype group

Besides the organizers of SASF think that the extended committee could act separately to cater events outside Dhaka
The venue will be dhaka university campus..so by 20th the organizers will approach the vice chancellor of dhaka univ to be a partner and host of sasf

Besides the organizers are building rapport with the govt and ruling party alliance to get govt support for visa, security, logistics etc

The local organizers will also talk with some members of WSF ic to get logistics and mobilization support accross asia and beyond
By may 31, the SASF would be active on full fledged...i expect
Thats all from my end now
Pierre will convey other messages from Bangladesh
Pierre thnx for ur support, As i am out of the office now...i will enter into the chat room at late night and will reply if any query u raise

[14:49:31] Pierre:  Pierre : please Aaman could you add something about having exchange aruond the SASF webpage  - may be we could initiate a mailing list  about this specifically  - "Sfex faclit event website and extension" would you agree to have some people form BSF nvolved on the SASF page  in that list ?

Aaman:  Pls go ahead with it  A mailing list as u sid would be fine
 moi:  ok .. just waiting for email addresses you will give to start rolling the ball of discussion

 Aaman:  Can u name the list as - SASF web global support team
 Pierre:  oki put you Prodip and the names you will indicate, and me and who want to contribute from Sfex group
 Aaman:  Excellent

Welcome Claude

[14:50:01] Pierre:  now  a message from Claude  ( center of France) hello Claude .. Claude participated in Dakar team) [14:33] Claude: <<< hello, what can i do : provide informations from France . What happened here, I can also speak of what you are doing and we organize an event : projection, un "cafe repere" – a public session in a café in rural france
[14:51:17] Pierre: Claude is not seeing the chat room appear on her skype yet


Ana’s  questions and update

[14:49:31] Ana : hello
 [14:49:44] Pierre: hello Ana ! :)
 [14:51:38] Pierre:  now Ana the floor is yours!

 [14:52:22] Ana : Well, I am quite glad with the Facebook option
I'm sorry I wasn't present last reunion...things have been difficult here in Portugal, today at 7:30 the police took over a space to occupied to share projects with the community

[14:54:08] Ana : I've heard of some people talking about a social forum in Portugal 2013?

[14:54:41] Ana : Where are we with the common text? with the contact with next SF?

 Sfex on Facebook – mailing list?

[14:56:08] Pierre: about Facebook - i had suggested in last week message  to create a mailing list with people involved in co-exploring the Facebook group- that would help to coordinate us and not overwhelm the rest of the Sfex facilit group
[14:56:39] Ana : good ideia   a mailing list just for FB on opensfm...right?
[14:57:55] Pierre: since we are only two here from the group we can decide to start it , s it is not a very touchy decision - yes   the title could be  "Sfex outreach group on facebook" or "Sfex on Facebook ?
[14:58:51] Ana : Sfex on Facebook sounds simpler..what do you think?
[14:59:02] Pierre: ok!
[14:59:07] Ana : great, so I guess that will be the mail that will be available on FB to connect with others... right?
[15:00:26] Pierre: no .. as i understand it ,this is just the mailing list for the group taking care of developing FB as an outreach for Sfex
[15:00:34] Ana : ok
[15:00:43] Pierre: the contact mail and everything we discuss in there !we have already a serie of contact mails
[15:01:26] Ana : ok so, lets create that mailing list: «Sfex on facebook»
[15:02:33] Pierre: yes it is a two mn task
[15:02:45] Ana : :)
[15:03:29] Ana : here are some photos of this morning:

Forum in Portugal 2013?

[15:04:09] Pierre: ok - second point  - the forum i Portugal 2013
[15:04:52] Pierre: may be it is an echo of some people proposing to have a WSF in Compostela
[15:06:16] Ana : Well what I have heard came from the movement «à rasca» that demonstrated on the 12 marsh in Portugal (some 300.000 people counting all cities)...
[15:07:07] Ana : Here in Porto I have been working on the Popular Assemblies, which generated work groups...
[15:07:42] Ana : those groups are involved in different areas: work, social security, housing, finance....There are many little movements developing all over, We are just trying to get organized
[15:09:39] Pierre: well distance intercommunication and enlarged meeting may help a bit ..... for the smaller groups

(Note after the chat : indeed there will be talk in Paris IC of a Portugal application for WSf2013 as per IC expansion commission information)


[15:09:53] Pierre:  now regarding the letters .....that Ana ask about

How can Sfex on Facebook group be transparent to the rest of Sfex facilit group?[

15:06:21] Zarel: hi!
 [15:08:45] Ana : hello Zarel :)
 [15:10:08] Zarel: can i said something about mailing lists ?
[15:10:16] Pierre: :)
[15:11:06] Zarel: Hi Ana,  Pierre, i think we can use the facilit list, and maybe use ever a tag so all the people in facilit team can see, if they want, in where we are, and with this tag (maybe use ever in the title of the message the name you said) only people that are active working in that participate on that , in this form we can have "transparency" ha ha ha ha and updates for all
what do you think?
[15:13:34] Pierre:  you mean put a tag in the title of the message ?
[15:13:42] Zarel: always; or a common reference;  Sfex on Facebook for example or ON FACEBOOK  ex   ON FACEBOOK : about the name
[15:15:20] Ana : Yes, I guess that is the way mailing lists should work. one ML that could refer in the reference message to the theme that it is about.
[15:15:35] Zarel: if people that aren't working actively want to know, they only have to see this messages, in the other hand, they can just ignore them
[15:16:10] Pierre: well the Sfex on Facebook  list is created - now we can try Zarel  idea and not use the list ! another way to have this  transparency is to have the "Sfex on facebook"  list with public archives so anyone can see the messages we exchange in the list
[15:16:52] Pierre: so up to us ...
[15:17:42] Ana : Well, it is just a matter of organizing things. either way is ok.
[15:22:10] Ana : so we just have to choose between a special list for Sfex on FB or include it on facilit team
[15:22:52] Pierre: i suggest we discuss this..... on the list??
[15:23:00] Zarel: ok
[15:23:02] Ana : ok
[15:23:14] Pierre: since everyone form the group will be there Luciano Aaman etc

 about Portugal 2

[15:17:24] Zarel: sorry... so ... about Portugal...
 [15:19:22] Ana : @Zarel things are very complicated right now. people is dispersed, socially it is really bad. but really really bad. the school we took the 10 of april was abandoned by the city hall for 5 years...
[15:20:12] Ana : the local population was happy with the activities we were proposing, but today it all ended with the police intervention in the early morning
[15:20:25] Zarel: i saw the images
[15:20:23] Pierre: well Ana and Zarel .... may i suggest we stick to our Sfex agenda (think)
 [15:20:30] Zarel: ok
[15:20:36] Ana : ok
[15:20:51] Pierre: another 40Mn ma?
[15:21:01] Ana : ok

SASF Dacca  web global support team

[15:23:19] Zarel: next point?
[15:23:28] Pierre: Ana had two questions the letters  and the contact with forums events
[15:23:58] Zarel: and i have another : About SASFs there is a concret propose for the web page? then... the letter  ;)
[15:25:05] Pierre:
[15:25:27] Pierre: this is the list just created as per the conversation you saw above with Aaman .It is empty for now .. the idea is to support the SASF Bangladesh website development and operation, and focusing on the extension of the event a sper our Sfex identity ;)

Update on SASF Lusaka

[15:25:27] Pierre: maybe there could be something equivalent for SASF Lusaka but so far it has not come into discussion as Kiss is not available recently
for SASF Lusaka - there is a concrete "rendez vous"  tomorrow and on 14th : just search "sasfl" in openfsm
[15:27:56] Zarel: and i think you have in mind the Word Education Forum in Palestine web page model
[15:28:15] Ana : So how do we support? entering the page they will create and creating a space just for extended activities? Or give them the material to the construction of the part for extended activities?

[15:29:04] Pierre: well the WEF website is a workable idea .. http://wef-palestine.org/soa-list   the discussion can also be listing the needs and things the site should be able to help participant do like here:

Answering ana, we can support by giving ideas, about usages and testing what developper propose
[15:33:10] Ana : So we should join the project in order to be able to give ideas.
[15:34:07] Pierre: the mailing list

(conversation switches to portuguese - translation below )


Welcome Florismar

[15:31:11] Florismar : oi Pierre
 [15:31:38] Ana : olá Florismar :)
[15:31:39] Pierre: oi florismar !
[15:32:17] Florismar : Olá. Tenho dificuldade em me comunicar em ingles. Vou usar o goggle. Ok?
[15:32:31] Ana : ok
[15:32:43] Zarel: ola Florismar
[15:35:05] Pierre: florismar que noticias tem?
[15:35:39] Florismar : Estamos trabalhando no Bigbluebutton, Não conseguimos ainda fazer conexão externa  Montamos uma máquina virtual
[15:36:27] Pierre:
http://bigbluebutton.org/ temos uma maquina bigbluebutton no servidor de comcom a nao usamos ae agora
[15:37:11] Florismar : Estamos retomando o trabalho no Dunas os princípios são a autonomia e o empoderamento local em redes locais - globais
[15:38:56] Pierre: florismar  -esse grupo e para facilitar foro social extendido ... entao vc me contaba que nao tinha muitos interlocutores la em brasil....
 [15:40:06] Florismar : A nossa proposta é de fortalecer a Rede EmComun E a nossa prioridade é estimular as redes locais em Pelotas - RS – Brasil

Temos uma proximidade com a Lomba do Pinheiro em Porto Alegre - Gerci,E também com o Dan em Belem - Pará
[15:45:11] Florismar : Aqui temos contatos com o Movimento Negro, com os Pontos de Cultura (Projeto do Governo Federal) e com a RECID - Rede de Educação Cidadã, todos com articulação nacional  A RECID tem uma vinculação com o Instituto Paulo Freire
 [15:45:35] Pierre: Floris otimo

Dialogo na lista de facilitadores do petalo Sfex em portugues

[15:39:25] Pierre: dez dias atras começamos um dialogo no espaço lusofono de Sfex.Para encontra  esse espaço e so procurar “daket pt1” em openfsm
seria bom  seguir nessa conversa, Ana vc e dentro tambem nao e?
[15:41:41] Ana : Gosto da ideia! Apesar de não tido muita disponibilidade para participar, tenho andado a fazer a devida divulgação junto de outros colectivos tal como o movimento pela paz (porto) que irá em breve criar o seu espaço para podermos entrar em contacto
[15:43:34] Pierre: boa noticia Ana .. tratando de fazer diferencia entre  list de facilitacao  e lista de participantes 
http://openfsm.net/projects/fsm-extendido-lu/lists o problema e que antes de facilitar e bom partiicipar  :)
Floris Ana podemos decir que cooperamos para manter vida na lista de facilitaçao lusofona ?
[15:46:02] Ana : por mim um sim incondicional!
[15:46:21] Pierre: e tal vez aproveitar  uma reuniao de uma dessas redes que Florismar fala para propor ampliar –a, e assim que podemos avanzar concretamente  quando nao teme evento foro

[15:46:32] Florismar : Claro, eu sou parceiro,Estamos montando uma estrutura para isto
[15:46:58] Pierre: e e uma boa maneira de sensibilzar e capacitar grupos
[15:47:09] Ana : até porque todo o meu trabalho centra-se na educação pela arte como instrumento de conscientização e construção do comnheciemtno
[15:47:16] Pierre: floris aqui e grupo lusofono mundial  hehe
[15:47:59] Florismar : Nós, a partir do Projeto Transformatório Social Dunas queremos fortalecer a comunicação a distancia
[15:48:06] Pierre: a idea es manter o enfoque de facilitaco na escala de lusofonia  e avanzar na ideia de directorio Sfex lusofono
pelo momento tem primeira versao em ingles aqui

[15:49:03] Florismar : Este grupo por enquanto somos nós, mas vai crescer...
[15:49:11] Pierre: podemos dizer que vamos a comentar esse documento  e Ana seria possivel traduzir par o portugues ? na lista de facilitacao lusofona?
[15:49:04] Zarel: pueden contar con migo también (:
 [15:50:14] Ana : @estaba pensando en ti Zarel, pero lo entiendes todo no? e claro que estás con nosotros!
[15:50:21] Florismar : Zarel, tive contatos presenciais em Pelotas com professores Davi e Angela de uma universidade (não lembro o nome) do Mexico A Angela trabalha com comunidades indígenas Ambos tem como foco o multiculturalismo em suas atividades academicas
[15:50:44] Pierre: bemvinda Zarel ..:)

Traduccao de paginas para petalo Sfex pt

[15:50:58] Ana : @Pierre: ok. Faço tradução para português
[15:51:40] Pierre:  e bom intercmabiar na lista em portugue sobre a ideia de directorio como maneira de avanzar quando nao tem evento no horizonte
Entao Ana  combinado !  Ana vou criar as paginas (questa de coerencia de esturctura com  otros idiomas en fr es  ) e vc coloca os textos la  e seguimos conversando da substancia da idea  de directorio Sfex  - temos começados com Zarel ...na lista lusofona

Aqui tem a pagina com as novas paginas http://openfsm.net/projects/fsm-extendido-lu/sfexptindex

[15:53:55] Ana : ok
[15:54:39] Florismar : Tenho estado afastado, mas estou dentro e com muita vontade
[15:56:08] Ana : @Florismar: eu também aqui dentro muita vontade :)
[10/05/2011 15:55:45] Florismar: Otimo! Vamos nos comunicando e definindo ações coletivas...

[10/05/2011 15:55:49] Ana : @Zarel: estás ?
[10/05/2011 15:56:11] Zarel: sip
[10/05/2011 15:57:04] Ana : @Florismar: sim ficamos juntos com a vontade e vamos falando. Vou tentar traduzir o texto ainda esta semAna e depois vemos o que podemos fazer juntos!


Nearly Automatic translation of  discussion in Portuguese

[15:31:11] Florismar: Hi Pierre
 [15:31:38] Anne: hello Florismar:)
[15:31:39] Pierre: Florismar hi!
[15:32:17] Florismar: Hello I have difficulty to communicate in English. I'll use the goggle.
[15:32:31] Anna: ok
[15:32:43] Zarela: hello Florismar
[15:35:05] Pierre: Florismar news is that?
[15:35:39] Florismar: We are working on Bigbluebutton, yet were unable to make external connection We set up a virtual machine
[15:36:27] Pierre: http://bigbluebutton.org/  bigbluebutton have a machine on the server to not use e comcom now
[15:37:11] Florismar: We are resuming work on the dunes are the principles of autonomy and local empowerment in local - global
[15:38:56] Pierre: Florismar-this group and to facilitate social forum extended ... then you told me  that you do not have many partners in Brazil it .... Our proposal is to strengthen the network EmComun  
And our priority is to stimulate the local networks in Pelotas - RS - Brazil
We have a closeness with the Lomba do Pinheiro in Porto Alegre - Gerci, and also with Dan in Belem - Para
Here we have contacts with the Black Movement, with the Points of Culture Project (Federal Government) and relapse - Public Education Network, all with national articulation recurrence has a link with the Institute Paulo Freire
 [15:45:35] Pierre: Floris otimo
Dialogue on the list of facilitators Sfex  flower  “petal”in Portuguese
ten days ago we started a dialogue in the Lusophone space Sfex.Para find this space and are seeking "daket pt1" in openfsm

would be good to go in this conversation, you and Ana and also not inside?
[15:41:41] Anna: I like the idea! Despite not having a lot of willingness to participate, I have been doing the proper dissemination to other collectives such as the peace movement (port) that will soon create your space so we can get in touch
[15:43:34] Pierre: good news .. Ana comes to do differentiate between facilitation and list of participants list http://openfsm.net/projects/fsm-extendido-lu/lists  the problem is before facilitate you need to participate:)
Floris, Anna can we cooperate to maintain life on the list of Lusophone facilitation?
[15:46:02] Anna: an unconditional yes for me!
[15:46:21] Pierre: and this time take advantage of a meeting of a network,  to enlarge it  , and so can not say where it fears avanzar event venue

[15:46:32] Florismar: Sure, I am a partner, we are building a structure for this
[15:46:58] Pierre: ee a good way to empower groups and sensitize
[15:47:09] Anna: even because all my work focuses on art education as a tool for building awareness and knowledge
[15:47:16] Pierre: floris group here and Lusophone world hehe
[15:47:59] Florismar: We, from the Project Transformatório Social Dunas like to enhance the communication distance
[15:48:06] Pierre: the idea of
​​keeping the focus on the scale facilitaco ony and the idea progress in the  Sfex Lusophone directory
by the time the first English version is here http://openfsm.net/projects/wsf-extended/Sfexendir    

[15:49:03] Florismar: This group for the time being we are, but will grow ...
[15:49:11] Pierre: We can say we're going to comment on this document and Ana would be possible to translate the Portuguese pair? list of Lusophone facilitation?
[15:49:04] Zarela: you can coutn with me (:
 [15:50:14] Anna: @ was thinking of you Zarela, you understand it all ? and of course we're together!
[15:50:21] Florismar: Zarela, I had contact with classroom teachers in Pelotas David and Angela at a university (can not remember the name) of Mexico Angela works with indigenous communities both focuses on multiculturalism in its academic activities
[15:50:44] Pierre: Zarela welcome ..:)

Translation of pages in Sfex pt  petal

[15:50:58] Anna: @ Pierre: ok. I translated to Portuguese
[15:51:40] Pierre: and good intercmabiar list in Portuguese on the idea as a way of directory when avanzar has no event horizon
So Ana combined! Ana'll create the pages (the question of coherence with esturctura languages
​​otros en fr es) and you put it and the texts we talking the substance of the idea of ​​Sfex directory - we started with Zarela Lusophone list ...
Here's the page with the new pages http://openfsm.net/projects/fsm-extendido-lu/sfexptindex  

[15:53:55] Anna: ok
[15:54:39] Florismar: I've been away, but I'm inside and eager
[15:56:08] Anna: @ Florismar: I too eager in here:)
[10/05/2011 15:55:45] Florismar: Great! Let us communicating and defining collective actions ...
[10/05/2011 15:55:49] Anna: @ Zarela, are you?
[10/05/2011 15:56:11] Zarela: sip
[10/05/2011 15:57:04] Anna: @ Florismar: yes got together with the will and we will speak. I'll try to translate the text later this week and we'll see what we can do together!

Sfex facilitators can be observers in SASF roc meeting next may 14th

[15:54:01] Pierre: gente ! vou embora  espero ver vcs amanha  e dia 14 em Lusaka !
[15:54:49] Pierre:
[15:55:23] Ana : para min vai ser difícil estar dia 14 ...por causa da Nakba e respectivos envolvimento do GAP (grupo de acção Palestina)

SASF Dacca would be creating an extension commission

[15:55:47] Pierre: another good news of the day - SASF Dhaka oc may be creating an extension commission ....( see what Aaman said at the beginning of this chat  ) so we will explore the pros and cons of this formula


 [10/05/2011 15:55:43] Pierre: abraços a todos ! vou ....seguimos nas listas wave+
[10/05/2011 15:57:33] Ana : à bientôt Pierre!
[10/05/2011 15:58:00] Florismar: Ok, temos muito o que fazer. Um grande abraço para voces Zarel e Ana
[10/05/2011 15:58:18] Ana : Um abrabeijo especial para todos!
[10/05/2011 15:58:24] Florismar: Tenho que sair agora
[10/05/2011 15:58:43] Ana : abrabeso Zarel!
[10/05/2011 15:59:23] Florismar: Até a próximo. Estarei acompanhando...
[10/05/2011 15:59:41] Ana : wave+
[10/05/2011 16:00:28] Zarel: un poco de amor... para este mundo violento

[10/05/2011 16:01:54] Zarel: so... we have end?
[10/05/2011 16:02:16] Zarel: or Just Florismar has left?

Arrival of Sara – update about SASF Lusaka

[10/05/2011 16:04:06] Sara : hello!
[10/05/2011 16:04:54] Zarel: hi Sara

[10/05/2011 16:06:10] Sara : I had a family  emergency - had to rush a niece for medical attention - will go back after an hour, sorry.
[10/05/2011 16:06:32] Zarel: hope every go well Sara
[10/05/2011 16:07:19] Sara : hope so too – thanx
[10/05/2011 16:08:04] Zarel: maybe people has left here...
[10/05/2011 16:11:34] Aaman: Halo there

[10/05/2011 16:13:31] Sara : SASF-Lusaka - We'll be holding a sub-regional planning meeting on 14th May in Luska. But colleagues from the sub-region are unable to travel, so with the help of Pierre the meeting will be held by video/chat link. a chat room has been set up.Unfortunately we're still waiting for the members of the regional organizing committee (ROC) to sign up. More next time since many people have gone from this chat-room.

SASF-Lusaka edition will be held in second week of October 2011.

so thanks Zarel for still being there! You can also leave now.

[10/05/2011 16:17:18] Zarel: thank for the info Sara (and please add me in skype -if you eant)you have the url or channel for the transmission in 14th may?maybe you can say us the skype contact for the meeting?

[10/05/2011 16:21:18 Sara : Sure, send your request to  sasf.rocmeeting in skype format.

Next meeting  May24th  17 GMT

Our  Next meeting is May24th  17 GMT
This is the eve of  IC meeting  week in Paris , and it  can be held with or without Pierre to keep the pace ,

4 News and Outcomes from meeting

1-Sfex facilit participants are welcome to come on Saturday 14th  GMT+2  9h-16h to be observers in the roc meeting in Lusaka – and take opportunity to test and think about “meeting enlargement”  - skype and ustream would be used

2 -Working group sfex on facebook Starting its Discussion in a specific public list or on the main list with tag message ( to be decided) –
Sfex facilit participants willing to join and not listed below  – say it on the main list !
( current list is Aaman (Bangladesh) Ana(portugal) Jamila( Morocco) Luciano(Brasil) Pierre(France) Romdhane( Tunisia)Zarel(Mexico)

3-Sasf Dhacca is welcoming sfex facilit participants  to join a group about Sasf website renewal in may –june  current list is Aaman Prodip and Dhacca volunteer developers , Pierre, and who wants to join for suggesting features , testing them, especially for the extension component of the website  - Sfex facilit participants willing to join – say it on the main list

4 -Stimulation of Brazilian petal facilitation group : Ana Florismar Luciano? Pierre Zarel – Ana to translate pages about sfex directory proposals