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Ic meeting video stream.. 1

Start. 1

Presentation of Mesopotamian sf. 1

Extension ideas for msf?. 1

Extension : a three faceted process. 2

How many activities in MsF? Relation between numbers and methodology. 2

Explaining msf process- methodology. 3

Discussion platforms?. 3

What can be the cooperation between sfex and msf ?  extension team in Amed. 4

Space of sfex initiative. 5

Keep in contact. 5

Tools used in extension. 5

A Sfex facilitator in Palestine. 6

Inputs from Osaka – will to participate in Dhakar extended. 7


Ic meeting video stream

[24/05/2011] zarel: transmitiendo en vivo desde la reunión de la comcom Consejo Internacional en parís vía Pierre: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/comcom-in-paris
[24/05/2011] Pierre: also transmiting from the paris meeting beofre the ic
videos from comcom in paris  - transcription in progress
videos from ic meeting paris   transcription in progress


[14:11:19] Pierre: hello
[14:12:58] Ana : Yes! Present!
[14:13:04] Pierre: hello ana
[14:13:32] Ana : Hello Pierre
[14:13:54] Pierre: hello erdal?
[14:15:16] Ana : So I guess we are waiting for Erdal...Where is he from?
[14:16:13] Pierre: erdal is from Amed/diyarbakir in turkish Kurdistan
[14:18:35] Erdal: hi
[14:18:50] Ana : Hello! Welcome Erdal!
[14:19:16] Erdal: hello
[14:20:08] Pierre: Erdal is among organizers of a socia forum in september
[14:20:20] Erdal: yes mesopotamian social forum

Presentation of Mesopotamian sf

[14:20:22] Ana : I heard you are prepraring an event in Kurdistan, would you like to talk about it?
[14:20:31] Erdal: yes of course, I am in the coordination commitee of MSF,
http://www.msf.web.tr/ and on sunday we have decided the dates as 20-25 september 2011
it will  focus on middle east, and also now we will send mail to al of our members for deciding the thematical axes. It is a forum that is especially organized in the middle east (historical fertile crescent) that is now what I can say

Extension ideas for msf?

[14:24:53] Pierre: talking about extension of it ...
[14:25:02] Erdal: yes, I have talked with one our comrades in the coord. Comitee and he says that we can organize it together, so we will open 2-3 seminars to MSF extended in the program
yes comrades I am waiting for your comments
[14:31:22] Ana : As I understood the MSF committee will extend its activities for 2-3 seminars. Is it seminars transmitted from Kurdistan to the world among participants-observers? active participants in the sense of a dialogue, or does it also includes proposals from the outside based on the themes defined for the 2-3 seminars?
[14:33:23] Erdal: it would be better if we organise the topics  according to the proposals that will be proposed by the participants and then we will prepare our program of MSF and declare it to all over the world up to 1 of September so we will have 20 days for organising the extended seminars. There will be simultaneous translation so that every participant will somunicate easily

Extension : a three faceted process

[14:35:26] Pierre: erdal extension is a three faceted process - you can do three invitation in july august and prepare the corresponding stimulation and logistics

1-you can  propose to workshop organizers in Amed to enlarge their workshop in internet   (this can go well  beyond  just 2 3 seminars ) - means rooms with internet>> this is what you Erdal have described so far

2 -you can  invite people/groups  from other places  to make “distance encounters activities” / distance workshops  with groups in Amed  ( which means having  some rooms available for this in Amed venue )

3 - you can invite people from other places to make local activities away from Amed

1 2 3 are “extended activities” and ideally would be included in msf website along with the centric activities

How many activities in MsF? Relation between numbers and methodology

[14:35:26] Pierre: how many self organised workshops will msf have ? and how many seminars organized by organizing committee?
[14:36:41] Erdal: I dont know yet
[14:36:42] Pierre: what is your estimate ? :)
[14:36:45] Erdal: it depends, I think maybe 30 seminars or less because people wish to participate in many seminars but they loss themselves in the forum, they are going insane, it is reasonable to make another call in july for this seminars, and then organise it
[14:38:15] Pierre: but is it normal that people cannot go to all activities in a forum !
[14:38:45] Erdal: yes but we can open spaces much larger and participative: it is a methodological process we are looking for different methods and this msf extended will be such
[14:39:31] Pierre: the risk here it to be forcing convergences in a non spontaneous way ...

 [14:39: 31]Pierre: 31have you contemplated option 2 and 3 ? or just 1?
[14:41:04] Pierre: in palestine forum ,  we had 21 option 2
[14:41:16] Erdal: 1 and 2  is ok,  but can you please talk about the third option?
what do you mean by the activities?
[14:42:14] Pierre: activities = meeting /workshop/ seminar/ theaterplay ..anything
[14:42:20] Erdal: hmm
[14:42:30] Pierre: activity can be self organized or organized by organizing committee normally the vast majority of activities are self organized
[14:42:49] Erdal: we can do our calls in a way that we can do all of them and the proposals will clear it. Yes and we are uniting the related ones to open a space of dialogue
[14:43:25] Pierre: you know the document with guidelines here :
[14:44:15] Erdal: ok
[14:44:31] Pierre: i understand you are using the esf methodology of centrally merging activity proposals

Explaining msf process- methodology

[14:45:10] Erdal: how is it?please let me explain our process
[14:45:48] Pierre: OK(this chat room is for the facilitators of social forum extended initiative , dialoguing with event organizers like you are)

[14:46:16] Erdal: we are sensitive to make our process open and with dialogue: first we are organising our executive committee and decide for the process
First we are organising two comitees one is extension and the other is program commission: extenion commision is working to extend and deepen the process of MSF in the regions, local places , cities etc..program commision is working with extension commision to make clear the debates and take the feedbaks from the base, after a while we are organising the logistics and communication commissions. during this processes we are always sending mail to the msf group and we organise it, that is it :)

[14:51:29] Pierre: do you have  an open registration process, i-e groups come and organize their activities without interference from organizing committee, or is there a process where committee "decides" to merge certain  activities", even if theses are not willing to merge?
you seemed to say that you want to reduce the number of activities .. how will this be done?

[14:53:30] Erdal: after the feedbacks those the commissions have from their debates with the organizers, we are deciding for the thematic axes (we will organize a preparatory meeting on 2-3 of July, and will declare the thematic axes after this meeting)
then we are waiting for the proposals and for the cultural activities…..the organizations or collectivs etc.. are autonomous, only they let us know the needs, and we organize the place for them

Discussion platforms?

[14:56:50] Pierre: ok, so if  100 proposals come you accommodate them all,  just making suggestions that some very similar might merge
[14:56:55] Erdal: for your last question, we can make some discussion platforms, which are different than a seminar
[14:58:30] Pierre: i understand that these platforms are different from seminar/activities .. and they will have a different time /space during msf? i-e not competing with the moments for self organized activities?
[14:59:07] Erdal: no, i-e ?
[14:59:53] Pierre: well  we can discuss this later ...  maybe we can concentrate on "extension" ....:)
 what are local activities  option 3

[14:59:53] Pierre: to answer your question about option 3
-option 3 is inviting groups to make “local activities” in other places than Amed
-option 2 is inviting groups to make “dedicated discussion- distance workshops” with groups in Amed
-option 1 is inviting groups to participate remotely in an  “enlarged activity” held in Amed, and enlarged on internet

There is a clear difference between 1 and 2 : 1 is enlarging an activty that will take place in Amed the meeting goes on in Amedi f internet is not active
, whereas 2 is an activity that takes place between Amed and another place and will not be held if the internet link is not active, whereas in case 1

[15:03:56] Erdal: yes
[15:04:17] Pierre: So far we have a significant experience of option 2 and 3
[15:04:23] Erdal: I think for the third option, we can talk with our comrades in Europe, but it would be better to organize 1 and 2
[15:05:34] Pierre: well... seen from the point of view of those who will not come to Amed ...they can get motivated by organizing something locally ( option3 ) and adding a meeting with a group they know is present in Amed (option 2),  or attending remotely an activity in Amed (option 1)
[15:06:34] Erdal: I think after 17 of June we  can call our friends there and with your help what is your suggestion ?
[15:08:32] Pierre: if you have places that you know will be active and are far from Amed these are place where a cocktail of 3 +2+1 could occur, then you may have places where people have sent delegates to Amed and would like to meet with them  on video link for two hours during msf

What can be the cooperation between sfex and msf ?  extension team in Amed

[15:09:55] Erdal: and how could you help us in this process to extend the MSF out of internet base
[15:10:27] Pierre: you mean option 3?
[15:10:34] Erdal: for all of options and especially for opt. 3, I am asking to all of friends in the conference
[15:11:28] Pierre: well some participants in the sfex facilit group can be part of your "extension" team and convey the experience of earlier forums that explored extension, then maybe some can travel in Amed...and help at the moment of the msf ( not guaranteed...!)
[15:12:19] Erdal: waww, perfect
[15:12:27] Pierre: most important is to create a team in Amed
[15:12:51] Erdal: I will try to organise a good team here with 2-3 friends
[15:13:08] Pierre: and it could also include  poeple in europe and other places where  several activities 3 2 1 could take place
[15:13:19] Erdal: yes
[15:13:35] Pierre: of course the team in Amed needs to care about  logsitics in Amed and about the final "extended program" that will be part of msf program
[15:13:45] Erdal: of course,exactly
[15:14:08] Pierre: above all the team can disseminate the idea of extension starting as of now, in practice :for instance "enlarging" the organizing committee meetings held in Amed early July , as we did in paris or making  some preparatory encounters between say group in istanbul and group in Amed :
[15:14:46] Erdal: I have already talked with the executive committee

Space of sfex initiative

[15:15:12] Pierre: see here what was done in Dakar before wsfhttp://openfsm.net/projects/sfexintercom/project-home
this is the space of sfex intiative
you have acces to the dakar memory  also palestine  mexico etc..
here is the page giving access to preparatory events before wsf2011
starting november to february

Keep in contact

[15:17:26] Erdal: I will look at them in details
[15:17:37] Pierre: any questions welcome ... :)
[15:17:52] Erdal: if other frinds have some comments
[15:17:57] Pierre: 2 3 proactive people can achieve a lot !
[15:18:04] Erdal: yes, I will organise and inform you about the process, please be in contact actively because we do not have any experience
[15:18:57] Pierre: when you have found these 2 3 people you can propose them to come into sfex team..
[15:19:10] Erdal: yes thanx a lot
[15:19:17] Pierre: that is what we are here for :there is nothing technically sophisticated in extension it is just a global organizing and methodolgical scheme

Tools used in extension

[15:19:46] Erdal: it can be via skype no?it is perfect as it seems
[15:20:06] Pierre: we use skype for option 2 and ustream+skype for option1 and nothing for 3 !
[15:20:28] Erdal: ustream is a program?
[15:20:39] Pierre: yes 
www.ustream.tv it is a commercial site there is a 30sec commercial at the beginning when you view the video,otherwise you have to pay to avoid the commercial
[15:21:13] Erdal: it is ok but not an anticapitalist way
[15:21:33] Pierre: or you have a dream team of free software people super orgaized that make somehting great for msf:) i have not met them so far, but am sure they exist somewhere!
[15:22:35] Erdal: may be, who knows:)
[15:22:46] Pierre: (think)meanwhile we use
[15:23:07] Erdal: and other friends in sfex team are from where?
[15:23:33] Pierre: ana is from portugal ....others are not around  but here is their list
and here are our recent meetings
and here is the calendar of events we consider
[15:28:11] Erdal: thanx, I will introduce them to our friends and can you please add me for now to this team, or how can I create an account?
[15:31:02] Pierre: ok.you can go to
openfsm.net  and " create account", then we will invite you in the sfex space, and you can start msf extended space if you want or not , if you think you can include this in the msf website
[15:32:12] Erdal: it would be better
[15:32:18] Pierre: sure
[15:32:20] Erdal: through a link?
[15:32:27] Pierre: of course

A Sfex facilitator in Palestine

[15:35:34] Ana : Thanks. I don't have questions for now....and I have to leave you. Bye
[15:35:49] Pierre: ana , you can mention that you are traveling soon
[15:35:52] Pierre: :)
[15:36:05] Ana : ok.
[15:37:28] Pierre: (videos of paris meeting here :
http://openfsm.net/projects/ic-extended/icextended-parisvideos  a great part in french sorry ,  we need to work on releasing interpretation as erdal said..)
[15:38:23] Ana : Soon..the 6th of july, i'll be leaving towards Palestine via Rome, Zurich, where i'll be arriving the 8th of july to participate on a international mission on the call of the Civilian society. the mission will be until the 16th of July.
[15:38:54] Pierre: so ana you can liaise with Ibrahim and Intesar there and also other people who got involved during wef?
[15:40:07] Ana : Yes, I will contact them. The link of the international call is here:
[15:40:46] Pierre: Erdal, do you think distance encounter between Amed and palestine would interest some groups in Amed?
[15:41:07] Erdal: of course, people are very interested
[15:42:27] Ana : Well, I'll try to establish contact in order to have palestinian groups involved...
[15:42:54] Pierre: then Ana you can get into the group here
[15:43:16] Ana : I bet that we might find people interested in participating
[15:43:39] Erdal: perfect
[15:43:45] Pierre: well that looks promising ....
[15:43:52] Erdal: :)
[15:43:56] Pierre: next meeting will be in two weeks
[15:43:57] Erdal: it so  good for all
[15:43:59] Ana : :)
[15:44:59] Ana : Bye (wave)
[15:45:12] Erdal: bye, nice to meet you Ana

Inputs from Osaka – will to participate in Dhakar extended

 [15:32:32] ykitahata: hello
[15:32:34] Erdal: hi
[15:32:41] Pierre: hello yoshihide
yoshihide is from osaka social forum japan, also part of sfex facilit team
[15:33:13] ykitahata: Thank you for introducing me, Pierre
[15:33:22] Erdal: hi yoshiside
[15:34:02] ykitahata: I am catching up with the session.
[15:34:08] Pierre: Erdal is among organizers of mesopotamian social forum in turkish Kurdistan, they are having their event end of september
http://openfsm.net/projects/sfexintercom/sfex-event-list, we met in paris ic meeting

 [15:44:09] Pierre: yoshihide ?
[15:44:51] ykitahata: yes
 [15:45:19] Pierre: any input on your side related to social forum extended ? seen from japan
[15:46:16] ykitahata: We will have a meeting next week on the plan of OSF 2012.  I will inform you about the decision after that.
[15:46:29] Pierre:
on may 2  you see the meeting held between yoshihide and a mexican trade union
[15:47:06] Pierre: Thank you .just to say that in paris  the decision was taken that next ic meeting will be in Dhaka bangladesh around 20th of November. This is south asia social forum outreach to india Pakistan sri lanka Nepal Bangladesh Afghanistan
[15:48:22] ykitahata: We want to discsss about the possibility of participating online.
[15:48:47] Pierre: very good... there is an extension option assessed for this forum
[15:49:01] ykitahata: Seems to be very interesting and very important.
[15:49:20] Pierre: I agree yoshihide. friends in dhaka are working on the website 
www.wsfsouthasiabd.org and we are exchanging on ideas about how to reflect extension in the website
Aaman is on line ...he is from bangladesh  and in the team, may be he can comment of course this is a regional forum so organizers from dhaka have to consult with other organization in the region
[15:52:35] ykitahata: Hello Aaman.  I am Kitahata of ATTAC Japan.  ATTAC Japan was one of the organizers of Osaka Social Forum.
[15:53:15] Pierre: (of course we  as sfex team + sasf extension team  will try to extend the ic meeting in dhaka , and in a better way than done in paris )
[15:53:31] Pierre: aaman is out of dhaka , and his connection via mobile is off an on ...but you can send comment on the mailing list too:
[15:54:06] ykitahata: OK
[15:54:59] Pierre:
sfex-facilit    lists.openfsm.net
well , i have to leave you and get back to work ....you are welcome to continue  ..... we go on on the mailing list and next chat is on june 14th 17 GMT this time will be more difficult for yoshihide
[15:57:34] Pierre: aaman ?
[15:59:04] aaman: halo everybody there..
[15:59:46] Pierre: aaman just arrives , may be he does not see the chat room yet, in anycase i have to leave  (bow)

15:56:21] aaman: Halo yoshihide

 15:56:34] Erdal : ok thanx to you all see you I will leave too bye, we will be in contact pierre

5:59:41] Pierre: well yoshihide  aaman  ..  good talk !

15:59:59] ykitahata: Thanks for inviting me.  Bye

[16:02:43] aaman: Yoshihide how can i help u

[16:05:15] ykitahata: First of all, I need some basic information about your forum.  We also wnt to have some general exchange of information between you and us.

[] aaman: Sure

[16:06:39] ykitahata: I want to talk with you in the weekend if you have time.

[16:06:56] aaman: The forum is South Asia Social Forum to be held in bangladesh during nov 18-21...democracy is the core theme of the forum....people from south asia  and other parts of the globe will take aprOk..if u want to talk it will be better if we cud chat on sunday at 9gmt

[16:10:45] ykitahata: We are thinking about organizing a series of "pre-forum" before the Osaka Social Forum 2012.  If it is possible, we want to have a online meeting with you in one fo "pre-forums"Anyway I will call you on Sunday. Bye

[31/05/2011 16:33:21] aaman: It wl b grt...ok bye then