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Agenda. 1

News from sao paulo. 1

On the audio : pros and cons. 1

News from Egypt. 2

Extended interviews in Tahrir square on july 8th. 2

about magrheb mashrek extension preparation group. 3

news fromTunisia. 3

Remote participation in Bangladesh. 4

News from Germany  and france. 4

News from Spain. 4

Other news. 4

Extended activity in brazil june 17th and 18th. 4

Facilitation in portuguese petal 5

Next meeting. 5




now at 17 UTC  that is  12 mexico 14 sao paulo  17 dakar 18 tunis  19 lusakparis porto  20 cairo kiev , ramallah amed 23 dhaka  and  later  taiwan and osaka

we are having our bimonthly sfex facilit meeting #8   (see the previous transcripts here : http://openfsm.net/projects/sfexintercom/sfex-facilit-meetings

Some themes suggested for our meeting - as usual present people attending will define the agenda

1         situation of extension  in each social forum process in our calendar : (addressed)

 2 - contacts with palestine. visit of ana in Palestine (not addressed since Ibrahim could not attend)

3- situation of stimulation of direct intercomunication outside of forum event  ( see in the  language petals here  EN FR PT ( case of brazil )

4- situation and edition of facebook group and page ( was not addressed)

News from sao paulo

 [20:09:11] Luciano: here Pierre? I've started talking about the situation in Brazil, where Sao Paulo is organized but I'm having some problems having more information about the process, like if they intend to expand the local social forum, right now they are changing the metodology, like giving some themes for debates

the North of Brazil is very well organized, doing events and expanding their process

[20:20:03] Zarel: hello! who's here?

[20:20:12] Luciano: hello Zarel!

On the audio : pros and cons

[20:20:17] Zarel: you're all at phone?

[20:20:25] Luciano: Torsten, Pierre and me

[20:24:54] Zarel: yeah i'm here

[20:25:25] Luciano: you can't attend to the phone call?

[20:25:33] Zarel: no i don't have mic here,i'm in the office, but ... any way nice to talk to you...

Comment : audio conversation proves exluding , at the same time it is good to include people not used to written chat ( Yasser) -

[20:25:51] Pierre: we are wating for Yasser from Cairo, he should be coming any minute and kindly request priority in the agenda because he has another meeting starting soon , we met in paris ic meeting, romdhane from tunis should be connecting in 30mn

[20:36:37] Zarel: a nice men meeting

News from Egypt

 20:35:06] Pierre: welcome yasser

[20:36:58] Yasser: bonsoir

[20:37:05] Pierre: well come !

[20:37:20] Luciano: hello

[20:38:40] Pierre: this chat room  if for the sfex group, please give info about egypt and social forum

[20:39:25] Yasser: we will metting to discuse egypt orgnizaing the wsf in 2013

 [20:40:13] Pierre: do you think there can other people in cairo with you interested to prepare "extension" of activities or forums in cairo

 [20:40:51] Yasser: i think we will have that first we have to give small and concreat example

[20:41:36] Pierre: that is very normal ..  that is what we can discuss in the magrehb mashrek group , and also here, where you have many experienced people :)

 [20:45:56] Pierre: hello romdhane !welcome

[20:48:26] Yasser: - we were 10 groups and organizations  in paris  IC meeting  and we will have a meeting about  how to enlarge the forum process in egypt

 [20:52:51] Pierre: for the time being you can participate in the participatory budget tomorrow morning  8am be connected !

Extended interviews in Tahrir square on july 8th

[20:56:19] Yasser: next firday 8th of july we have a big manifestation in tahrir square, I could bring the camera in tahrir square and talk to people there during the demonstration

[20:49:04] romdhane: Hello everyone

 [20:57:36] Pierre: what do luciano and torsten think and zarel and romdhane ?

[20:58:16] Luciano : we will help you in any way possible from where we are

[20:58:17] romdhane: Nice idea

[21:01:46] Torsten Trotzki: To widespread the announcement of Yasser I need the excat time UTC and the link or at least the name of the skype conversation! I express interest for the tahrir interview possibilities 

 [21:03:37] Pierre: we have next meeting of sfex facilit group on 28th june so we can confirm there and tune up, it could be good to frame this “activity” as a “magrheb mashrek social forum related colective making interviews in tahrir square, and with written feedback from people in the rest of the world

 [20:58:45] Pierre: the goal is to build up experience  and meet people also interested in this for the social forum (romdhane zarel  we are on audio with torsten and luciano and yasser who will soon leave us ) another 10mn

about magrheb mashrek extension preparation group

[21:00:02] Pierre: yasser will be in tunisia on 30th of june till 2nd of july so i can meet romdhane  and aala there

 [21:01:30] romdhane: Yasser welcom to tunisia I m available

 [21:04:58] Pierre: imaybe we cuold arrange arrange a meeting next week in the evening  wtih romdhane

[21:04:08] Pierre: romdhane do you have questions to yasser ?

 [21:05:36] romdhane: I prefer yasser connect me with skype or mail to discuss

[21:06:05] Pierre: sure me too ! :)

 [21:07:11] romdhane: Ok Yasser add me romdhane

[21:08:48] Yasser: we can say next monday me alla ramadan at 7 oclock

[21:08:55] Pierre: good for me !that is 6pm in paris i can make ti

[21:09:44] romdhane: For me 8 ocklok is very good hhhh

[21:10:36] Yasser: thank you romdhane send me an invitation i will accept you because i am realy bad with this

[21:11:05] romdhane: Ok Yasser

[21:11:43] Yasser: so i have to go my friends, thanks evry one

[21:12:52] Luciano: thank you Yasser!

[21:13:16] Torsten Trotzki: Thanks too!

[21:13:28] Yasser: salam

news fromTunisia

[21:15:01] Pierre: hello romdhane, news from  tunisia regarding  extension?

 [21:18:28] romdhane: I suggest a group has a désire to participate and work with us

[21:19:01] Pierre: you mean you know some people who want to join?

[21:19:39] romdhane: Yes

 [21:20:10] Pierre: it is an already structured group or they are individuals ?

[21:22:08] romdhane: Individuals and i hope to be a group

[21:25:21] Pierre: so it is good news from tunisia ....

Remote participation in Bangladesh

 [21:22:57] Pierre:  everyone if you are available tomorrow morning we can chat around bangladesh event - which is a first step in their extension process, http://openfsm.net/projects/sasf-bangladesh-extended/sasfbd-extension-calendar see here, they have a char room already set, and it can be an occasion to have some side exhcanges and make contact with the team in bangladesh

[21:23:51] romdhane: Ok, Allright

News from Germany  and france

 [21:30:06] Torsten Trotzki: Regarding the present sitation of the German social forum at Germany: There will be a meeting on June 26 th, 2011, at Hannover, to discuss if there is enough interest to re-start the Social Forum. But till now only a few people announced to particpate.

[21:30:56] Pierre: in france there is some movement to have a meeting with people from local forums in october in south of france and we will enlarge it .at the time of dakar we had many activities throughout france

[21:32:25] Luciano: cool, it will have english translation?

[21:32:49] Pierre: i do not think so .. but who knows

News from Spain

[21:33:37] Pierre: at the moment  I have  some conection  with people in spain in canarias that are involved in social forum and also in the camp in the squares, see some info in spanish here http://openfsm.net/projects/acampadas-y-fsm/summary

Other news

[21:35:01] Pierre:  there is also contacts with mesopotamian social forum, waiting for  the outcome of june 17th meeting

[21:35:22] Pierre: and aslo with southern african social forum, waiting for the date of the next enlarged meeting http://openfsm.net/projects/sasf-lusaka-extended/project-home

[21:35:54] Pierre: and also with bangladesh ... they are going to have an extension commission in their organizing comittee

[21:36:29] Luciano: thats a big step!

Extended activity in brazil june 17th and 18th

[21:11:51] Luciano: Local Social Forum Northeast of Brazil: They will broadcast the event

 [20:29:45] Luciano: informações



Quando? Sexta 17/06/2011 (18:30 às 21:30) eSábado 18/06/2011 (8:30 às 17:30)

Onde?Auditório do IFRN, Cidade Alta, Natal, RN

Quem está convidado?Todos e Todas (evento público)

Realização: CENARTE/Dhnet Apoio Institucional: Secretaria de Direitos Humanos-SDH

Parcerias: CDHMP, ABD-RN, CEAHS, Pastoral Carcerária, MNDH-RN,IFRN(Cidade Alta)

Enviar Inscrição (nome, entidade, telefone e email) p/ Aluízio Matias,

 [20:30:07] Pierre: will they enlarge this meeting  with twitcam  and  not by skype

Facilitation in portuguese petal

this could be commented  in the facilitation list portuguese  and he facilitators list in that space : Facilit-espaco-fsm-extendido en lists.openfsm.net   http://openfsm.net/projects/fsm-extendido-lu/lists/facilit-espaco-fsm-extendido/manage_membershipin the portuguese space http://openfsm.net/projects/fsm-extendido-lu/project-home  and circulated in the mailing list there

[21:53:13] Pierre: estimulacao de extensao em lusofonia : luciano - ana - podem estimular ?

[22:12:46] Luciano: vimos como funciona (tentamos) o twitcam, que será usado por Aluizio no dia 17 http://twitcam.com/59sxa E http://twitcam.livestream.com/59sxa

[22:13:26] Ana: Há muitas interferências...

Next meeting

Tuesday 28th june  mexico 7am sao paulo 9 am UTC 12pm  - tunis 13 – Paris Lusaka 14 Ramallah 15pm  Dhaka 18pm – Osaka 21pm