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Enlarge  9 days training workshop in September in Taiwan –. 1

Taiwan program – could be interesting to many. 2

First part 2

Second part 2

Two day event in Palestine on education end of july. 3

News from sasf Lusaka. 3


Notes from sfex meeting 9

Pierre: hello

[15:17:43] *** Pierre a invité  Shenjing ***

[15:17:54] Pierre: hello Shejing, this is the sfex facilit  group chat

[15:24:10]  Shenjing: OKI'm here

[15:27:44] Pierre: welcome!

[15:31:39] Pierre: hello Ibrahim

 [15:45:52] Ibrahim : yes

[15:46:04]  Shenjing: Hello

[15:46:11] Pierre: hello !

[15:46:39] Ibrahim : I am seeing the text chat

[15:50:29] Romdhane: hello

 [15:51:12] Pierre: hello Romdhane

[15:50:52]  Shenjing: Hello my new friends.

Enlarge  9 days training workshop in September in Taiwan –

[15:47:59]  Shenjing: We will have a workshop for international volunteers. In September in Taipei.We will invite Chico and others.

[15:48:33] Pierre: how long will  be the workshop

[15:49:03]  Shenjing: 9 days.

[15:49:07] Pierre: wow ! then there is plenty of occasion for enlarging some moments on internet, during WSF IC  in Paris we enlarged 4 days

 [15:50:07]  Shenjing: Yes, we will try ti contact you by Skype. programme of alterglobalization

 [15:50:57] Pierre: Shenjing , my advice would be to do also what was done in Tunisia: 1/ send an invitation to participate remotely in advance .2/ So people interested have just tu contact a public skype name “altertaipeh.extension”  or somehting like this. 3/Then create a chat room with those that asked to contact this skype user “altertaipeh.extension”, so before the workshop starts you have the chat room ready and 4/ they look at the video live form taipeh and they comment it with other remote participants  and with the contact person  in taipeh dedicated to the chatroom


[16:03:49] “Shenjing/pierre” international volunteers from taiwan - 20/30 volunteers, england  france  brazil peru Thailand china Philippines Korea, go for one year !  in france they go to attac, workshop will be english and chinese  - will send the program next week by mail

4 days in taipeh and 4 days in kaoshiung south of Taiwan, is a 8 days program

 the workshop is also open to organization interested, so they come and participate with the volunteers so 60 people present in totality 14th 23 september

 [16:10:44] Pierre: so the volunteers could be proposed when you are recruiting them to form a group to take care of the live video stream and the chat room moderation and contact during the 9 days, they could organize it as a part of their workshop activity . It will bring them contact with people from all over the world, and a first practice of the language  French Spanish English they will use

shenjing if you can find a group of motivated volunteers by early august willing to take care of enlargement of the meeting  sfex people will be delighted to help them make warm up test !

 [16:11:58]  Shenjing: Yes I hope so.

[16:14:17] Pierre: it could be a good opportunity for palestinian youth  to participate remotely to this meeting

[16:15:09]  Shenjing: Ok, I will talk it with Raffat.

[16:32:25] Pierre: shenjing and pierre to make contact on 15th of july about the volunteer team

Taiwan program – could be interesting to many

First part

[16:19:26]  Shenjing: here is the program

 DAY 1Sept 13th DAY 2Sept 14th  Day 3Sept 15th  Day 4 Sept  16th

Introduction: Leo

Interpersonal relations and team interaction

Chiao CHUNG Middle East Uprising

Gustave MASSIAH An Alternative Vision of Globalization

Erebus WONG Workers’ movements in Latin America

Carlos LA SERNA Intro to HRF’s IVP background history, objectives, rationale, expectations, etc-


Yung-Feng CHUNG /Pascale SIMARD What is international volunteering? Culture VS culture shock?Pascale SIMARD

India’s civil movements


 Internet and Social Movements Qiong-Li SUN(Cool Loud) 

Personal Work(19h30-21h30)

Emergence and evolution of L. A’s social movements Chico WHITAKER

Second part

Day 5 Sept 19th Day 6 Sept 20th  Day 7 Sept 21st  Day 8 Sept 22nd  Day 9 Sept 23rd

Landless farmers’ movement in Brazil Movimiento Sin Tierra:Daniel GUIMBA Alex YOSHINORI KAWAKAMI

(Lizane SOUZA) Sustainable Agriculture


Shu-Hua YANG Women’s activism in Asia

Kin-Chi LAU Globetrotters and Documentary Memory

Chuiyung CHEUNG Documentary memory of Social Movements in Taiwan San-Chong LI

Hsiu-Mei CHUNG

Emergence of WSF and participatory democracy Chico WHITAKER

 (Panel discussion:

Imaging the 3rd World)


 Migrant workers and human rights Yu-g GU  (Taiwan Intl Worker Asso)

Juan-Ping WANG (New migrant Labor right Asso)

Tang Shu(Labor Right Asso) Environmental organizations’ struggles in Asia

Sze Ping LO Wei-Jie LAI

Panel with other orgs? Blog and research reports:

Content, ethics and technical practicalities

Q & A –Conclusion

Shenjing   Pascale SIMARD

Hao Ran Foundation’s International Volunteer Program- 2011 Training course



Two day event in Palestine on education end of july

[15:56:04] Ibrahim : we are in Palestine having some 25-26/7/2011 activity of title in Palestine  - how we can develop the educational process ? -organized by tcc

[15:56:16]  Shenjing: Ibrahim, I have been in Ramallah during the Forum on Education.

We have a group here to support the cause of Palestine.

[15:58:58] Pierre:  Ibrahim who are you going to invite to participate remotely on internet, in this meeting end of July?

[15:59:52] “Ibrahim/pierre” trying to develop the culture of participation on  internet  - circulate invitation locally to our partner of other districts, internationally invite the donors, where to concentrate the donation  for education in Palestine, and some translation in English could be organized

[16:02:03] Ibrahim : http://www.teachercc.org/index.php?lang=en, i will send the translation after we finish  it


[16:17:27] Ibrahim : we have to talk about the following topic in Palestine during this meeting  :

- Initiatives that have contributed to:

- Creativity of the students learning areas (such as a new invention or artistic talent)

- Increase students' affiliation to the school / community

- Solving the problem in the community by students

- Reduce the phenomenon of violence in schools

- Provide opportunities for better education for students and young women

- To find viable solutions for literacy and adult education

- Integration of children with special needs in school

- Protection of the environment and wildlife Palestinian

- To improve students' learning of mathematics, Arabic and English

- Students return to school drop-outs

- To reduce violations of child rights in school

- Activating the role of parent councils and participation in school

- Activating the role of the media highlight the issues of education or education in the media

[16:21:51] Ibrahim / Pierre: in Palestine  - two days -  no parallel workshops - a sequence of issues, 100/150 people in the room ?floor is given  to  the audience also at the end there is a book

 [16:37:17] Ibrahim :  make an invitation to the MOI  to help find volunteers. Among those that will be coming ...

[16:37:41] Pierre: 8 people 4 for enlargement in arabic and 4 for enlargement in English so they work 50% of time team of 2

News from sasf Lusaka

[16:41:31] Pierre: hello sara !

[16:44:19] Sara : Hello all, sorry for joining late

[16:45:02] Pierre: welcome !  there was a good exchange between shenjing  from taiwan and Ibrahim from Palestine you can read the notes above about enlarging on internet two events one in palestine and one in Taiwan southern african participation welcome  in both  :)

[16:48:57] Sara : sorry my skype connection keeps on being disconnected suddenly!

[16:49:19] Pierre: yes we saw this ..may be you can give some information from sasf extended process?

[16:52:21] Sara : Okay, not much since I've been away on family issues. Gershom smsed me a few minutes ago to say that the ROC meeting extended will take place in Johannesburg. He has been in touch with other sasfroc country coordinators.

zamsof is hosting various fundraising activities for SASF logistics.

Shula (our ict-wiz) is out of zambia pn mission, hence no feed on how the extension will be conducted.

[16:57:29] Pierre: a suggestion  is that the sasf extension team could open a second e of action  in parallel to trying to enlarge the Johannesburg meeting

 this  e of action would be  approaching the organizations by clusters to inquire about their intentions /willingness to organize local activities and participate remotely in the cluster discussion in Lusaka in October

this would allow to start some "cluster discussion enlargement team" ( need 16 team  ;) )

i-e people from those organizations coming to Lusaka with their delegation and willing and able (equipment ..) to enlarge the meeting towards their constituency in a mutualized effort

[16:59:00] Pierre: what do you think? ( i have to leave now  - we can go on at a later time )