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­­­­­­­ Sfex local agenda - gathering info from several areas  independently from a pre social forum event dynamics  

event preparatory meetings enlargement are in the event calendar page

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see ALSO preforum enlargement calendars (with preparation meetings enlarged and  extension team stimulating enlargements)


Name /Nom / Nombre - title
 Date -  Place -endroit- language 
Remote participation  access 
ComMent sfex facilit

Educaçao em diretos humanos - cdhmp -  

natal - BRAZIL  portugues 17/  & 18 /6/2011

participacion por twitcam

 twitter messages are short !
Cartas autonomicas - (programa nina ) 26 -27-28 /6/2011  - BOLIVIA espanol
livestream no se previon participacion,  solo vision - nivel de sonido bajo

 Education needs in palestine - Teacher creativity center

25 26 /7/2011 - PALESTINE arabic - english  skype chat room + live streaming

 see info here

extension did not take place

youth and creativity in tunis voir programme ici 29 30th July
skype et ustream

see 5h videos avec un bon son

dhaka general council meeting
august 5
see  bangladesh sasf above see 2h30 videos with notes
august 6

extension did not take place
 transformatorio dunas -mundo
 ver informacao aqui
8 to 12  august /2011  BRAZIL portugues

skype: dunas-redeemcomun-sfex

ustream:    http://www.ustream.tv/channel/tv-uniperiferia   

twitter: @TransDunas 

  ver informacao aqui



Zambia  social forum
Sept 2
see the video trials
Centro de estudiso oeucumenicos
Sept 2
con invitacion previa
 video u sala de tchat 4 participantes a distancia
 International volunteering workshops 18 19 20 21 22  TAIWAN  chinese english french spanish portuguese ?
skype chat room + live streaming

see the 10h of videos  accessible in the program ( green areas)

MSF extended -Turkish Kurdistan
september 20-22

link to msf extended

 jornadas teologicas region norte 

 mexico - octubre 5 6 7 8
 programa  ver la memoria video y mas
ICCSI erbil  irak
  october 9th

 4 hours of video
Dhaka SASF general council meeting
october 19th

1 hour of video + chat room notes

extension did not take place

extension did not take place
sasf enlarged activities

 see enlarged program and skype notes with some remote participants
community radio encounter
 december5 - 8

broadcast with ustream contact with facebook
now - hoydia - maintenant