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3 Key date of the declaration action plan "extension dynamics in WSF process"

Experience and perspectives meeting organized on line by the Sfex collective - November 2016

Publication of comments Collected from supporter organizations on sfex working Plan - April 2017

Experience and perspectives meeting organized on line by the Sfex collective - October 2017


Draft declaration - preliminary version

We, the undersigned organizations,

1 / Consider ourselves are participating instance in the WSF process, as described by its charter of principles and guiding principles for the organization of a WSF event

2 / Consider that another world is possible, necessary, and urgent, and that citizens of the world have every interest in developing the WSF process, in an international  and national contexts of multifaceted crises, as a strategic tool for intercommunication and autonomy for their organizations

3 / As a means for deepening and expansion of wsf process, we give great importance to “extension dynamics”, sets of participation practices in and around a social forum event, accessible from where WSF participants live and act towards another possible world, using internet as a mean of remote communication

By developing decentralized  “activities” and remote participation practices in the activities held on occasion of a social forum  event,  we can more frequently and intimately exchange, between persons and organizations, to consider together the multiple aspects of this other world and the means for cooperating to build it through struggles and projects, and we can jump over economical, media ,and political “walls “and constraints, in which we often run when we want to get closer.

We have considered the call of International Council of WSF to participate in the WSF 2016, which explicitly mentions the extension, and experiences of contribution into extension dynamic developed by WSF 2016 collective, with over 250 activities included, (1)

We commit ourselves to place at least one activity in the WSF 2016 extension dynamic by the end of the year and we invite organizations and people feeling participant in the WSF process, to contribute from their usual place of residence to the extension dynamics WSF 2016 until the end of 2016, in particular by placing meetings in their countries disseminating information about what occurred in WSF2016 (1)

4 / We support action / initiative of Sfex collective to contribute to those extension dynamics as described in the sfex initiative (2) and wish to be kept informed twice a year of its work plan, and intend to share our possible comments

5 / We invite social forum event organizers of significant size (10 self-managed activities into the same location, as an example) to "extend" their event. The larger the scale of the event the more relevant its extension, which can amplified in space and also in time, serving as a means for continuity and inter event/process linkage in the WSF process at large

6 / We encourage members of our organizations to participate individually in the extension dynamics of social forum events relevant for them in the WSF calendar.(http://openfsm.net/projects/wsf2012-support/project-home ) to place therein , in coherence with our internal decision processes, dialogic activities on our behalf, and to engage in the teams supporting and facilitating theses dynamics/

7/ We are committed to placing at least one activity in the regional and thematic forums relevant to us, and of course in world forums to come, this insofar as these events are "extended" by their respective organization committees, which we hope will become systematic practice.

8/ We understand that with a simple technical device, implemented by one or two people, we can place a semi-public meeting, organized locally by us alone or with other organizations in relation to our action themes, as a visible activity in the WSF process and open to international participation.

9/ We suggest that the International Council continue promoting, in its WSF process facilitation agenda, development of extension dynamics of social forum events, and we are willing to examine and support suggestions that will made in this area.

10/ In the next WSF event, we plan to participate in proximity or remotely, in a convergence assembly on the theme of extension dynamics, to take stock of the progress of the extension practices in the WSF process.

Note: This text was revised and finalized, August 10, 2016 in Montreal between the proximity or remote participants in the convergence assembly “experiences and perspectives about extension dynamics in WSF process”

Link to Signature Form on behalf of an organization, and to support by individual participants

(1) this part may be removed end of 2016

(2) See website WSF 2016 and the SFEX space openfsm.net