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 An  update  of things we have discussed in our sfex facilit chat and others not yet -  this skteches already a diversified agenda  menu card

in and before each meeting we can share proposals to adress certain points

0- Sfex initiative nature -  sfex facilit group identity  and goals and operation - issues raised in chat

  • in sfex flower -Sfex facilitators can stimulate petal facilitation groups
  • Relevancy of monolinguistic petals for facilitation - Zarel
  • Sequential or simultaneous events ? pros and cons - Sara





1-Documenting Dakar and stimulating a Permanent sfex directory for intercommunication

Work in progress to recycle the "Dakar extended energy"

  • These can be assessed motified and circulated on the main list of the french petal of sfex space
  • Theses can be assessed / translated into other languages and used in the same way
  • The existing daket numbered lists can be a start for contact and newcomers will have a sfex number
    • Support to Senegal group – in fic space – information contacts welcome – they can go and visit in the 80+ mailing list of Dakar extended groups and also get into  francophone petal of sfex spaces-
      • Fostering brazil – Senegal communication florismar- seck emile
      • ibrahim Intesar , palestine emile  khaly ,!


    2-Preparing  extension  in Upcoming WSF calendar Events


    3 -Documentation  -communication- translation  of existing Sfex  mobilization explanation corpus

    • Zarel  initiated and improved documentation  record page still to be edited with more inputs
    • Ana started to draft  invitation documents based on the existing corpus of documentation-  a good element for understanding and dialogue  and exchange of experience between us - various invitations for various type of participants
    • See sfex general page index with 2 years of experience and many  pages (many are void)-
      • Pierre is reviewing commenting ( slowly)
      • Some good documents could be translated /adapted into other languages

    • maybe it is relevant to identify list of typical questions - and documentation- related to differents actors  and discuss them collectively in the group
    • Tecno intercom space can be edited and improved  - translations can be  made - simple check lists etc... how to's  -  FAQs ...


    4 –developping  diversifying  intercommunication techniques and sfex outreach techniques

    • so far sfex has promoted  three collective formulas  local - distance encounter and enlarged activities  -
      • documenting other formulas possible  - see dunas experience
    • Florismar said he could make a  report on the use of www.bigbluebutton.org 
    • Zarel  has initiated a spanish daket facebook group could start a facebook group experience interchange  - info about groups - how they can related to sfex linguistic petals
    • Pierre is keeping an eye on public mails and skype contacts created for dakar  and this could be socialized


    5-Considering post Dakar changes in Sfex openfsm  flower  space  and beyond

    • For short term  sfex space could move  in the center of the "sfex flower" instead of extended dakar now going to memory  And a  number of adjustments need to be made- a significant manual editing and linking delinking  work in perspective
      • volunteers welcome ! in fact this  work has progressed significantly check out the  sfex home page and the EN and FR petals
      • sfex directoy page is edited for EN and FR too
    • in a longer term a sfex website could be set up to host the sfex directory , and sfex internet space would be shared between openfm and another site
      • vitalij interested to cooperate in website development