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Sfex initiative international facilitating team

Team meets biweekly in a tchat and has a working mailing list -

cooperate with wsf calendar event organizers willing to extend their event  - stimulate local groups to develop intercommunication

Team composition


Name city  sfexperience in participation
 sfexperience in facilitation

 Aaman ,Taufiq, Mehedi, Shatil, Musfik, Masha


Bangladesh  Dakar extended  Preparing extension of SASF Dhacca November 2011 - see space SASF Bangladesh extended
 Ana Portugal  Wef extended - Dakar extended  
 Emile Luc Assietou , Adama Moustapha  and Others Senegal Volunteers in Dakar extended team -
FIC association
 Erdal  Yasmin & others Turkish Kurdistan
starting MSF extended
 Florismar Brasil Dakar extended

Organizers of Dunas extended social forum of  periferias february 2010

 Ibrahim  mahmoud


Dakar extended

Organizers-promoters of Wef Palestine extended october 2010

 Jean Michel   Lise  Toni  Pierre France Belem extended - Dakar extended

co-organizers of Dakar extended in France  and active in local forum facilitation network , currently preparing FS AL 2012

Jules Senegal
co-organizer of Dakar extended (*)
 Lise and Tony and Thomas France

co-promoters of Sfex in africa and dakar
 luciano - americo Brasil
Belem - mexico-  Dakar extended
 Pierre France

co-Organizer of Belem extended and Dakar extended

 Raphael Quebec


Jamila,  Yasser,  Walid 


enlargement of fsmagh tunisia meeting april 2011 and further oportunities 

Sanjiv HongKong Sasf extended preparing activities

 Sara   Kiss

oswald Gershom

Zambia - 

Dakar extended preparing
extension of SASF lusaka
 Shenjing Taiwan Kaoshiung extended - Dakar extended international workshop
 Yoshihide Japan ATTAC mexico and palestine extended

organizer of Osaka SF - extension

 Zarel  Jenny   Tere

Mexico palestine extended dakar extended

Organizers of  Mexico extended may 2010  and of dakar extended hispanohablante