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we should create a Facebook page instead of a group because
Pages and groups have much in common: they each have a wall of news, info and a tab space Photos and Video, can invite members, create events and have a discussion forum.

But some differences between them.

When you are an administrator of a group, you can only post items on your behalf, and not as administrator of the group. In a page, however, your posts appear signed the same page, the official voice somehow. On the other hand, the publications pages are included by default in the current wall fans, this is not the case for groups (you have to go on the group page for reading).

In a group of less than 5000 members, administrators can send messages to members, messages landing in inboxes, where the recipient is notified by the default e-mail. Very effective. For pages, we can only report updates, which appear more discreetly in the Updates folder of mailboxes.

Access Control
Administrators group can restrict access and allow only members they approve. They may also decide to make a secret group. Access to a page but can not be restricted by age and geographic area. And a page is always public.

Pages can host applications and provide in this way more content and interaction. It does include for example the excellent Twitter application that allows Facebook automatically distribute publications on Twitter. Groups however do not support applications.

The pages have a tool summary statistic that measures changes in the number of fans, to identify the peaks subscription or unsubscribe and get a global view of the audience (percentage of men and women, sliced age, etc.).. Nothing like the side groups.
the page is visible to everyone, everyone can connect to the page by becoming a fan and receive the updates.