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input on  CHOICE OF NAME

regarding the name it was shared in the last chat that  this group has an outreach purpose, and this should be conveyed in the name ( by a INFO or by a question mark  )   to avoid misunderstanding
"being in that facebook group does not mean your are practising  social forum extended , just that you are interested to know more about it"

People come in the  outreach facebook group  as individuals  along  facebook social networks, and they are invited , throuhg text and interaction with "us"  to consult openfsmpages in a sfex space,to open a skype account ,  to look at ustream videos  i-e somewhere else   and to deliberate in some collective group  and  to announce  and prepare collective activities  in the name of this group

As we assume that we can change technically the name after creating the group - let us test this in that case if we initiate the group, she can make a first name and then we go on discussing it

input on  languages 

We are  realistically starting with a plurilinguistic version  group

one opinion, based on practice,  is that this is quite relevant  to move whenever  realistically possible - mainly in term of our capacity to be present in several spaces  - to a series of monologuistic spaces because

this consideration is applying to facebook groups and also to  sfex spaces - hence the daket flower   - sfex flower  (  spanish space   was successfully stimulted aduring dakar extended , the french space has been active during dakar extended  and  now we are starting some dialogue in the portuguese space)

a/ managing pluriliguism  inside a group is a heavy constraint on a day to day basis for all general communicaiton ( texts  general messages)  and does give priority to english

b/ people sharing a language usually share more cultural political elments and  their communication is deeper

c/ people can come in several groups - those knowing another language than their main one, can come in the corresponding group and,  being from out of the linguistic region ( i-e a bangladeshi in the portuguese group, or a brasiian in the english speaking group )   they   will  be more visible  and will  develop  more contacts