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Informal contact and exchange space proposed to organisation from South Africa participating in WSF2009 process


  • idea: provide a space for intercommunication  - explore possibilites of openfsm  and live intercommunication between organsiations 
  • facilitation of this space  :  the wsf participation on line and wsf internet training groups have started the space and moderate it until some other people take charge

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  •   . directory of organistation from South Africa registered in WSF2009 event in belem
  • invitation   to this space
  • invitation  to an hour training on openfsm during belem social forum


telewindia6-gautam-wahu.jpg­  Belem Expandida  

If during WSF you want to communicate with your people back in South africa , assess the possibility of doing video o audio chat by internet  in the , belex space  , in the frame of Belem Expanded,

fill up a participation form here  :  http://openfsm.net/projects/club-belemexpanded/english



Indications tu use the site  : http://openfsm.net/projects/openfsm/basics-en

Edit this page : after registering on the site , and joining this space , use the button edit up right and after making inputs click on save at the bottom of the page

create a new page : in edit mode , add a new page wiht (( page name)  between double parentheses then "save"