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starting the tecnointercomfsm list

de la part de facilitfsm@... on 01/12/2008 00:17

why this new space ?

this tecnointercomfsm space is for bringing information and technical support to wsf participants that seek them about a diversity of technical means/media for intercommunication 

membership in this space  is for people willing to  support or promote more ou less actively one of those means with their  experience knowledge contacts

users of the various means listed here  can find useful informtion by browsing the space pages edited for each mean  and send questions to the space mailing list and be answered by the relevant person

the space can evolve as  a service / working community  acting for development of remote intercommunication/expansion in wsf process 

this  team can be related to "intercommunication working group"  which is a working group by communication commission accessible  here : 
in the B-section 

some  proposed goals in this  tecnointercomfsm space  are: 

- to effectively support and promote the tools  as per requests send by openfsm users on the space mailing list(s)
-to foster awareness in the group that there is a diversity of means, with different pros and cons and acessibility  and
- to foster technical and "political" cooperation between people in the team

Comment and inputs welcome
the amended  text can be posted in the space as "space scope text  "


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