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    • skype  is a commercial system , with a base service that is free of charge 
    • more than 10 million people use it daily 
    •  it allows to have text or audio or video chat and transmit files
    • people have a skype identificator  and can connect in any computer of the world , that has downloaded skype

WSF extended facilitating team  is using skype as a working tool 

    • (of course other connection means are possible  and are promoted /supported by some actors present in this tecno>intercom space   - see the list in home pageF -  Mallory should be present and promote the mayfirst tool

Getting started

    • see www.skype.com  to download
    • see the tutorial of skype below " tips for skype" 
    • then choose your skype name
    • then you can send you skype name by mail to people you want to intercommunicate with

 Text chat

    • you can invite 100 people in a text chat , and you can copypast the written conversation for future reference
    • anyone already invited can invite other people  

Chat rooms

    • some meeting rooms can be created where you can meet regularly with people you are preparing a connection with  during fsm2009 , and on a more regular basis
    • there is a meeting room for  belem expanded participants here :

Chat audio

    • you need a microphone  to speak in
    • you can connect up to 25 people in an audio chat - the person that start the audio conference  invites the others

Chat video 

Tips for Skype

Skype is a free program used to communicate (video, audio and text) with others anywhere over the world.

-Is required to have the program on the machine from which you want to connect. Is a free program that downloads and installs automatically on your computer.

-Is required to create an account or name "user."

-Is required, finally, if you want to make calls (voice) and video calls (voice and video),  that the computer has speakers, microphone and webcam.

7 easy steps:

* (During the process only needs to follow the instructions on the screen, however, we list the steps and advise as follows)

The first thing to do is create an account and get a user name.

1.      1 - At http://www.skype.com please push the button at the top right of the screen that says Join Skype (you can choose your language in the bottom of the page on the left side).

2.      2 - A form will appear. The data are separated into blocks. The first and most important to fill are your names and email. It is followed by information for the profile (the fields here are not all mandatory, only the country and language) and finally the user name (will be the name with which people can reach you on Skype) and password and some other information such as telephone. ONLY DATA HAVING AN ASTERISK * ARE REQUIRED. After filling please press the button at the end: I agree. Continue.


After that, the account is created and we can proceed to download the program.

3.      3 - Once you make a register account you will paste this address in your browser http://www.skype.com/intl/es/get-skype/on-your-computer and will push on green Download Now button. (Depending on your pc security settings it is possible it appear a dialog box and prompts you to authorize a self-executing file, press yes.) (Inside of putting the address you can find on the page tabs a Download Now option)

4.    4 -   It may take a few seconds, then immediately will a window on your computer will open to automatically install Skype. Here you can choose some preferences. Done!. When this program finish you have installed Skype. You will recognize it for an icon like this on your desktop or menu/programs.


Finally, to get started

5.      5 - Double click on the icon on your computer, a box will open, you will enter your username (which you created in step 2) and password. In this way you will be connected / available.

6.      6 - To make / have contacts you can use the search friends tool (which requires momentarily synchronize your email with skype to tell which of your contacts are on skype) and / or manually add the user name of your friends, or / and manually search for people by name or email address.

7.      7 - Now you just have to choose a user from your list of friends who is connected (indicated by the legend available) and press directly on the icon that has a small speaker to make your first call or send him/her an instant text message.