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 WG "Initiatives & Ágora" IC / CFB

iniciativas e Agora WG” to CI/CFB created in the methodology discussion 16/10 in Salvador

(November 10th 2017)

Antonio (Mocicc / FOSPA Péru) - Carminda (CTSM / CI Canada) - Catia (Caritas / CI / CFB Brazil) -Chico (CBJP / CI Brazil) - Fatima (RMM / CFB Brazil) - Gilberto (CONEN / CFB Brazil) - Gilio (CIDSE / CI Canada) - Hamouda (FMAS / CI Marueccos) - Mandela (Caritas / CI / CFB Brazil) - Pierre (Caritas / CI - France) - Rachel (RMM / CFB Brazil) - Rita (Ciranda / CI Brazil) - Ricardo (Cultural Frontiers Brazil) - Salete (CLACSO / CI Brazil)


Summary methodology of the initiatives

Complement WSF methodology with the notion of initiative

On the occasion of WSF 2018, we propose to complement, in the WSF methodology, the notion of "activity" (moment of dialogue in the forum space, organized by one or several participating entities), with the notion of "initiative" (description of a set of actions, with specific purpose of resistance, creation, transformation in society/country/territory, for another possible world, taken up by several impulsing participant entities).

Initiatives can be existing, seeking reinforcement in WSF 2018, or be projected, looking for launch in WSF 2018. The visibility of initiatives is an element that stimulates the participating entities to think about their participation in the WSF process in terms of concrete actions, in the post-forum period in the medium term. The evolution of the descriptive content and list of signatories of each initiative reflects the dynamics of articulations, alliances and convergences between WSF 2018 participating entities, that are built through formal and informal communications.

The initiatives announced in WSF 2018 are presented-discussed in activities in the WSF 2018, that is to say an entity announcing an initiative also indicates in which activity in WSF 2018 this initiative will be discussed. The declarations of WSF 2018 convergence assemblies, signed by lists of entities, are considered as initiatives, and can also mention support to other initiatives.

The set of initiatives shows the actions that the WSF participant entities project/announce, up to about 18 months after the event. This is visualized on the WSF 2018 website with various lists -by scale, by territory, by theme, etc.-, and also with a calendar of dates-stages/actions.

Announcing an initiative in the WSF 2018, with a limit of 3 initiatives per entity, is an optional possibility for participating entities, such as is announcing preparation of activities. Announcing an initiative, as an impulsing entity for it, implies: 1/ considering oneself as "participating entity in the WSF process", such as described in the WSF charter of principles, 2/ .having registered at least one activity in the WSF 2018, and thus contributing to the process of dialogues and articulations of the forum.

The co-impulsing entities of an initiative are autonomously updating their descriptive form on the WSF 2018 website, which mentions: 1 / For what purpose (specific purpose); 2 What? When? Where? (3 stages- dates of development/action plan, with decentralization as much as possible); 3 / Who is impulsing? (list of entities responsible, defined by cooptation) - Who promote? (possible list of promoters-supporters-contributing entities); 4 / Where in FSM 2018? : In which activity(s) the initiative will be presented/ discussed, with the agreement of the organizing entities of this activity 5 / It can be useful, for larger initiatives, to give indications about the Hows? : How can one support-promote the initiative, participate in it? - How is one operating, deciding, communicating, in this initiative etc.?

Announcement of initiative is possible from the end of 2017, and the initiatives forms/pages on the website are visible until at least September 2018. An announced initiative is considered "confirmed", for inclusion in the Calendar, when there is in, its descriptive form, the mention of three or more co-impulsing entities participating in the WSF 2018, and the link to at least one activity file in WSF 2018 where this initiative will be presented and discussed.

The co-impulsing entities of an initiative can also propose in their initiative form/page on the WSF 2018 website some dissemination and adhesion web links to collect online support/interest for their initiative, within the frame of the WSF 2018 process. They commit to share with the facilitating committee WSF 2018 the contacts received from interested people, since those are also interested in the WSF event-process.

One way of assessing "as a whole" initiatives is the " Calendar of Initiatives in WSF 2018 " renamed Calendar of Futures visible on the WSF 2018 website. It presents, in chronological order, the dates-stages of the various "confirmed" initiatives, showing for each the number of entities co-impulsing it, and a link to the initiative file/page.


The Agora of Initiatives / of Futures as final moment of the WSF 2018

(Proposal from the working group for IC / CFB)

The final moment of the WSF 2018 can be very participatory. Entities have the opportunity to disclose their confirmed initiatives, which are visible results of their participation in the forum, in terms of articulations between entities for specific actions. People have the opportunity to express, through " testimony circles," what their participation in the forum brought to them. This final moment is a collective transition between the "extra-ordinary" period of intercommunication between participants during the WSF event, and the multiplicity of their upcoming actions "for another possible world", all over the world.

On March 17, the "WSF 2018 final moment" is organized as an "Agora of initiatives":Agora of Futures a large space where, for several hours, thousands of participants/inhabitants of Salvador can move around and 1/ Meet, according to their interest, with impulsers of initiatives, 2 / Share/know testimonies of participation

There is, in the Agora, a physical space for each confirmed initiative, including the declarations of the various convergence assemblies. In this space, impulsers can : welcome-include new entities and people, coordinate-organize themselves as initiative, before end of the WSF, communicate-promote themselves on the Internet as initiative, with photos and group videos, and interview with the media.

At one moment, for about one hour, the "Calendar of initiatives / of Futures in FSM 2018" is embodied as a chain of groups of people, according to the succession of the dates-stages of initiatives, with banners and waves of slogans, propagating along this chain. Participants in the Agora and the media can walk along this unprecedented calendar, with a powerful vision of the results of the forum.

The Agora concludes with the distribution of the participants in a large number of " perspectives circles". In each, members and volunteers of the WSF 2018 facilitating committee stimulate dozens of participants to present themselves in 30 seconds, with their post forum perspective, and then to greet each other, embrace each other, dance to the rhythm of acoustic music proposed by a diversity of musical groups.


Group Caring for Calendar of Initiatives > Calendar of Futures

Pedagogy and facilitation for the methodology of initiatives

A Group caring for the Calendar of  Futures in WSF 2018 is formed to take charge, as much as possible, of the following list of tasks: 1/ Care about the implementation of initiatives in the WSF 2018 website, present the methodology of initiatives to the participants, answer their questions, present their use in the convergence assemblies, 2 / Be in contact with the co-impulsing entities for the publication of the first "stimulating" initiatives, and for the update of the Calendar until September 2018, 3/ Care during the WSF event for a "Kiosk of initiatives", announcer of the Agora, and 4 / Prepare the Agora at low cost, as a final participatory moment for thousands of people, with light infrastructure, WSF2018 volunteers, self-organization of impulsing entities, and give it rhythm during its realization.

Our WG began to identify entities willing to be part of this Group facilitating organizationally, in relation to IC / CFB, the process of initiatives, and the preparation of the Ágora.

Annexeshttp://openfsm.net/projects/transitionci/transicionci-iniciativas-e-agora-fsm2018 (in spanish)

This link is the list of working documents of the group: doc 2 gives a transcript of the IC 16 October discussion, doc 3 was presented at the Seminar on October 18; doc 7 is the present document