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  • confirmation from mika (nomad "activist", tbilsi, florence..)

    from giabag on May 07, 2015 07:03 AM
    confirmation   " yes, i am in the group"
    from mika (nomad "activist",  often in tbilsi, florence..)
    sorry in advance I have difficulty in writing  .. don't have much
    experience in writing  ..
    most of the people don't know me here ..
     I have participated in last two social forums .. I am here as an
    individual and not as part of organization or collective.  In Tunis I did
    express my criticism toward the  mechanisms of decision making and the
    "organization" of IC and as a result did  "invite" myself  in this group as
    an observer  to follow the processes and propose suggestions for more
     transparency, inclusivity, democracy, coherency, horizontality, openness,
    representativity, ambition ..
    also if things changes for better,  would like to help   in gaining the
    trust in  World Social Forum (as permanently active  network, platform,
    methodology, process.. Internet social forums, local social forums, nomad
    social forums)  specially  to gain the trust In WSF in the worlds social
    movements and indipendent activists.
    with respect..  and hope for the best outcomes ..
    in my view the WSF has to  change radicaly or it will slowly die..
    also have finger crossed for Montreal .. this can be an opportunity to
    propose the new  WSF as a main platform for the activism.
    I think It will be a success   ( appart for the visas and expensive
    transportation problems)
    here short intro..
    my name is Mika born in Tbilisi , Georgia ( USSR) after the colpase of the
    Soviet Union emigrated with mother  to Italy when I was 11 since when 17
    kind of "nomad"...with time  + "activist"
     ... becouse of the place I was born, emigrated and historical contexts and
    situations i was confronted with ..
    i  have some personal  experiences with the  problems related to the
    education,  imperialisms, emigration,  unemployment, "food",
    "authoritarianism", "ignorance" individualism, exclusion, poverty, racism,
    homelessness, nationalism, corruption..
    I try to be active in different ways  against all forms of discriminations,
    dominations,  exploitations ..
    for the justice, equality, freedom, respect, happiness .. for the  people,
    for the animals and for the nature.
    places were I am often Tbilisi, Florence, France , Istanbul.. ..
    !!!!  one thing wich can exponentially make WSF would be
     the ONLINE WORLD SOCIAL FORUM would be of a great impact  to create   a
    "SOCIAL NETWORK" website competing with Facebook.. Google..
    there is riseup.net, thechangebook.. openfsm.. and other similar
    interesting projects but there is a need of an ambitious ,democratic, non
    commercial,  functional resource, which can  technically      offer
    similar  services and tools as Facebook, Google, Skype and other
    corporations offer ..
    SOCIAL NETWORK for the convergence of all struggles ,  coordination and
    networking between activist all year long... but also a space   where
     alternative medias, culture, arts, communication, information  divulgation
    ,  database, archive , online library and other similar project can find
    space  ...   )