• transicionci dynamics of ic

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1/ PORTO ALEGRE DOCUMENTS  inputs on dynamics of IC in porto alegre 2017


2/ PORTO ALEGRE 2017 IC  discussion and OUTCOMES

semi-verbatim POA 2107 notes with links - CI Discussion in porto alegre jan2017 sobre dinamica CI - on IC dynamics  - sur la Dinamique CI

see outcome and follow up "2h59mn video 5 "   ci portoalegre 201701 notas 21tarde ( hamouda) 

For the paper that Pierre prepared this morning.[  input on dynamics of ic EN ES FR] It was decided he will take all the comments made, and will join the document worked by  [ reestructuration working group with]  Francine Teivo Gina  EN to feed more the document. And a request made in the corridors is to separate FR EN ES documents, download EN ES FR pdf so we are not lost,  and with a focus on recommendations. The recommendation  made in the paper are interesting but inside the text we cannot see the functionality 


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