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logofsm.jpg Transitionci PANORAMA TEXT  conjectural analysis WG/GT

panoramatext GT/WG  (panoramatext-transitionci at lists.openfsm.net)

excerpts of ic notes 14th  

excerpts of ic notes 15th   live notes /video15  >   

1h32mn Gus working group to have a draft text on reflexion on world situation and importance of wsf a text of political reflexion

with agreement or not, that allow us to discuss in a more clear way dissensus - on the group : Moema Chico Francine Boaventre hayde (kurdish )- Martira de colombie- PierreG PierreB Christian pili - Maher - Gus - Jennifer - carminda is also part of the group   Annie  :elle est pas membre 

transicionci panorama text presentation by PierreB  

no follow up since POA 2017