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International Council of the WSF

Proposal to prepare a conjectural analysis September 2016

In Brief

During the last IC meeting in August in Montreal, there was a consensus to prepare the next IC by setting up 5 working groups to focus on: 

Reorganising the Secretariat  

Updating of the guiding principles for the organization of the WSF

Consulting popular movements to set up an assemble of struggling movements within the WSF

Develop a new communication strategy

Produce a conjectural analysis

This message concerns the fifth mandate. Put simply, the idea is to produce an analysis that will feed the discussions at the next IC.

What to do?

Our working Group then needs to produce a nuanced and deep analysis of the world situation, taking into account regional dynamics in the main regions where the WSF is active: Europe, America North and South, Sub-Saharan Africa, North Africa and the Middle East, East and South Asia.

What we need to study:

The current forms of the reactionary offensive against the peoples through austerity policies and various plans to limit and repress rights, criminalizing social movements and implant racism, fascism, xenophobia everywhere.

The exacerbations of the contradictions within the system, most notably on environmental challenges.

The aggravation of militarism, war and instrumentalization of terrorism.

 Moreover, we need to explore movements, struggles and mobilizations:

The current forms of activism and mass mobilizations as well as interventions by popular movements.

Strategic debates and tactical hypothesis put forward to strengthen the ‘war of position’ by social movements.

Interactions between movements at the local, regional and international levels.

The construction of an alternative globalization perspective initiated by environmental, working class, community, student, feminist resistances building the perspective of “equal-liberty”.

The role and place in these resistances played by migrants and refugees.

The hopes and expectations of movements regarding internationalist perspectives such as the WSF.

This short list is only preliminary, it needs to be completed by many more people so that our working groups integrates several perspectives and ideas.

Who will do the work?

In Montreal, a follow-up Committee was identified:

Geneviève – ATTAC   Pierre– Intercoll    Boaventura  – ALICE   Kamal  – FMAS   Hamouda – FMAS –

Many other comrades offer to participate as well:

Bartiria – Aliança internacionales des habitantes   Maud – CADTM –    Raphael  – coll FSM2016    Jenifer – PPEHCR 

Eda  – Kurdish network –  Mireille  – Fondation Fanon -   Pierre  – Caritas –   Léo – EUROMARCHES -  Maher  – FTDES – 

Carminda – coll FSM2016 –   Gustave – CRID –   Francine – CETRI –   Moema – IBASE –  Christian  – transform europ – 

Gina – AFM –   Chico – CBJP –   Abdelkader – FMAS – 

The first step is therefore to get your comments on the process. Please suggest, amend, change, and add so that we can design a plan to produce a comprehensive draft before the IC meeting. The working languages will be English, Spanish and French.

Thank you for your attention. Please send comments and suggestions to Pierre 

Provisional Work plan

15 / 9 First consultation with the larger group

1  / 10 Virtual meeting of the follow-up committee

15 / 10 Second consultation

30 / 10 First draft

1 /11 Further consultations with the larger group

30 /11 Second draft

15 /12 Further consultations with the larger group

1/1 (2017) Final draft to send to the IC

1 / 2 Discussions by the IC

1 / 3 Publication