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final report in october 2015  restructuration group report Gina Teivo Francine  october 2015  EN  - ES - FR   


Dear friends, 

As you requested at the IC meeting in Tunis, you have now been registered on the membership list TransitionCI.

TransitionCI is a working list/group and an editing space for the working group defined in Tunis 2015 IC  

Scope is to organize a discussion and a consultation and prepare a document  with proposals about reorganization of IC sent on ic list before next IC in october 2015

This new post in our  mailing  list is easily visible on the openfsm website,  from  the transitionci home page .

  • to find  this home page where you are on the internet  and do not have the link at hand  go to www.openfsm.net  and  1/ in the search window top right  type "transitionci"  then click on "transitionci"  links, or 2/ click on the "news" top right  " 4 groups out of tunis"  and follow the links 
  • Once  you are in the home page,  to find the mailing list posts,  click on LIST POSTS ,   or click  on "mailing list" button below "transition CI big title, then click on the transitionci mailing list name 

Teivo and myself are supposed to be 'facilitators' of this working group. 

It would be nice if someone (Gina, Giu, Teivo?) could now put on this list  the different documents I sent  to you last week ( see §2 in the 
   >>>>   >>>>   DISCUSSION INPUTS page and which can be a serious - though not exclusive - basis for our work.  

Other documents could be added: most of all Chico's initial document that gave rise to the whole discussion. 
I also think of the two articles Roberto Savio sent around in the past days, with some serious reflections. 
Then we may edit these documents in the wiki pages of our group  

This is all for now, please also look at the note I sent around last week, and give us your ideas about how to start our work.

to post on the list just write to :  transitionci-discussion at lists.openfsm.net  

All the best, looking forward to working together fruitfully. 


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